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Top Twenty Video Game Boobs

Boobs are as important in gaming as weapons and power-up's are. Here is MadFanboy's TOP TWENTY VIDEO GAME BOOBS! (Culture)

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RememberThe357  +   1767d ago
Those are some great racks...

I lol'd when I saw this though.

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kaveti6616  +   1767d ago
blitz0623  +   1767d ago
Madison <3
toaster  +   1767d ago
Great list!
Everybody loves boobies.

But Heavy Rain will have full frontal nudity like that?
I wonder what controversy that will stir up.
PS3Freak  +   1767d ago
No Lulu from FFX = Fail.
Qazdaz  +   1767d ago
This is a very good article.
superfedya  +   1767d ago
Thanks! I lose all the day for creating ^_^

So, everybody waiting for Heavy Rain?
Saaking  +   1767d ago
I am.
OGharryjoysticks  +   1767d ago
And you know it
FishCake9T4  +   1767d ago
Soul Calibur Boobs are always over the top.
EvilCackle  +   1767d ago
How long do you think it'll take for this to get to 1000 degrees?
El_Colombiano  +   1767d ago
Boobies ftw
Fade_Walker  +   1767d ago
I had to laugh at Lara Croft’s pointy boobs from 1996.

Besides that it’s a very interesting list, better then most.
SactoGamer  +   1767d ago
Seriously? Is this the only way you can monger up hits for your website?
Ilhass  +   1767d ago
Nice job!
lordkemp007  +   1767d ago
Cliffy B and Bobby Kottich should be on this list.

A perfect example of two prize t!ts.
superfedya  +   1767d ago
teto83  +   1767d ago
superfedya  +   1767d ago
Aserp  +   1766d ago
Nice :З
lizard81288  +   1766d ago
this is NOT work safe...
the last part of the list was like sifting though porn
superfedya  +   1766d ago
>like sifting though porn

Hmmm... no, not porn.

And I totaly forgot Lulu from FF10:
lizard81288  +   1766d ago
there are tons on nipple shots....

which is nice

but not work safe, i say this because while i looking through them, there were people in the room.
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superfedya  +   1766d ago
Sorry for that :(

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