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Rumor: Demon's Souls sales data for October

Despite very little advertising, Demon's Souls managed to sell quite well in the United States during the month of October. (Demon's Souls, PS3)

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blitz0623  +   2151d ago
100,000+ copies
is not bad at all for this type of game. I honestly did not expect a lot of people to like it given its difficulty and little advertisements. But the moment the game came out and received good reviews, I knew it had potential. Hopefully it brings more games of this innovation. I'm getting tired of those noob-friendly games.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2151d ago
for a game that had 3-5 copies in a store to sell out in minutes, thats pretty good.
Baliw  +   2151d ago
Demon's Souls II on the way!
Three of those are mine.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2151d ago
"Demon's Souls II on the way!"
Next time they better market better if they want this game on Hardcore Game's Hands. its one of the most unique games i played thus far this gen similar to oblivion, but with a big twist.
Saaking  +   2151d ago
100k+ is excellent.
nycredude  +   2151d ago
WTF is wrong with people. Go buy this great game!!!! Only 100,000 in three weeks and COD6 get almost 5 million in 2 days!! Dude you'll get more time in this game than all of COd6, including mp!


Sorry for the outburst.


Play it first then come back and talk.
Go to teh leaderboards and you will see tons of people who have more than 250 hours in this game. You will have to beat it at least three times just to get platinum. It also 1000 times more interested than COD6. I beat COd6 twice in under 11 hours, which is 2 hours less than it took me to beat Uncharted 2 once. MP is good but not as fun as Uncharted mp, the same as COD4. Also I spent too much time looking for people to kill cause there is only like 12 people or something in mp. Lame.

Also 2 years playing cod 4 and now two year with cod6? I think you need to buy more games.
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Hill_billy  +   2151d ago
"Dude you'll get more time in this game than all of COd6, including mp!"

Yeah right, you're joking right? Sure this game is good but not that good. Two years running with COD4 and plan to spend two years in MW2... Can't see anybody playing Demon's Souls for two years straight.
Saaking  +   2151d ago
The game is really long and really interesting. PS3 owners should give it a chance, especially if they're into RPGs.
sikbeta  +   2151d ago
This game can't be more addictive and HARD XD
Baka-akaB  +   2151d ago

Actually you couldnt be more wrong lol ...
Quite a few of us have been playing since it's asian release in february and it's far from coming to a stop .

Even if its multiplayer is unconventional , that kind of multiplayer dungeon crawler die really hard . Cod got nothing on Diablo 2's replay value .

Especially when many cod players might actually get bored enough to jump on the next cod .
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Panthers  +   2151d ago
@ Hiilbilly
I cant see anyone playing COD4 for 2 years. My God that game got boring before 2 months.
raztad  +   2151d ago

Unless you absolutely hate HAck&slash or rpgs Demons Souls is a must buy.

I'm sure Atlus is pretty pleased with DS sales BUT for a game of this quality 100+K is really sad. In this age of arcadey shooters, neither good rpgs nor platformers stand a chance among the "casual" hardcore.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2151d ago
@ Panters
Go colts.

@ no one

Demon's souls was sold out everywhere. They did as good as they possilby could.

I got the last copy in my town and I have not been able to put it down. (when I get the chance to play)

I can't get past that damn monk.
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gamingisnotacrime  +   2151d ago
I bought this game almost blindly
I read some amazon reviews and the gamers were describing Demons Souls, and i saw something special about this title. I went for the Deluxe Edition because i thought this rare gem deserves to be bought in its best. Boy was i right or what! this game is a game changing experience. after dying over and over again you gain appreciation for perseverance in video gamer that rewards you greatly when you beat the task at hand.

I love this game, and i recommend it to anyone, even if they don't consider themselves hardcore gamers, is such a gem
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dalibor  +   2151d ago
It took me 2 in a half years to beat FF12 once lol. Rpg's have the longest playing time imo. Especially if you have to backtrack. I did all the hunts in FF12 & got to level 99(all characters). I did not play it everyday though, kept switching games. Rpg's have the element of pursuading you to get/find everything in the game which results in a long play time. Hell even the older FF's would take a while to beat depending on how often you play. Now playing rpg's online would totally last me a long time. Next up for me to beat is SOTC.

