Top Twenty Video Game Boobs

Boobs are as important in gaming as weapons and power-up's are. Here is MadFanboy's TOP TWENTY VIDEO GAME BOOBS!

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RememberThe3572950d ago

Those are some great racks...

I lol'd when I saw this though.

kaveti66162950d ago


toaster2950d ago

Everybody loves boobies.

But Heavy Rain will have full frontal nudity like that?
I wonder what controversy that will stir up.

Qazdaz2950d ago

This is a very good article.

superfedya2950d ago

Thanks! I lose all the day for creating ^_^

So, everybody waiting for Heavy Rain?

FishCake9T42950d ago

Soul Calibur Boobs are always over the top.

EvilCackle2950d ago

How long do you think it'll take for this to get to 1000 degrees?

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The story is too old to be commented.