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Bioware comments on possible Jade Empire sequel

Bioware comments on the possibility of a sequel to their 2005 RPG, Jade Empire. (Culture, Dev, Jade Empire, Jade Empire: Special Edition)

szngamers  +   2081d ago
Would love to see the revival of Jade
tplarkin7  +   2081d ago
Worst game by Bioware
Way overrated.
PISSIO  +   2081d ago
Gobot  +   2081d ago
This would be awesome. Jade Empire is an underrated game.
thewhoopimen  +   2081d ago
If they do a sequel
If they do a sequel... i hope they put some more research into Asian philosophy/Chinese philosophy than what I've seen so far...which seems to largely stem from Kungfu and Kungfu fantasy movies. They are far more schools of thought then the ways of the open palm/closed fist ... good vs. evil that's modeled in the last game. It is far more nuanced than that.

Another thing they could throw in, is use the history of war and the very unique tactics employed in Asian warfare, strategy, weaponary, etc. My particular favorite was the use of bulls and attaching blades to their heads while setting their tails with firecrackers to mow down regiments in close file.

or the use of rattan armor which were extremely light and impervious to swords and arrows but extremely vulnerable to fire.

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