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Call of Duty to get paid-for online services

Activision says you should "expect" paid-for online models such as those in World of Warcraft to make the transition to other games, including Call of Duty. (Industry)

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Pandamobile   2114d ago | Spam
badkolo  +   2114d ago
agreed, if they do this, suck it activitision.
ia_studio  +   2113d ago
Killzone2 32 players + online dedicated servers, psn(free)

Edit: resistance 2, Mag have dedicated servers+more players, but I preffer killzone2
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solidt12  +   2113d ago
Activision Execs need to STFU
vhero  +   2113d ago
charging more for the game wasn't enough they wanna charge a monthly fee to play it now?? They got a good thing going right now why are they trying to commit business suicide? Would never happen anyways as users would just play the free games instead forcing them to go free.
mastiffchild  +   2113d ago
We've jumped through so many hoops for these greedy tosspots who wouldn't even put in dedicated servers? And now this? So glad I don't buy anything Acti make anymore.
MagicAccent  +   2113d ago
And Activision expects me to buy their games?

PS3istheshit2  +   2113d ago
i still thnk that MW2 is
one of the best games ive ever played next to COD4
but ill probably pay for a couple months then when its february, the cold will start to go away and everyones gonna be outside so...
what im trying to say is that if they start charging then MW2 is just gonna be those games that you play for a little while but then it goes to the dusty pile of games
me and my friends come home after school and play about 4 or 5 games of COD4
lol its kinda tradition
if it wasnt for COD then id be playing resistance 2 and killzone 2
but if the fees start coming then im only playing Playstation FPS

... theres GT5 god of war 1 2 and 3 ratchet and clank and so many other exclusives on PS3 which makes me not wanna play COD even more if i have to pay for it
funny comment up there "they do learn well from microsoft"
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krouse93  +   2113d ago
They are trying to see how much consumers will allow !
This is a stupid F'ing idea there rolling in money and If they do this I will ignore all other activision games that come out from here on in.
cyberwaffles  +   2113d ago
"According to the Activision CFO, there is a demand from its core fanbase to pay for additional services."

what a load of horse ****. theres no demand to pay for additional services, they just want to play the damn game online for free like most games have been since the advent of online PC gaming. just when i was starting to give MW2 a second chance because of its TPS mode, Activision finds a way to take a million steps backward.
rockleex  +   2113d ago
Thank you Activision and Microsoft...
We will gladly pay for free services.

alphakennybody  +   2114d ago
Do it kotick ,I triple dare you and you'll soon know how hitler lost!!
komp  +   2114d ago
In a bunker with a pistol and some cyanide for the wife?
rawrockkillz  +   2114d ago
No he got a machine gun in the face from Eli Roth!
HobbsCanuck  +   2113d ago
LMFAO, nice one
Elven6  +   2113d ago
Even if they do it you know the hardcore Call of Duty players will jump on it, they would essentially want to turn it into the Battle.Net of COD only difference being every game required a few for entry instead of one.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2114d ago
That's just silly.

//Dylai safonwyr sugno fy pidyn
weazel  +   2113d ago
Yn wir hogyn!
TheMART  +   2114d ago
"Saaking - 2 minutes ago
1.1 -
It wouldn't surprise me if it. PS3 owners wouldn't be affected but it'd just be unfair. Imagine paying XBL TO PLAY ONLINE and then having to pay to play online...AGAIN. So basically you'd get charged to access the FULL game (SP and MP) twice?! WTF! "

Why wouldn't PS3 owners be affected if they had to pay for playing Call of Duty also?

I don't get your unlogical thinking at all. They didn't have to pay before and in the new situation they should. Sounds like being affected to me mate.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2113d ago
You obviously didnt get what he was saying so ill try to break it down for you.

Xbox users already pay to play games online and if they started to charge a fee to play Call of Duty games online Xbox users would have 2 pay twice. (yea they could work it out so you dont have to have live but lets face it no one buys just CoD games to play online)

Ps3 users dont pay to play online so they would only have to pay the fee to play Call of Duty games.

