PSN Cards to hit Japan Next Week

Sony's been teasing us with the prospect of PlayStation Network prepaid cards for over a year now, but the agonizing wait for prepaid digital money is finally over. Starting next Wednesday, Japanese gamers will be able to purchase PSN cards at some 52,000 retail outlets nationwide making credit card purchases a thing of the past.

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Phantom_Lee4131d ago

I wonder when do we get it..

Blasphemy4131d ago

same i want to use it to buy the resistance map packs. then again i may just use my credit card anyway.

Lord Anubis4131d ago

ah very nice. I have my card on my PSN account. Great alternatives for those that don't have cred/debit cards or are too young to own one.

OTACON4131d ago

It reminds me that the Microsoft Points :)

kornbeaner4131d ago

but unlike MS points, the cards are loaded with real money, so you exactly how much is left on the card.