BTW my favorite hunt was trickster. That chokobo was fast lol!
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Montrealien  +   2151d ago
first thing first, congrats on a great game getting good sales to show that their is a market for this kind of game. I know we have not been able to keep our copies in stock and have been ordering some on a regular basis.

but pls oh pls can people stop saying this game is for everyone and that everyone should go and buy it? Because it is not, at all.

btw, why are some of you even bothering with the troll Hill_Billy? You do know that he wins the second you try explaining to him why his retarded comment is well....retarded.
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frostypants  +   2151d ago
Awesome, awesome game. It's strange, but I don't really place it in the same realm as an Uncharted 2 or MW2. It's a whole different level...it's just such an innovative game-changer and there's nothing out there remotely like it. They basically invented the semi-multiplayer online game...we need a term for this. "Multi-single player"? "MSP"? Whatever it's called it's f***ing amazing.

The fact that it came from such a minor developer, and was published stateside by an even more minor publisher, just adds to the intrigue of it all.

This game needs to get some kind of special honors award. I think Uncharted 2 will get GOTY, but DS deserves some kind of recognition. The long term influence it will have will be undeniable.

And if Dragon Age gets RPG of the Year over this, that would be an absolute crime. They are very different games, and Dragon Age has a good story and great production values, but Demons Souls is BY FAR the more innovative and addictive title.
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raztad  +   2151d ago

This game had a big input from SCE Japan, in design and production. I read SCEJ asked FRom to develop some sort of King Fields spiritual sequel but not a straight sequel cause they wanted to change fundamentals gameplay aspects.

Knowing the record of FROM producing so-so games is impossible to understand (w/o SCEJ) how this incredible game came to fruition.

I agree that DS is on another level. The most innovative game in quite a while. While I'm looking forward to play DA (BioWare is pretty good at storytelling), game hardly can beat DS in revolutionary gameplay. Probably the "casuals" will rob DS its status as best RPG (by far) this year.
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MEsoJD  +   2151d ago
This is my
GOTY!!!! I would squeal like a schoolgirl if they announce Demons Souls 2. haha
specialguest  +   2150d ago
1st day buy attempt
Went to Best Buy on it's release date and found out that the game wasn't there. I asked one of the employees if they had Demon's souls in stock only to find out that the kid never heard of the game, and it wasn't even in their system.

I was pretty shocked. I guess this game is more of a under hyped and hidden gem of a game most people, even the retailers fail to consider. So 150K was pretty impressive.

On a side note - Quit luring me into a trap you damn tricky blue gecko!
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DaTruth  +   2150d ago
I haven't tried coop yet, but the few times I got invaded was pure cheap @ss scraping spear! Can't even fight like a man. Just scraping spear till your everything breaks! Had to start fighting with fists!

Those weapons ruined the competitive! They don't even have a purpose in the single player.
poopface1  +   2150d ago
this game looks like something Id like
I will probably buy it within the next few months as I hear it good and I really need a challenging game.

I was hoping to at least be able to rent it to play it some before I can afford it but BBV doesnt even have it. I hope it goes on sale somewhere and Ill pick it up for sure.
ezcex  +   2151d ago
Pure Awesome
That is what this game is.
TwistedMetal  +   2151d ago
lol 2 years on a cod game and then 2 years again on the same game with shorter sp thats easy and
and the same mp with minor tweaks. I dont see how people like that can call themselves a gamer spending all there time on the same games with the same gameplay. i bet you spend the same amount of time on halo 3, halo odst, halo reach and cod waw. its all the same recycled stuff. hardcore gamer doesnt refer to people who play shooters all day even thought thats what x360 owners want you to believe. a hardcore gamer sayeing he only like 3 generes is not a hardcore gamer at all. I know the guy didnt say that but thats what a lot of x360 owners say.
Omega Zues  +   2151d ago
I bought it...
and loved every second of it. I currenlty have +90hrs in to it.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2151d ago
I still have my sealed DE sitting on my couch at home, just havnt gotten around to playing it yet. Stupid work...
artsaber  +   2151d ago
@SuperStrokey1123 - Don't Do It!
You have been forewarned. The game is addictive, when you are not playing it... it somehow feels as if you are neglecting a helpless child! If you break the seal on that package, it will suck the lifeforce out of you and you will become a slave to the PS3 just as I have...

Help, come save me, I am in the dungeon!

