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inFAMOUS 2 to feature online play?

All signs point toward a follow up to Sucker Punch's electrifying super hero title, InFAMOUS. First, Sucker Punch was looking to hire an artist well versed in urban street fashion, something our buddy Sly was never into. Then, we also had voice actors talking about auditions for the game.

So assuming all that is correct, we now know another aspect of InFAMOUS 2 - it will be including some sort of online mode. (Infamous, inFamous 2, PS3)

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Nambassa  +   1988d ago
It wouldn't surprise me. I think the gameplay would be perfect for online of some sort, especially co-op.
Just imagine being able to do the side missions with a mate....
gaffyh  +   1988d ago
Hopefully some sort of Co-op mode, I'm not sure a multiplayer would work. Still, this game will be awesome regardless.
reintype  +   1988d ago
That's great!
Thinking about it gives me hope, that there maybe new Super Heroes or hell even Super Villains that you can play with.

Or better yet make the online component sort of like a Mini-MMO, where you can actually create your own Character and you can choose the path of GOOD or EVIL depending on your choices.

It might be even better than other Super Hero MMOS around because you're not bound to one path, you can freely choose to play GOOD now or become EVIL next. Hopefully you can also have your own guild, or have some sort of ARCH-NEMESIS, boy a rivalry against another player's character would be awesome! Imagine the kind of showdown, that you'll both be doing!

I don't know if this what they are going to do, but a man can surely dream:D
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Briefcase Joe  +   1988d ago
Another story with a ? in the title QUESTION MARK
deadreckoning666  +   1988d ago
HHG confirmed this in September...just sayin.
JustCallMeMarcus  +   1988d ago
And my alphabet soup spelled it out to me!

No offense, but anyone coulda predicted it. Once I saw Uncharted 1 was getting lowered scores for no replay value, I knew the sequel would have multiplayer.
whothedog  +   1988d ago
Also, Suckerpunch talked about having multiplayer in the first one, why wouldn't it be in the second one. I think co-op and vs. would be awesome.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1988d ago
I hope you can be WAY WAY WAY far away from each other like Borderlands. I just wished Mercenaries 2 let the two of you be far away from each other instead of being trapped in that sh!tty circle and have some measures to counter SAM sites.
Glyn_Dwr  +   1988d ago
I hope that...
..the quality jump from inFamous to inFamous 2 will be the same as what Naughty Dog has done from Uncharted to Uncharted 2! Including the graphics and multiplayer aspects of the game!
gauntletpython  +   1988d ago
It would be cool if the sequel had different super powers and then you could go online with your customized super hero and fight or do missions or w/e.

Also, Demon's Souls-style multiplayer could be cool too
Socomer 1979  +   1988d ago
The Controls are perfect for it!
itchy18  +   1988d ago
it would be really
awesome if it's true.
krisq  +   1988d ago
Oh my!
That would be excellent. Imagine this epic fights on the rooftops. Setting is perfect for multiplayer.
Isaac  +   1988d ago
Mods are cowards, they delete you without warning, same with the bubbles. I had three bubbles and now I have one because I made fun of a fanboy's sh1tty grammar, and I did that because he ironically told me to go to the open zone
baum  +   1988d ago
Do you expect better from a "public" website whose employees are barely college students or dropouts and potentially fanboys? Look at all the crap in the open zone.
Fade_Walker  +   1988d ago
inFAMOUS does NOT need multiplayer.
celldomceen1  +   1988d ago
agreed, but if done right it could be similar to uncharted 2. meaning that it would be a very pleasant surprise.
TheDudeAbides  +   1988d ago
The first one to mention online in the sequel was infamous HipHopGamer :P
it's going crazy, one love and god bless :)
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BlackTar187  +   1988d ago
Dont take any talent or time away from single player
Please Please please please please
krisq  +   1988d ago
But I don't think we need to worry when it comes to Sony's studios.
TheDudeAbides  +   1988d ago
Yes, but we need to worry when it comes to Sony, they can't promote games for sh!t
Godmars290  +   1988d ago
Might be cool to have Demon Soul type team ups and even invasions for a game like this. But you'd have to step up the quality of bad guys.
liquidus118  +   1988d ago
Woo bloody hoo
Unless they declare that stupid ending non-cannon then I won't take the story seriously.
But if it has co op I may still buy it ^^
QuackPot  +   1988d ago
MP/Coop should now be standard
...especially since the maturing of xbox live & PSN.

No excuses.
Jamescagney  +   1988d ago
Not neccessarily, some games don't need it, especially if they just shoehorn it in just for the sake of having multiplayer.

I think inFAMOUS would benefit greatly from having MP, but some games are made that just wouldn't work in MP.
nolifeking  +   1987d ago
Yeah MP/co-op should be standard. I can't wait to play The Last Guardian with some friends and Heavy Rain seems perfectly suited to some good ole death matching.
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arabiensoldier  +   1988d ago
I can only wish......
power upgrades, city wide battles.....

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