Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Video Walkthrough

GB writes: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is one of the many great games which are to be released next year. We have got a short video on the beta version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.Watch and enjoy."

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gameseveryday2991d ago

Well the gameplay in Bad Company 2 resembles that of Battlefield: Bad Company and takes place in the mountainous regions along the borders of Russia among other places. Bad Company 2 will include locations in snowy mountains, dense jungles and also sandy deserts within both story mode and multiplayer mode.But how much different it will be from the original?

Zedux2991d ago

I had lots of fun playing BF:BC can't wait to play BF2! Specially knowing EA is giving PS3 treatment for the PS3 version!

Saaking2991d ago

I really want to get into the beta. The game is looking like so much fun!

Ziriux2991d ago

Yes, the mountains will still be present, this time a bit more variety of course. I'm hoping to see some new games modes, a nice Team Deathmatch, would make the game pleasant to those who prefer such.

ABizzel12990d ago

His voice made the video boring. It looks very good, not KZ2, but very good. I just have to wait until Nov. 19th and play the game for myself.

StanLee2990d ago

I'm really looking forward to the beta. I think I'm the only person who can't stand Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. The game is even more imbalanced than the last game.

CyberCam2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I also hate MW2 multiplayer (I'm playing it now because I rented it). I find it way too fast and way too many ways to get easy kills, all you have to do is camp for your kill streaks the get more easy kills with your kill streak reward.

The p2p network code it uses has a second or two delay, which makes the game frustrating as hell... the kill cams will show you that every time.

The good news is that I give it back on the 18th and start playing BFBC2 beta on the 19th!

StanLee2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Where do I begin with my complaints; what's the use of stopping power when each gun kills in 2 or 3 bullets and you remove juggernaut which balanced stopping power, Killstreaks are imbalanced, the game rewards terrible players and doesn't penalize players for deaths, the maps are still imbalanced, the spawn system is still terrible, care packages reward noobs especially paired with Hardline, Scavenger pro means they haven't rectified grenade spam even if they now only give players 1, there is no teamwork or working towards objectives as everyone camps to get to a reward streak, the guns have little or no recoil or sway, what the hell is the point of SMGs since on most maps they're worthless and etc, etc, etc. Fcuking game sucks. You'd think that with all the complaints I suck at the game but my K/D is 3.54. It's impossible to suck at this game IF all you care about is kills and that's exactly what this game encourages.

Ravage272990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

that is exactly what i was afraid of. I never liked the killstreaks in the 1st MW and IW decision to focus on it completely killed off all interest i had in the game.

While there are undeniably some people in KZ2 MP who only goes for frags and ignores objectives, i'm mostly able to find teams that cooperate(tact throwing spawn points,medics reviving,engnr defending..etc) to win. Search and Destroy,with a good team, is always very enjoyable and intense. Not to mention that it is immensely satisfying when you win against a stronger team with teamwork. Sadly, i rarely encounter this during my experience with COD4 :/

BLuKhaos2990d ago

Like the penguin dude below you said, you're not the only one.Some people like mindless n00b spammage while others like us, love team based tacticle games.Just be happy that they have MW2 to keep them distracted and away from good games.

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gameseveryday2991d ago

Well On November 5th, 2009 DICE announced a beta for Bad Company 2. Players will be able to have access to the beta by preordering the game. The PS3 version of the beta will start on November 19, while the PC version will be available in December. So not too long!

Saaking2991d ago

I signed up on or something like that. Hopefully I'll get one of those keys.

Dark_Vendetta2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Everyone who hasn't got his code yet:
register at and go to this site:

Click on "Jetzt vorbestellen" and type in your ID. Few minutes later you'll get an email that you ordered your code. Still 6400 left
Code will be sent the 16th Nov. Beta starts 19.11

Ziriux2991d ago

This is a great game, with great gameplay, big environments and good plot. Unlike MW 2, this game should by getting some hype as well, Battlefield is probably one of the most under rated FPS games out there overshadowed by others such as Halo and Call of Duty.

gameseveryday2991d ago

Multiplayer will allow players to choose from a set of weapon kits before each spawn, the number of which has been further reduced from Bad Company's five down to four: "Assault," "Engineer," "Recon," and "Medic," removing the "Specialist" kit, whose compact assault rifle and C4 abilities have been split between the "Engineer" and "Recon" classes, respectively.

mr mintleaf2990d ago

from playing BF2 (xbox, xbox 360) were parachutes, fast moving jeeps (C4 jihaad purposes), and TEAM WIDE CHAT.

I know I know, ..."play BF2 on the 360 then if you like BF2 so much"... Brothers, I would if I still had a 360. it died for the 3rd time wah wah. I'm now happily gaming on a PS3. Just sayn, that in an attempt to make a new game new, and original to an extent, they eliminated some key elements that made BF2 so friggin fun. Like GTA-style fun.

My point: I hope to see at least parachutes make it back. My other point BC2>any otherr shooter.



Pandamobile2991d ago

As soon as I go to sleep, everyone posts dupes and improperly tagged submissions that somehow slip through the cracks and get approved...

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