Haze 360, PC "not confirmed" for 2007

GamesRadar tracked down publisher Ubisoft for an official response.

"[Haze on]PS3 is confirmed for release this year. 360 and PC versions are not confirmed for release this year."

They also spoken to dev legend David Doak, co-founder of Free Radical, who told us that Haze has been built using the Linux coding language - a language that is best suited to PlayStation 3.

Haze is being lead developed for PlayStation 3 and will be released for Sony's hardware this year. Xbox 360 and PC versions are also in the works, but will not appear until 2008.

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kewlkat0073979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Of course we know why it won't be released at the end of 2007 for the 360/PC, they wouldn't dare..would they?

Maybe the other two platforms will get goodies/fixes...hehe

SimmoUK3978d ago

wouldn't dare lmao, seriously keep dreaming they'd want it out as soon as possible so other games don't shadow it in the future, the reason it's coming out is because it's ready on PS3 the lead platform and other systems will have to wait just like PS3 has to sometimes...

SimmoUK3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

sorry double post

Odion3979d ago

i really don't care about this game, between Half Life 2, Halo 3, UT3, Quake wars, and Crysis i have no need for this shooter

Sangheili853979d ago

Or the reason they don't wanna release untill 08 is they don't wanna fight over sales with other huge titles like Halo3, GTA, Half Life, UT3. So it might be a good thing for them. Not us.

frostbite063979d ago

I was just gona say that. I mean its cool that the ps3 is gona get it early, but they better have everything nailed down because those are some hard games to compete with and you only named a few.

San anto3978d ago

no000000pe, if that was true they would release for pc

closedxxx3979d ago

Who cares? This isn't a "MUST HAVE" AAA title. Most of us haven't eard of this game until recently, and now there is this platform debate. Over what? I dunno. I'm sure it will look nice, and play well, but it's no innovator, and it's certainly not a console mover.

Sangheili853979d ago

its because its "pretty" and "High graphics" to many people now thing "Oh it high graphic game ONLY the PS3/360 CAN HAVE IT" when me personally i just want a good game. Don't care witch system just a good game to waste my hours of spare time.

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The story is too old to be commented.