EDIT: @Divideby0 below: Listen to the comments below you. The game is awesome man. I was pissed the first time I lost over 5000 souls by dying twice in a row. But the game is sooooo rewarding if you lvl up correctly, get decent equipment, and farm some souls to make your earlier play time a bit easier on you. The reward is great... Demon's Souls is one of the best games out... definately one of the best in the whole dragon/knight/magician scope of games.
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Grandreaper9999  +   2151d ago
"Have you seen my corporeal flesh? Has my Body gone rotten?"
divideby0  +   2151d ago
only reason I didnt buy this game, was after playing at a friends house...it was just to hard for me to play...it became tedious for me...my bud has way better gamming skillz than me, finished the game and he said it was the hardest game he ever played....some points which had to get replayed over, turned out being a chore..
Baba1906  +   2151d ago
its not that hard you just have to concentrate and get yourself some good equipment. you just cant really run thorugh the lvl you got to be alert all the time. its awesome and really rewarding.
facelike  +   2151d ago
Dude, buy the game. This game is harder than most of the recent game releases because it doesn't hold your hand. What makes this game good is the challenge, and it will pull a competitive spirit out of you and somehow make you say to yourself after you die "just one more try, I know I can beat that SOB". But when you do play this kind of game, your skills will greatly increase.

The reason why your buddy has way better gaming skills than you is because he takes on these challenges. If you play that game, you will play better, don't cop out, get some intestinal fortitude and buy this game. Your rewards in satisfaction will greatly be worth it. I'm not even far, but when I beat that first boss, I stood tall and proud was like "yesssss!!!!!"

That was worth every second I put into it.
frostypants  +   2151d ago
You're missing one of the most rewarding experiences of the decade...I sh** you not.

Beating the ever living crap out of a damn-fool red phantom player who has selfishly invaded YOUR game to get their body back is just an epic feeling...and the dread you feel before that, knowing the dirty bastard is sneaking around the level looking to screw you over, is equally powerful, especially given that the levels are hard enough as it is.

I damn near jumped out of my chair cheering one time when an invader saw my sword (Northern Regalia, mofo!!!), tried to flee, and I chased him down and succeeded in backstabbing him like the sniveling rat he was. :-)
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SolidMGSnake  +   2151d ago
Deluxe Edition
This game was very good and challenging. It really did pull me through the boring days b4 MW2. Very enjoyable and unique game. Got my platinum trophy from the game because I couldnt put it down and I will play it again.Also, this is probably the best collectors edition ive owned.
TukkerIntensity  +   2151d ago
Fantastic Game
I've played Uncharted 2 (great game - so polished - a great extension of the Uncharted franchise).
I've played MW2 and still am (love the MP).
I've played RE5, Killzone 2, Halo ODST, etc. etc.

But this is the game I loved the most this year. There isn't another game like it - it brought something new to the table and it bucked the trend of games getting easier and easier. It was uncomfortable in a good way? and more scary then any survival horror game - because when you die it has consequences...and when you are fighting to survive and your game gets invaded! the heart starts pumping as you know you are being hunted.

Fantastic. This is my GOTY - nothing but love for DS!
Grandreaper9999  +   2151d ago
After my third new+ I didn't find I was getting much more souls, even with thirst. I played it religiously, but lately I've been sleeping on it, mainly because it got too easy, and my levels have slowed to the point where I only level up from 1 to 2 boss fights. best game I've played all year though. The pureblack World event on Halloween was BAD ASS too. Gaaaawdd, what a great game. 100k is a good number for such an underrated game.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2151d ago
lol yeah the halloween event was great, i started a new character and ran through the gate that requires pure black/white tendancy at the start, got the brushwood(spelt wrong) armor set and a colorless demon's soul.
fallingdove  +   2151d ago
An amazing game. I have encouraged all of my friends to purchase it.. unfortuntaly it is sold out everywhere.
Rip-Ridah  +   2151d ago
I Think That Many Need To Take Into Account...
That because this game was so limited at retail, many gamers used various online retailers to buy the game. Now I'm sure that someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but NPD does NOT count online retail in their monthly/yearly reports. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this figure is at least double of what is posted.
Gothdom  +   2151d ago
yeah, I've been trying to find this game around here for ages, but either it's sold out or they never received any.
Rip-Ridah  +   2151d ago
I would suggest that you follow this yellow brick road to the land of Oz: http://www.amazon.com/Demon...
zerocrossing  +   2151d ago
@ Rip-Ridah
thats a good point, personaly i never saw this game in the shops because it never got relesed in the UK, so i had to get it imported for £50 pricey yes but worth the price? most definatly, one of the best Action RPG's were likley to see this gen,
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Gothdom  +   2151d ago
Well, I have to say, when you live in canada and go to amazon.com, it throws you back at amazon.ca (where it was sold out for a long while).

