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Xbox 360 Fall Update - The Good, The Bad And The Buggy

WorthPlaying writes, "We've been playing with the latest Xbox 360 update for a few weeks, testing out the new social media applications, kicking the tires and generally enjoying the new features. With the Fall Update due to hit consoles this Tuesday, we wanted to highlight the good, the bad and the bugs, so you know what to expect when your trusty console updates itself later this week." (Xbox 360)

n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   1995d ago
I thought MS put all this
through a Beta program.

Why are there still issues?
Xeoset  +   1995d ago
"Despite a few hiccups with the Zune software"

Nothing to see here people.
Saaking  +   1995d ago
I'd rather they take all of these feature out and offer free online gaming.
darthv72  +   1995d ago
if they did you still wouldnt be satisfied. You would continue to find reason to hate.
Saaking  +   1995d ago
No, actually if they did I'd be more than satisfied. I could use those 50 bucks to buy a new game instead of using it to access the full game.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1995d ago
Saaking's right. SOME of us would prefer to play more games and less Twitter.
Xeoset  +   1995d ago
But NEITHER of you are anything but PS3 fanboys, so in the end your argument is null.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1995d ago
Nope, sorry to disappoint you.
I'm just a disappointed 360 owner.

I was glad to pay for Xbox LIVE once upon a time, when it was one of the best networks around. But now they focus more on non-gaming crap than games. I don't like the direction they have taken the Xbox and LIVE since I bought it in 2006, when its primary use was a game system.
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WenisWagon  +   1995d ago
This update is amazing
I am so glad Microsoft does these seasonal updates. Its so much better and more convenient than the firmware updates sony does every other day which add obscure features that no one bothers to use (like printer support LOL really?)
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Bnet343  +   1995d ago
You can't complain about bugs in a beta, that's why it's a ... beta.
whoelse  +   1995d ago
I wonder how the PS3 Facebook app compares to this. The Xbox one looks quite cool if you're into FB.

I'm predicting Sony will officially announce details tomorrow on the eve of MS's update.
thedisagreefairy  +   1994d ago
"You can't complain about bugs in a beta, that's why it's a ... beta. "

didnt everyone laugh at ps3 fanboys when they said that about Home
pangitkqb  +   1994d ago
None of these new features sound that impressive
I mean, it will be nice to see which of my facebook friends are on Xbox live, but that is all I see of value. I already have Facebook on my PC, my iPhone 3GS, and my PS3, so what besides finding more live friends does facebook on 360 do for me? Twitter? That site is a joke.

As always, my xbox 360 remains nothing more than a game machine, and that is all I need!! Borderlands over live is a blast.
Godmars290  +   1995d ago
When has MS ever put out something that's buggy? All their products have worked perfectly day one with no problems whatsoever.

And if you believe that there's a hedge-fund I'd like to invest in...
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Xeoset  +   1995d ago
"Despite a few hiccups with the Zune software"

Durr durr durr.

lrn2rd. kthxbai.
ZombieAutopsy  +   1995d ago
"All their products have worked perfectly day one with no problems whatsoever. "

Tell that to my launch 360 with its RRoD and Disc Read Errors.
Godmars290  +   1995d ago
"Tell that to my launch 360 with its RRoD and Disc Read Errors."
That was your fault. You were using the product incorrectly.

And by "incorrect" I mean you turned it on...
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Bumpmapping  +   1995d ago
LOL the Xtards pay 50$ for a buggy laggy network!
chrisulloa  +   1995d ago
Wut? It's not even released yet and you're calling it buggy.
Syriel  +   1995d ago
The issues seem to be confined to the Zune software. Facebook, Halo Waypoint, Last.fm and Twitter all work as advertised. It's somewhat odd too because the Zune software on the PC side is pretty solid. I wonder if they had two different teams working on the PC and 360 apps.
silverbeld  +   1995d ago
'The Good, The Bad And The Buggy'


Why oh why.

Cause its M$
Why o why  +   1995d ago
you called??

anyhow it seems you're not allowed to want ms to make xbl free. I mean... you MUST be a sony fanboy to want less twitter and more games /s
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hobokiller  +   1995d ago
silverbeld  +   1995d ago


I did not meant to call you. It's just so obvious off M$ to making non quality stuffs so you will lost more money.
Wizziokid  +   1995d ago
it's still in beta isn't it?
Bnet343  +   1995d ago
Exactly right. I don't see how there is a need to complain about bugs in a beta. Some people just have too much free time or need attention.
Rocco Siffredi  +   1995d ago
it was beta tested you fool and the final update will be bug free for sure, like always and everything on xbox live.

MS is not Sony. YOu know it i mean.. every multiplattform game, no, even SOnys exclusives are out when the release date comes.. and then, the devs finish the game via PSN + Patches, patches, patches, patches for patches (lol) and so on.

Beta console = PS3rd... games that need to come out on the same release date like PC/ 360 and then getting finished with patches throw the cheap crappy PSN.

@BUMP you owned yourself really hard now.. i mean.. which version of MW2, Borderlands and Fifa10 was totaly broken ONLINE?? pls.. say which console it was and which console got 2 patches after 3 days :D , lol!
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Bumpmapping  +   1995d ago
Hmmm GEOW rings some bells 5 vs 5 laggiest POS game this generation.

And those multiplatform games you listed where faults of the developers not PSN....I can also list a good amount of laggy mulitplats on 3sh!tty that got patched multiple times.

I guess you owned your self pretty hard....
Rocco Siffredi  +   1995d ago
yyes it is.. so of course it has bugs.

