Xbox 360 Fall Update - The Good, The Bad And The Buggy

WorthPlaying writes, "We've been playing with the latest Xbox 360 update for a few weeks, testing out the new social media applications, kicking the tires and generally enjoying the new features. With the Fall Update due to hit consoles this Tuesday, we wanted to highlight the good, the bad and the bugs, so you know what to expect when your trusty console updates itself later this week."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g2947d ago

through a Beta program.

Why are there still issues?

Xeoset2947d ago

"Despite a few hiccups with the Zune software"

Nothing to see here people.

Saaking2947d ago

I'd rather they take all of these feature out and offer free online gaming.

darthv722947d ago

if they did you still wouldnt be satisfied. You would continue to find reason to hate.

Saaking2947d ago

No, actually if they did I'd be more than satisfied. I could use those 50 bucks to buy a new game instead of using it to access the full game.

HolyOrangeCows2947d ago

Saaking's right. SOME of us would prefer to play more games and less Twitter.

Xeoset2947d ago

But NEITHER of you are anything but PS3 fanboys, so in the end your argument is null.

HolyOrangeCows2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I'm just a disappointed 360 owner.

I was glad to pay for Xbox LIVE once upon a time, when it was one of the best networks around. But now they focus more on non-gaming crap than games. I don't like the direction they have taken the Xbox and LIVE since I bought it in 2006, when its primary use was a game system.

WenisWagon2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I am so glad Microsoft does these seasonal updates. Its so much better and more convenient than the firmware updates sony does every other day which add obscure features that no one bothers to use (like printer support LOL really?)

Bnet3432947d ago

You can't complain about bugs in a beta, that's why it's a ... beta.

whoelse2947d ago

I wonder how the PS3 Facebook app compares to this. The Xbox one looks quite cool if you're into FB.

I'm predicting Sony will officially announce details tomorrow on the eve of MS's update.

thedisagreefairy2947d ago

"You can't complain about bugs in a beta, that's why it's a ... beta. "

didnt everyone laugh at ps3 fanboys when they said that about Home

pangitkqb2947d ago

I mean, it will be nice to see which of my facebook friends are on Xbox live, but that is all I see of value. I already have Facebook on my PC, my iPhone 3GS, and my PS3, so what besides finding more live friends does facebook on 360 do for me? Twitter? That site is a joke.

As always, my xbox 360 remains nothing more than a game machine, and that is all I need!! Borderlands over live is a blast.

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Godmars2902947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

When has MS ever put out something that's buggy? All their products have worked perfectly day one with no problems whatsoever.

And if you believe that there's a hedge-fund I'd like to invest in...

Xeoset2947d ago

"Despite a few hiccups with the Zune software"

Durr durr durr.

lrn2rd. kthxbai.

ZombieAutopsy2947d ago

"All their products have worked perfectly day one with no problems whatsoever. "

Tell that to my launch 360 with its RRoD and Disc Read Errors.

Godmars2902947d ago

That was your fault. You were using the product incorrectly.

And by "incorrect" I mean you turned it on...

Bumpmapping2947d ago

LOL the Xtards pay 50$ for a buggy laggy network!

chrisulloa2947d ago

Wut? It's not even released yet and you're calling it buggy.

Syriel2947d ago

The issues seem to be confined to the Zune software. Facebook, Halo Waypoint, and Twitter all work as advertised. It's somewhat odd too because the Zune software on the PC side is pretty solid. I wonder if they had two different teams working on the PC and 360 apps.

silverbeld2947d ago

'The Good, The Bad And The Buggy'


Why oh why.

Cause its M$

Why o why2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )


anyhow it seems you're not allowed to want ms to make xbl free. I mean... you MUST be a sony fanboy to want less twitter and more games /s

silverbeld2947d ago



I did not meant to call you. It's just so obvious off M$ to making non quality stuffs so you will lost more money.

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