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Xbox Mods Unequipped for Ban Backlash

Koku Gamer writes: "Moderators over at the Xbox Forums seem to be unable to cope with Microsoft's recent banning spree as users complain about console bans.

Numerous posts regarding the console ban on the Account Suspensions and Player Feedback forum remain unanswered by mods. Those that have got replies are full of identikit responses from mods, with the most common one being:" (Culture)

mau64  +   1899d ago
just don't mod your xbox...
Fullish  +   1899d ago
But think of all the homebrew you'll miss out on! ...
Elven6  +   1899d ago
PC is the best place for Homebrew. ;P

On topic, even before they would only respond to some of the questions, unless it was something worth responding to (aka an honest question and not "I know I modded my console but maybe I can trick these chumps").
Ziriux  +   1899d ago
@ Elven

Exactly, most of them think they can trick a mod into letting them back in, but at the same time it sucks having to buy a new console just to get online.
Parapraxis  +   1899d ago
mau64, and if somebody didn't mod or open their XBOX and are banned, what then?
Ziriux  +   1899d ago
No on accidentally get's banned when it comes to modding software or hardware trust me.
Elven6  +   1899d ago
You could be banned for fraud, using "key gens" (for points, live subscriptions), etc. There are plenty of reasons for being banned other than modding your console. In some cases if someone is using your account and they do something to get you banned they say it's your account hence your responsibilty to police what happens.

There are also times when someone may be wrongfully banned.
Raf1k1  +   1899d ago
I feel bad for anyone who unknowingly bought a second hand modded Xbox that got banned.

edit: Everyone else deserves the ban and have no right to complain about it.
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JokesOnYou  +   1899d ago
If you are 100% sure you or someone else hasn't modded your console, or any other procedure(taking it apart ever) then its simple, sue microsoft, take your un-modded console with the SAME serial number, gamertag id that micro banned to court(don't try to buy a brand new 360 and switch out the HDD, they'll know) and win a huge lawsuit against microsoft...somehow I don't think many will do this, theres plenty of modders complaining about the bann or otherwise looking for sympathy with no ground to stand on.

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BRG9000  +   1899d ago
If it's someone accessing your account from another Xbox, then your console shouldn't be banned. If it's someone using your Xbox, you should be keeping them accountable for what they do on your Xbox, or holding them responsible to get you a new one if they get yours banned.

Only in the most outlandish situations would you be in the right here... maybe someone broke into your house and used a key gen on your Xbox? Then you probably have bigger issues to deal with than a banned Xbox.
Saaking  +   1899d ago
They should only ban pirates. This is just a lame excuse to make those people buy another 360 and increase sales. Why ban someone who fixed their console that YOU made TERRIBLY? Just ban the damn pirates and leave everyone else alone. MS is just a disgusting company.
ambientFLIER  +   1899d ago
I wish you remained in the open zone...
Malacath  +   1898d ago
They make a loss on every console sold. So they haven't done this just to increase sales.

In fact I blame all you pirate scum for the fact that games are so expensive.

Games can cost millions to make. And because of the scum stealing the games they have to raise the prices to get the money back.
cb810  +   1899d ago
Poor moderators. I just feel awful for them.
Double Toasted  +   1899d ago
Those folks are going through withdrawl...
thats all, I feel for them...just when MW2 came out too....DAYYYUUUUMMM!!!!
Campy da Camper  +   1899d ago
that's why they did it...
They knew the COD addicts would freak out and rush to buy an Arcade. And they are....
ReBurn  +   1898d ago
Then everyone except the modders win! Score!
thematrix1298  +   1899d ago
epic fail once again Microsoft...so first
1) you release a half tested product
2) your console is infected with problems http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
3) Your security is hacked, enabled gamers to play burned games
4) You realize there is a problem so you ban who 'may' have modded?
Rocco Siffredi  +   1899d ago
the only half tested product infected with problems is the PS3, getting patches for nearly every game.

YOu = epic fail not MS by banning the modders and pirates.
Double Toasted  +   1899d ago
MS must've been your first love...
its ok...
nycredude  +   1899d ago

Yeah whatever helps you sleep at night.

To all those banned F*&k MS come to the dark side. Ps3 "It only does everything", except RROD, and charge you extra for everything, and make you wait 9 months for a good exclusive.
GarandShooter  +   1899d ago
Rocco, you have got to be able to do better than that. How the hell is a SOFTWARE patch caused by the HARDWARE?

Matrix is obviously referring to MS's rush to beat the competition to release and the documented problems that exist in reality, such as RRoD, E74, etc.