Saaaking was kidna wrong though in saying Ps3 users wouldnt be affected but they wouldnt be affected as bad is what i think he was getting at. Me personally though i would never pay to play CoD online unless it was something like 10$ a year and it had dedicated servers/free map packs/and clan game servers with good leaderboards.
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The Iron Sheik  +   2113d ago
Actually 360 owners would have to pay 3 times. Once to their ISP once for Live and once again for MW2. IMO if people weren't so complacent paying $50 a year for something that should be free. Activision would never have the nerve to even think about a monthly fee.
Pirateogta  +   2113d ago
And PS3 owners would have to pay 2 times. Once to their ISP and once for MW2. And they'd still get a worse experience than 360 owners who are paying for LIVE.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2113d ago
Pirate i owned CoD4 on both Ps3 and X360 and their is really no difference in the online play (or any p2p online game), the only real difference was in the xbox version you could join peoples games and now you can do that on Mw2 on the ps3, you're just a fanboy thats why you THINK its a better service...I dont mind paying for live because 50$ a year isnt much to me but i know when it comes to online play for multiplatform games its the same experience and if there are any problems in either version they are usually fixed within a month of release and usually sooner than that.
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The Iron Sheik  +   2113d ago
If by a worse online experience you mean not being called f@ggot or the n word by 12 year olds you would be correct.

There are no dedicated servers for MW2 on live and the party chat was disabled, so how is it better?
BYE  +   2113d ago

How is free wifi and online play, with most of the exclusives having dedicated server support, a worse experience?
karan8624  +   2114d ago
And I want them to kiss my a$$
LordMarius  +   2114d ago
eh why not, many people are willing to give a hand and a foot for those goggles, and extra fee wont kill them
mrkeith  +   2114d ago
so long call of duty if that happens lol. im cheap. thats why i got a PS3 instead of Xbox360 haha. free online :)
kaveti6616  +   2114d ago
Your mom, bobby. Your mom.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   2114d ago
gg Activision
RememberThe357  +   2113d ago
Their greed is going to be the end of them...
peeps  +   2114d ago
thats ridiculous lmao what would they justify the charge with?? i mean wow charges users cus of the server upkeep and updates etc

with a p2p game like mw2 where we have to pay when they release dlc anyway how can they justify a charge??
blu_yu_away  +   2113d ago
I actually took the survey a few months back. Now at that time there was no mention to actually charge people to play online (although that could have changed). What was being asked about and tossed around was multiple "tiers". Paying a fee not to play the game but for extra stuff. Some of the options were:
"ability to play without having stats tracked so you could practice"
"ability to customize characters and weapons"
"ability to have playlists with more people"
"exclusive access to betas"
"early access to map packs"
"online stat tracking"
"clan matches and rankings"
Stuff like that, with multiple ways of charging whether it be monthly, yearly, or a one time fee. So more about talking features out and introducing new features only to paying members rather than charging for online play per se.
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VMAN_01  +   2114d ago
So wait there gonna charge users for P2P lol?
The Iron Sheik  +   2114d ago
F**k off activision. I love Modern Warfare 2 but I will never pay a fee to play it. There are plenty of other great FPS's out there that will be happy to welcome disgruntled MW2 players with open arms and free online play. Don't forget that you greedy bastards.

Gordon Gecko was an a**hole greed is not good, greed kills.
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radzy   2113d ago | Spam
PeptoBismol  +   2113d ago
racism has no place here, or anywhere for that matter.

Sarcasm  +   2114d ago
Maybe for COD7 or COD8. But not MW2.

If it does for some magical pixie fairy dust happen for MW2, then I'm burning my copy and just play BFBC2 beta until release lmao
ZombieAutopsy  +   2114d ago
well i think they would loose at least 1/4 of their user base if they did this. It seems like they're just trying to be the most hated Publisher in the industry.

Like Peeps said, it makes sense for them to charge for WoW because the servers and the constant FREE updates but for a p2p game charging to play just seems like them telling you to bend over and throw away the lube.
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Memo-Xen x3100  +   2113d ago
I'd say
FCK Activision but they'd probable want me to wrap my johnson in a 100 dollar bill and I can't afford that.
johnnytim  +   2113d ago
"isnt this like...really OLD news?"