Now that I'm broke, I'll have to wait about a month to shop for this.
Rip-Ridah  +   2151d ago
After 200+ hours of thorough enjoyment, I sit amongst those most skilled as a Black Phantom Slayer at the top of the Nexus in the Patheon Room. I've slowed down my play because I want more people to get in the 200 soul level range. Getting a Platinum in this game required time and dedication on my part; however, there was a great sense of satisfaction that I got in doing so. D@mn Pure Chunkstones!!! Lol ;-)
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Tex117  +   2151d ago
This game is my personal game GOTY, and probably my favorite of this generation so far.

Don't get me wrong, I loved UC2, but this game got in my head like few have since the SNES days.
Gago  +   2151d ago
I looked everywhere in town to get a copy, they were all gone : (
obviously this game would have sold more if atlus wasn't so stupid
Rip-Ridah  +   2151d ago
@ Gago...
See comment 12.2.
madjedi  +   2151d ago
keep trying
@15 clearly a dumbass that doesn't know that atlus always releases games in small or limited runs, buy online, if local shops don't have it, why don't they just release the na in europe but they probably have language requirements.

People need to understand this is not sony, ea or activision releasing the game atlus can't afford or won't make 1 million copies to fill the demand, they will probably do a 200 or 300 thousand run and wait and see how the demand is.

Even it being a kickass game, it's a very niche title in a smaller genre, almost everyone and their dog can get into shooters, rpgs don't have the same draw for whatever reason as shooters with the bulk of gamers.
Gago  +   2151d ago

wtf are you talking about?

Atlus themselves said they made a poor judgment in expected sales and said they would immediately ship more units.
ps3rulz  +   2151d ago
I managed to pick this bad boy up only £25 (us ver) from my local indie games shop yesterday, have to say its one of best games iv played this year.
Hard as f*** tho.
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bullaaaa  +   2151d ago
Wait till you get to 4-2.
Socomer 1979  +   2151d ago
Demons souls slayer over here!
Nice to know we are a 100,000 deep & growing.
Rocco Siffredi  +   2151d ago
i must laugh.
nycredude  +   2151d ago
You will really laugh if you ever get over yourself and play this game and realize how stupid were that you posted this comment. This game is freaking great! Try it and then thank me later.
bullaaaa  +   2151d ago
For those saying Demon's Souls has no story
The story is minimal, but it is very adult in its presentation. Yes, the grand story is about an evil Old One taking over the world little by little. But what's fantastic is that there are many NPCs around and if you talk to them, they will tell you about specific people in specific worlds. When you play that world, you will encounter a legendary hero's soul and besides that hero there is armor or weapon belonging to him, which really drives home the fantastic presentation of story. Other places, you read about a weapon belonging to so and so legendary person. When you finally do encounter that weapon, you will see a dead body with a legendary soul. There are tons of these instances, and really make you feel like you achieved something very big.

Also, Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland's encounter made me such a sad panda.

In short, the parts are greater than the sum.
Grandreaper9999  +   2151d ago
You said it right man.

I found that encountering bloodstains and dead hero/soldiers with their souls lying next to them really complemented each other. Even though these two things are separate, the placements of the bodies and the presence of the other player's bloodstains made everything feel really unified and made so much sense.

There's one very clear message present in DS, and it's always: "Do NOT end up like THIS guy."
DaTruth  +   2150d ago
I like when your boy in the Nexus starts going downhill and you can see him getting worse with every conversation. Then one day you find a renowned hero's soul sitting in his place.
Socomer 1979  +   2151d ago
dam! Ive got over 90 hours clocked in & ...
Early on when I went to stonefang and saw that creature just sitting by the fire I quickly murdered him not knowing he was a merchant.
he is never coming back is he?

Also, just last night in the nexus the guy who sits there all tired and going crazy apparently has died on his own and left me a storied soul... his soul to cash in. maybe i killed him by mistake because i usually practice with weapons in the nexus circle.

whatever, i got my quality dagger, my secret dagger, my dragaon sword and my schmitar and my knights shield. I dont need anyone.
bullaaaa  +   2151d ago
You're doing it wrong
Nexus circle is NOT the place to practice your moves, ever! Maiden in black moves around the place all the time. You will accidently hit the merchants, Stockpile thomas, the blue dude, biorr and Ostrava sitting on the bridge. What I suggest is going down the stairway where there are tons of messages, and practice your moves there.