Yeah, it's old news, but it is what it is.
Noob  +   1899d ago
"getting patches for nearly every game."
Same could be said for 360. I haven't played a game on it that didn't ask me to update it. I'm not sure what makes people think this only happens with PS3.
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Roper316  +   1898d ago
@ Rocco at least PS3 owners get their patches & play their games for free unlike you who have to pay 50 bucks a year to get & play yours.
ReBurn  +   1898d ago
I don't remember having to pay anything extra to get patches and play games on the 360. What kind of fee are you talking about?
Subzero200x  +   1899d ago
that's what they get for cheating
thematrix1298  +   1899d ago
Did you even bother reading the article? There are people that got banned for no reason.
GarandShooter  +   1899d ago
Correction. There are people who CLAIM they got banned for no reason. Koku presented zero evidence other than 'this guy sounds innocent' one way or the other.
ReBurn  +   1898d ago
Prisons are full of people who would tell you that they're innocent. All you have to do is ask them.
jack who  +   1899d ago
your ban your ban your ban your ban your ban your ban your ban your ban oh ya you too
PeptoBismol  +   1899d ago
re re re re re re

AuToFiRE  +   1898d ago
this is all part of microshafts scheme, they ban millions, even if half of them buy another console thats $100,000,000 income for microsoft at the $200 price point, they dont care if they ban innocent people, they just like to kick puppies so to speak

but hey, they need all that money after their RRoD blunder..
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NecrumSlavery  +   1899d ago
Well it's complete bullsquat
xoxideu  +   1899d ago
I wonder if m$ wil ban more innocent people?
Godmars290  +   1899d ago
The thing is, if MS is going to do things like this and include people who have modded their consoles just to make them run cooler, they need to speak out against people who are customizing the outer shells and are likely doing other modding as well.
PoisonedTea  +   1899d ago
How on earth can MS ban an XBOX if all you've done is add a separate cooler? How can they actually tell? Do they have a little camera built into the centre circle of the four rings, lol? I'm shocked and saddened for the genuine people who've not done anything illegal but still find themselves on the end of a banning.
dragonelite  +   1899d ago
Maybe the systems checks the part and doesnt warn the user.
Like you could make a cheaper 120gig hdd but it will only work if you got a original 120gig hdd serialcode to put on the cheaper hdd and you can only use one of them.

If microsoft just went with hdd dvd or blu ray we wouldnt have this problem downloading 15~50gig isnt anything many people can do the global bandwidth isnt ready for it. Thats why the ps 3 isnt hacked yet.
No demand because not many people use bluray burners yet and have the bandwidth to download a bluray game. Only way i can think of how to do it on ps 3 is to see how many times and how those titels are stored on a bluray so you can copy the game and let a program burn it on bluray
ambientFLIER  +   1899d ago

Probably by the voltage.
rjgbyrne  +   1899d ago
MS have good evidence if they are banning, they are not stupid...
If you are unfairly banned then you are in essence being defamed, European law and international law would see this as a great legal case against MS, in fact I am so sure they would have enough evidence or people would be lining up to get a piece of them. If anyone is not-guilty then they need to either work with MS or sue the living be-jaysus out of them and Consumer Affairs as well as a class action lawsuit would be a walk in the park, regardless of the Terms or Agreement they can tell from activity and continuous encryption on new games if someone is using their xbox to do anything other than what it is intended to do. Also, the hard drives all have digital fingerprints of activity in their unseen sectors. If you got a modded xbox from a reputable dealer and it has been modded, sue MS, let them sue the retailer, after all banning has been initiated by MS. On a final note, as someone in the industry I can happily say fair play to MS sticking up for all the developers and games creators by doing this. The cheaters shouldn't be 'faking' gamescores either. Honest gamers are being protected too. I own over 40 Xbox games, all genuine and I love playing my xbox. Sony should start doing the same, and Nintendo if they can. MS is in a much better position to combat this than Sony and Nintendo but they all should follow suit.
BRG9000  +   1899d ago
Argh double post.
harrisk954  +   1899d ago
What's that I smell? Hmmmm, I know that smell... It's another class action on the way!
voigt  +   1899d ago
It seems to me that all Microsoft is doing this to line their pockets with our cash. No one is going to buy a used 360 and all the banned people are going to have to either buy a PS3 and all new games (probably not cost effective) or a new 360. Get out while you still can.
ReBurn  +   1898d ago
Nobody's forcing anyone to buy anything. What are you on about?
lizard81288  +   1899d ago
now sony WILL NEVER catch up to M$ sales
since they are going to sell 1 million extra units in the weeks to come!

rwallace  +   1898d ago
Way to Go MS
All Bans have been earned in one form or another. No one was banned that didn't deserve it. There is no reason to reason or try to answer questions with people that have been banned. The ban and the meail that accompanies should be reason enough. Guess what? You were caught, now tae the punishment instead of crying about it.
artsaber  +   1898d ago
Microsoft wastes the energy to read the voltage from a correctly running 360 due to a mod.
But they can't build a correctly functioning 360 console out of the box. Does anyone other than me find this STRANGE? They can remotely read your 360 voltage from afar, but cannot incorporate their OWN f*cking web browser into the 360? Nobody sees anything wrong with this?

Well, I know my 360 isn't banned, nor shall it be. I haven't played it in months, and I replaced it a few days ago with a new 250GB Slim PS3(thanks Netflix)... my 360 has returned to the cardboard coffin it came in, back to the closet.
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N2NOther  +   1898d ago
Modders should be banned. I think it's fantastic.
orange-skittle  +   1898d ago
@ Malacath
Are you that ignorant or is it that you just don't bother to read? The 360 hasn't lost money on the console in 2.5 years. Why do you think they can afford to sell the arcade for $200. They lost a bunch of money when they extended the warranty because of the RRoD, but that's it. Sony is still losing money and that's why they dumbed down the PS3 Slim.
Drithe  +   1898d ago
Cheaters. LOL. I hope they dont come over to PSN.

End of Line.

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