New AACS "fix" hacked in a day

The ongoing war between content producers and hackers over the AACS copy protection used in HD DVD and Blu-ray discs produced yet another skirmish last week, and as has been the case as of late, the hackers came out on top.

The hacker "BtCB" posted the new decryption key for AACS on the Freedom to Tinker web site, just one day after the AACS Licensing Authority (AACS LA) issued the key. In true tongue-in-cheek hacker fashion, the site posted the 128-bit key as a method of decrypting a small haiku that they placed on the same page, noting that it just might accidentally (wink, wink) be the same key that will decrypt new high-definition discs as well.

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T_Tokyo20103890d ago

Hackers of the world unite!!

ITR3890d ago

Wow this seems to happen about every 2 weeks now.

It's nice to see hackers trying to prove a point.

Lex Luthor3890d ago

Man i love that hackers film.

PS360WII3890d ago

hack the planet! Yeah that movie rocked

socomnick3889d ago

does this mean I can download hd dvd and blueray movies and then copy them to a external hd and play them on my xbox 360 ?

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