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Playstation 3 Advertisement too violent

A recent advertisement depicting a seriously hurt man fighting over a Playstation 3 gaming console was deemed too violent for public consumption.

The Musica Playstation 3 advertisement depicts a man with a black eye, scratches, stitches and stab wounds. The words: "STOCKS ARE LIMITED. THINGS COULD GET UGLY" appear at the top of the advertisement. (PS3)

gta_cb  +   2597d ago
i think i have seen this advertisement!

if this is the one i saw then yeh its weird! but then all the PS3 advertisements have been strange to me.
closedxxx  +   2597d ago
The strangest part is...
Stocks are not limited, and the only ugly thing about PS3 sales so far are the number of consoles that are(n't) being sold.
flipflop  +   2597d ago
here is how playstation fans act
I just logged on to one of my other accounts to find that Virtual gamer tried to ban my umbagumba account for exposing him for the idiot he is, and this further proves his retardedness. How FN pathetic do you have to be to try to ban somone because your proven to be retarded? virtual gamer is a b!tch. You will now get it a lot worse.
bigmack  +   2597d ago
im horney
The Real Joker  +   2597d ago
me too.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2597d ago
Amen to that!
IPlayGames  +   2596d ago
not right now but in a lil bit
i just go out of some vagina so ill be good for like 15min.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2597d ago
The adds are a little Weird but not violent
Microsoft has strange adds too just not so strange as the baby thing.

"saying that the advertisement is irresponsible and offensive as it encourages crime and violence" This comming from South Africa is a little Hypocritical considering it's history of the past 30 years.

Whats realy funny is they say the advertising is offensive but not the violent video games themselves. Then again wasn't South Africa occupied by Germany? and look how strict Germany's laws about video games are (I could be wrong about the South Africa thing, I'm reaching far back in my memory of high school)
billmo  +   2597d ago
lol, good point. How could anyone take there word for it when theyre country is full of hate, war, and racism. Maybe they should worry more about the reality of their country then a video game commercial, which I also believe isnt violent at all.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2597d ago
Lol no too busy harvesting sourkraut.
I dont believe South Africa was ever occupied by Germans. Maybe your thinking Poland? France?

Although I do believe the British had a small war with a group of people immigrated from Denmark called the Boers.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2597d ago
Thanks nobizlikesnowbiz
I just couldn't remember which onw it was.
OutpostCommand  +   2597d ago
Hmm ?
I havent seen this, but even me, as a Sony fanboy will admit that sounds a tad...over the top.
The fact is, the PS3 console isnt selling like hotcakes, and stocks are not even near 'limited'.
Bad idea this advert.

I wouldnt ban this advert because of its violence, but because of its contradiction of facts...
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Rhezin  +   2597d ago
Sony's trying toooo hard, that's sad and what MS commercials are weird?
sticky doja  +   2597d ago
They haven't been to my local Hastings or Walmart. Stock is full. Glad its not being shown.
CyberSentinel  +   2597d ago
Import From USA
They are just taking up valuable shelf space that should be dedicated to the 360, anyway.

*Correction: Actually you can Import them from anywhere in the world, NOBODY wants a ps3.

Blind Lemmings, I'm Still Laughing At You.

@7.2: Care to elaborate on My hypocrisy? I choose to laugh at all the lemmings that did run out and buy that PoS3 on the first day, thinking it was gonna be a smash. Where are they now? The biggest supporters on this website, either just bought one (brownoser) or STILL don't own one.(DJ) Where are they now? What happened to everyone will buy one even without games!? and ...$600 is CHEAP!

I don't care what spin you put on it (from SonyProtectionGroup.com of ALL PLACES -don't make me laugh) even if sales match the 360 for the same retail time available, its a failure for Sony. Microsoft was in second place last generation, now Sony is last. *FACT - Thats a failure, anyway you spin it.

I'm am not a hypocrite, I never supported the PS3 before it launched, (check my posts) and I STILL don't support the ps3. I don't care what price they drop it to, I will not buy a ps3 this generation. And here is another prediction that I am making and sticking to, there will be "NO PRICE DROP THIS YEAR FOR THE PS3!" I double dog dare you, to do it, Sony.

Again, Laughing @ Lemmings.
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billmo  +   2597d ago
Honestly what is it with people and their 360/PS3 bashing....?? People back their favourite machine like it was their mother, and bash the other like it was nazi.

