Overlord 75% Off, Crysis 50% Off This Weekend

There's not one but two big sales going on through Steam this weekend. Until Monday, you can pick up the Overlord and Crysis series for cheap through digital game store Steam.

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maniacf403320d ago

In other words, no one gives a Fvck.

Nihilism3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

or maybe it's because this game came out 2 years ago and they have no need to buy myself. Ask yourself this retard, which game is graphically the best in existance???, then ask yourself, which is the only known game to ever maintain graphical superiority after 2 years of technology advancements and game development?

Only one my unfortunate poor immature console restricted friend

Not only is it the best looking game there is it is a great game....but only people with pc's that could run it properly know not you

waaaah waaah my pc can only run it on low at 800*600, waaah, consoles are so much better than this game is on low....

Uncharted 2 won't even be mentioned in 2 years time, crysis on the other hand will be the best looking game of all time until crysis 2 comes out.

champ213320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )


sure it wont run on your grammas pc. thats like asking uncharted 2 to be played on ps1 it just wont happen.

i played the game 2 years back when it launched. I had a pc equipped with 8800gtx ran the game perfectly @ 1920*1200 (high settings, not the highest).

by the way that old rig still runs circles around anything the ps3 or the 360 can do. Cost me about 800usd when i built it, a lil more then the ps3 cost at that time. Though ps3 never could do 1080p (high settings in 90% of its titles) sad but true lol.

not to mention the old rig cost me cheaper overall then getting a console in the first place as all the games bought on it just are cheaper.

Its old... but it still does everything better and cheaper.

Nihilism3320d ago

A great game, anyone that couldn't run it on release, that has upgraded since, should pic it up while it's cheap. It's not just a pretty face, it just needs a good pc to make it play like it shooter should be played at <30 frames.

memots3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Good stuff i went ahead and bough it. I played the first overlord way back when it came out and i liked it a lot but i didn't really play it fully.

@$8.75 USD you really can't go wrong, Even if i end up playing the second just for a bit.

Its hard to keep up with all the games i want to play and being Married doesn't help either....

!!! --- === To all gamer out there you better use those bachelor years to the fullest because your gaming time will drop dramatically once you buy a house and get married lol. === --- !!!

FxckOSX3320d ago

crappy news.
who cares discount information on steam in here?

Arnon3320d ago

"It's discounted. It's not a full game."

Vip3r3320d ago

You can get Crysis + Warhead and Crysis Wars on amazon for £13.

So cheaper and it'll save on bandwidth.

Nihilism3320d ago

that's good to know...especially after I paid $99aus+ $49aus for the 2 games :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

it would be good for anyone who doesn't though, I hardly ever find cheap games, bioshock for $25aus wasn't bad though

champ213320d ago

13gbp is a darn awesome price.

crysis = standard for next gen games.. which will be about 2012 on consoles..

warhead is an amazing game and worth every penny.