Also, you killed the filthy man :( Sadly, he won't appear until your next playthrough. It happened to me as well. I was probably chasing some gecko or fighting someone when I accidently destroyed the poor filthy man. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my profile got corrupted soon after and I restarted from beginning. Filthy dude was back.

Finally, you haven't played the game proper until you get to swing the mighty Meat Cleaver ;)
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frostypants  +   2151d ago
@19.1: That whiny guy in the Nexus will kill himself if you speak to him excessively. As far as I can tell you don't see it happen...he'll just be gone when you come back (with the soul you mentioned sitting there). Same thing happened to me. I don't think he plays any meaningful role in the game.
#20.2 (Edited 2151d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rocco Siffredi  +   2151d ago
hell.. i just wanted to laugh, wheres your problem, lol.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2150d ago
"where is your problem?"
It seems to be posted right below your post.
xabmol  +   2151d ago
Every GameStop within a 4 hour drive from me was sold out (according to 3 GSs) and I see more people on my friends list playing DS than MW2. Not too shabby, me thinks.
corywebb93  +   2151d ago
According to sony Owners logic this game is a flop
U-asked-for-it  +   2151d ago
" According to sony Owners logic this game is a flop "
who's logic was that again ? let me remind you bot

" teh ODLC sold 2 million in 2 dayz,Sony's exclusives couldn't sell that much . dis means it's de flop " <-- the usual bots argument

speaking of sales how's Forza 3 doing ?
Feral Gamer  +   2151d ago
With all the kick ass reviews I was hoping it would sell more copies. I didn't have any trouble finding copies in Minneapolis.
raztad  +   2151d ago
Uc2 comes to mind, with a 96/100 it sold barely 500+K in NA (2 weeks). On the other hand MW2 did more than 1 m (just the PS3 version) in day one. That speak volumes. DS genre is not helping much though, challenging as hell dark Action RPG translate in niche and knowing Atlus the recurrent shortages are product of low supplies.
Bumpmapping  +   2151d ago
Bots couldn't handle a game like Demon's Souls.
Socomer 1979  +   2151d ago
ATLUS purposely sent out a small shipment.
I hope Demons souls wins RPG Game of the Year!
That Dragons Age Origins Game looks like Crap!
Demons Souls DID what Fable 2 was promised to do.
IVe put 90 hours into this game and im not even a RPG player.
I just like the sounds of demons and people dieing when i stab them with my dagger.
hatchimatchi  +   2150d ago
i think that's the thing that most people are forgetting.

Atlus didn't send out millions upon millions of copies. I really doubt that there are even a million copies of this game in circulation in North America. This game sold well for how little advertising it had and it's a game that definitely strays away from the typical type of game most studios put out these days. I'm sure Atlus is very pleased with the results, and it's good too cause this sends a message to studios that there is an audience on console gaming that want games like Demon's Souls.

This is a game that people will still be talking about and playing 10 years from now.
gololo  +   2151d ago
i gotta say this game took me by surprise....i bought it and i havent put it down...i havent even finished uncharted2's sp since ive been throwing sooo many hrs into DS...this game is simply awesome, the whole soul form, and mp gameplay (man i love when ppl invade my world) is just something that i havent seen, even the messaging/hints/death replay system is freaking awesome...im about to finish my 1st play....and looking forward to start again...btw do i keep my weapons/stats in the 2nd play through?
frostypants  +   2151d ago
Yes, in NG+ you get to keep everything...even all the stuff you left with the stock keeper in the Nexus will still be there. So if you're having trouble finding stones for weapons, remember that you'll be able to re-gather all of them in the new game in addition to what you already have.

Beware though, in the second go-round the enemies do a LOT more damage.
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Morituri  +   2151d ago
My 60 gig died. I can't copy my save over to an external source.
DS is the only file I really care about. 90+ hours might be gone forever.

Maybe one of you can help: When my 60 gig died, I had a 500 gig HD in there - it has all my saves. I'm getting the ps3 repaired by Sony and I didn't want them to reformat this drive, so I put the original 60 gig HD it came with back in there before I shipped it out. When it comes back, if I put back that 500 gig HD in there will it just pick up where it left off, or will it treat the old hard drive as a new one and try to format it?
Justin_bristoe  +   2151d ago
i gotta get this game now!
Killman  +   2151d ago
Its great to see games that go beyond the playing field to provide a unique and challenging experience. Its also great to see those games get the sales that they deserve.
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