People, get a life... they are video games. Who cares who wins the console race. As long as there are good games for both machines, nobody should be whining!!
Alvadr  +   2597d ago
How can you post a reaction like that and then:-

Quote: "Blind Lemmings, I'm Still Laughing At You."

You are such a hypocrite. Not that you would know that word because you are obviously just a dumb child!
PlayStation360  +   2596d ago
I agree with the statements above me CyberSentinel....
you are a hypocrite, in the sense that you insult PS3 fans by calling them "lemmings" for following sony blindly. And yet you clearly follow microsoft blindly. Now I love my 360 AND I got my PS3 at launch, does that make me a Lemming. I don't follow sony like your so called "lemmings", blindly following. And I don't defend and then cowardly flee in terror when someone disses the 360 like some kind of "Unggoy" (Grunts for those who hasn't played Halo.)

There are amazing games on the PS3...Period. There are amazing games on the 360...Period. That's a Fact no matter how YOU spin it...Period. Sorry if I insulted you, but when you insulted PS3 launch owners, you insulted me.

P.S. I also bought a launch 360. :P

P.S.S. Oh and about this violent game commercial thing....wheres ol' Jack "the anti-Christ" Thompson at. I thought he would jump all over this? Hmmm....awhile ago he went after Halo, and now he's nowhere to be seen?? lol
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Pheneus  +   2597d ago
Ok first off...
South Africa is in the shape it is in because of colonialism, and anyone who knows anything about the history of the british, french, italians, germany (or in the last couple decades the states) would know that all this infighting, political breakdown, poverty and war started because of it. Saying that you shouldn't trust the values of South Africa is about the most hypocritical thing you can say if you are from any of these countries.
Secondly, did it only occur to me that the ad with the beaten man was in bad taste considering how many people got shot, robbed, maimed and killed during the initial launch of the system? I think Sony is pretty insensitive to allow an advertising firm to make a joke of what happened this past Christmas. Finally, as a few others have said I don't know a single region in the world where there are PS3 shortages, so on all accounts this is terrible marketing.
Covenant  +   2597d ago
Goat sacrifice?

Fake PSP fansite?

Strange, avant-garde commercials?

Racist overtones?

And now this, which in light of the violence and death that surrounded the PS3's launch seems grossly inappropriate. (The violence was not Sony's fault, I know, but they should be sensitive to such things).

What's next? "PS3: You'll kill for it."

Seriously, Sony should fire their whole PR/ad department.
snoop_dizzle  +   2597d ago
maybe exploding psp batteries that will burn your naughty parts. :P
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Xbot_Killer  +   2597d ago
what I don't understand is
xbox fanboys who act like they own the game market just because there are a little under 10 million consoles out there worldwide...

how many Playstations sold last generation again??

oh that's right over a 110 million.

it would be one thing if the 360 had sold 50 million and the PS3 had sold a mere 3 million. THAT WOULD BE WINNING THE GENERATION

but the sad reality is not that many people want an xbox.

it was proven last generation when it only sold 25 million. yet somehow only in a fanboys mind is it "winning", when in reality xbox only owes that to jumping the next gen gun by over a year with a half assed product just to gain a lead on Sony.

the most satisfying thing about all this is that in the end the playstation will win the generation once again and all these idiots will look like the fools they are for having written the playstation off so soon. hahaha who am I kidding , they will just slink away like the spineless weasels they are and act like they have been PS3 owners all along.

mark my words, microsoft will not survive this console war. they made a poor quality product and I expect to see massive failure rates by 08 as the consoles that are still holding out now will have given out by then.
snoop_dizzle  +   2597d ago
This console generation is going to be a lot more even.

but anyways first the PS3 has to at least catch up to the 360 in total #'s
The ps3 will have great selling games, but so will the 360. That year start gives them an advantage.

As for screw ups, the PS2 screwed up like crazy but it stayed because of its games.

2nd the 360 is the ps2 of this generation(not as successful though). Year start, Buggy console, and not the most powerful console, but it has more games.

the PS3 is like the x-box came out later, not really any problems, a more powerful console, but less games.
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AcidRhain  +   2596d ago
that's funny. I wanna see that commercial. Does it have people getting shot for a ps3... cuz that's just plan retarded-funny! We have to laugh at how this is an obvious parody to how lame-brained PS3 fans actually are.
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