This is an actual quote from their CFO, not just a rumor from a survey.
CrashFallen  +   2113d ago
imagine sum fools playing MW2 in an intense clan match and all of a sudden a pop up comes outta nowhere and is like "we apologize, to play u have to PAY" lmao bummer......
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Fragger2k8  +   2113d ago
Ha, it would probably be like this;

(Pop-up during the game) "Oops! Sorry for the inconvenience, but in order for you to continue playing our great game online you will have to enter your credit card information in the area below and choose your payment option. We hope you continue to support our company!"

1: 1 month = $4.99*
2: 3 months = $14.99*
3: 1 year = $54.99* (Great deal!)

"Also, if you purchase now you can save $2 off our next DLC**!"

*Plus tax
**Priced at $49.99
thedarkvault  +   2113d ago
well I got MW2 on pc, never played cod4 on pc so I don't feel like I lost anything. But if the next Modern Warfare is monthly charge to play online, then they can go suck a big wang, I don't do monthly charge games.
The Battlefield series has always been my favorite and if that happens to the COD series then Battlefield will just have to suffice for me.
Wolf26pack  +   2113d ago
It's time to Realize
Personally I want to see this happen. I finally want to see the Greedy people come out and start charging people for everything, so then People will finally Stand up and say " You know what F U I'm not going to pay prices like this anymore" and will finally stand up instead of continuing to get price gouged during a recession. Activison are starting to be one hell of a Greedy Company and I hope they fail miserably in their attempts to get more money. In my opinion gaming is starting to become a joke.

You have the Wii with it's motion controls which could be used in a worth while way but the developers and publishers just want to make a quick buck so the controls end up being useless and waggle controls.

Then you also have the PS3 & 360 which have much greater potential but everything they have to offer isn't being used & every single game is shipped with broken features that have to be patched because they don't properly test their titles anymore. In fact games are getting shorter & shorter and instead of them making them longer they are charging you for DLC that is probably already on the disc to extend your gameplay.

So you end up paying $60 for the game and up to $20-$30 for extra DLC and now they want to charge you a monthly fee on top of that. F U guys the gaming industry is turning out like everything else giving you less and charging more for it. Well I just won't do it!!! While I don't succumb to buying things used, instead what I do is wait quite a while and end up purchasing games when they have gone down in price. So I might buy a PS3 game when it goes down to $30 and then buy the DLC for it and it comes out to the original $60 or most of the time $40-$50. It is time we need to show them with our Wallets that we won't pay more for less.
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Silly gameAr  +   2113d ago
"clears throat"
F*** you Activision. You can **** on my ****. Your ******* game ain't that great.
nolifeking  +   2113d ago
I wonder how many people will swallow their pride and just fork over the money because it's COD? Recent events lead me to believe it will be quiet a few.
ExPresident  +   2113d ago
Go ahead and charge people Activision. Do it. You'll quickly find out why crappy MMO's fail hard compared to games like WoW. WoW offers free updates, and has a crap load of content so people find it reasonable. You charging for MW2 style online pay or features is gonna only result in you having empty pockets.

I think your competitors will enjoy the increase in sales.
Magnus  +   2113d ago
Yup trading it in tomorrow and no more Activision games for me. Activision has left the planet Earth and now reside on their own planet I see alot of people trading CODMW2.
OrganicMachine  +   2113d ago
I knew this sh!t would happened
switching from dedicated servers to IW.net so that IW would have total control over. yeah.. it all makes sense now..
steck67  +   2113d ago
Thank God for DICE and Battlefield. Activision can F off
Immortal321  +   2113d ago
Starting to think the ps3 only owners are money smart
Advari  +   2113d ago
Call of Duty the biggest cash cow Activision has and now they want it to leave a bad taste in their mouth way to go i give Activision a pat on the back. You guys really f*cked this up whats next getting people to pay to play Prototype online.
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evrfighter  +   2113d ago
you are naive if you think CoD is Activision's biggest cash cow.

It's a huge cow yes.

But the cow king is none other than Blizzard's WoW

sweettooth  +   2113d ago
Battlefield Bad Compeny 2 make mw2 like a last gen game
ravenl0rd  +   2113d ago
It will be a cold day before I pay for a FPS online. That's just madness.
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