These are just news from another PS3 fanboy.
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J BO  +   1995d ago
so, why ps3 fans boy are here there is nothing concern them at all!!!
devilhunterx  +   1995d ago
whaambulance. quick.
El_Colombiano  +   1995d ago
Haha you sound like your wife. Tell her I said hi.
AliTheBrit19  +   1995d ago

I've had the update for a while now

I use Twitter and Facebook quite a bit, Zune not really and Last.FM a few times, I can honestly say I never came across a bug :)
bozebo  +   1995d ago
LOL: "your trusty console"
hardly, mine just got the dreaded RROD (elite).

if ms make me pay to ship it back to them there is going to be a court case (sale of goods act, must be of acceptable quality)
C_Dub  +   1995d ago
your're going to small claims against Microsoft's lawyers? Save yourself the trouble and don't.
Kushan  +   1995d ago
MS don't charge you to ship anything, all they ask is you put the 360 in a box, stick a label on it and a courier will pick it up.
Immortal321  +   1995d ago
As a Gamer who doesn't have a ps3 till Xmas
I don't really see why xbl is worth 50$ a year when there is a free alternative.
Why o why  +   1995d ago
you cant say that here.
iistuii  +   1995d ago
As an owner of both consoles, when you get your xmas pressie, you'll find out why you would rather pay for it.
Darkspade  +   1995d ago
Because the free alternative is not on par with XBL, I was in the Preview Program on this update, and did not have any problems with it, The only thing I wish they could have done was make Last.fm for in game use, you can only use it as a program but still not bad, Facebook / twitter I could careless about and Zune HD movies are amazing fast and some of the best looking HD I've seen from a streaming video... Once PSN gets all the features and online problems fixed then I think MSwill have to lose the online price, or lose people,, and PSN is Catching
up fast
cereal_killa  +   1995d ago
Immortal321 please you just admitted that your a Sony fanboy (joking) only true 360 gamers know why they pay 2xs to play there exclusives *cough* online when the sames games you can play on there other console they claim M$ makes money on the PC for free.

"Once PSN gets all the features and online problems fixed then I think M$ will have to lose the online price, or lose people"

Dude I hate to say it but I really don't understand why there are so many people who defend this crap to pay online when everyone else does it for free (PC, PS3 & Wii what little they have). there's only a few features that $50 - $100 (depend on where you live) a year get you that the PSN doesn't have and to me it's not even worth the price I would rather spend the $60 (Canada) on a game or something else.
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waltercross  +   1994d ago
$50 a year Isn't much to pay, If I Loved MS I'd pay it to, that
and if I had a 360.

But saying how the PSN Is nowhere as good as Live is Complete BS.
The PSN Will get you playing your game online and Thats ALL that matters, everything else is BS.
Immortal321  +   1991d ago
I rather pay $50 for a new game than a online service, I've played on psn and the online service is pretty decent
CRAIG667  +   1995d ago
I am in the beta testers and have to say i could not give a flying f£*k about twitter of facebook on my xbox,same as i think having a browser on my ps3 is a waste of time(and slow as hell) we have 2 pc's and a laptop for social networking but bah thats just my opinion.

Zune however (i have a 8mb connection on O2) is awesome ive watched 2 movies up untill now streamed at 1080p without a hickup,i was shocked that this would be possible on a crappy 8mb connection!?

I would still buy rather buy my movies on blu but as for last minuite rentals go this is fantastic!
jack who  +   1994d ago
buddy? i guess i been using the wrong update
TheTeam06  +   1994d ago
Two more keys to the right and you woulda had the right word.... lol... The Good, The Bad & The Buddy... hehe... silly.
N2NOther  +   1994d ago
Use my 360 daily...for gaming. Couldn't care less about a single one of these features.
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BeastModeYMOB  +   1994d ago
I am a gamer so don't start with the "fanboy" crap!
I really don't like to get in the middle of flame wars but I have to on this.

STOP comparing a PAID service to a FREE one. I had a 360 and didn't like the fact that I had to pay for something that was already being paid for. The facebook and twitter things are just a fad for now. A new social network will come just like those if not better. I can't see myself being happy to pay for facebook and twitter. It is pointless. When I had my 360 it was for GAMING ONLY not social networking. PS3 will do the same and i'll same the same about them (as far as social networking). M$ should really give more than that BS for $50 a year. Sony is not charging ppl like that and is still on par with 360. The internet browser needs improvment, but i'm using it right now to make my comment (w/blu-tooth keyboard & mouse). There is no need for sony to put facebook or twitter on the PS3 but i kno they will just to keep M$ @ bay. But before I go please remember my fellow GAMERS...STOP COMPARING A PAID SERVICE TO A FREE ONE(the paid 1 should have more if your paying for it!).
Scary69  +   1994d ago
I bet you with this update you are going to see a lot of more 360's banned just like their previous update.
spektical  +   1994d ago
why weren't these features first given out, like the ps3 did with browser support
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spektical  +   1994d ago
yo wenis, if i say the 360 is the best console , will you svck my d1ck too?
mayberry  +   1994d ago
one thing i like..
In the morning I like to go on the net to check my instant weather sites( I work outdoors). So I turn on my pc and ps3 (wireless) at the same time. I can get on web sites within 1 minuet on the ps3 whereas the pc takes at least 6-7 minuets to get going! My point is that even though the ps3 browser is slow, from start-up to surfing is way faster! Just an observation. <on topic> 360 dashboard support of some web apps will make it somewhat faster I hope.
tojfrd7931z  +   1994d ago
They really shouldn't
Call this a fall update... more like lets finish adding the features we should have had in the spring update but realized that we would have nothing for our fall release.
Lipscomba  +   1994d ago
Kudos @BeastModeYMOB!!!!

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