PlayStation Store Thursday Update

It's Thursday, and that means more content has been added to the PlayStation Store, including the classic arcade racer, Championship Sprint.

Championship Sprint is an old school arcade game which challenges players to "put their pedals to the metal and race to the finish line in this nostalgic racing game. Choose from a multitude of different tracks and be the first to make it to the finish line while avoiding oil slicks, water spots and more!" The game will set you back $4.99 (US).

Additional content are also made available today, making for an all-around great Thursday. Ridge Racer 7 will be receiving some add-on content in the form of new special events, decals, and beats to accompany the drift racing experience. Prices for this content will vary, so pay close attention before you download. On top of that, new tutorial videos for the upcoming MLB '07 The Show showcase the game's exclusive modes of play including Road to The Show, the new Pitching System, and Umpire Personalities. Finally, the latest theatrical trailers for Hot Rod and Ratatouille are also downloadable starting today. The trailers and tutorial video are all available free of charge.

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kingofps34216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Hold on I will check.

Edit: Nope (6:30 NA EST).

PlayStation3604216d ago

8:55am in Tokyo.....hang in there bro. They may have it later on today. Atleast I HOPE they do.

Kleptic4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Come on...First they delay the Resistance stuff till next week...and we get another old arcade game...where is the Lair Demo, or heavenly sword demo, or anything...and why not add a ton of ps1 games...they have had the same couple ps1 games since March...The system updates have been great...the PS store's updates have been dry since Calling all cars, which was weeks ago...


TruthHurts4216d ago

i want the HS demo, they`ve had a playable demo since e3 06, give it to us already. it`s kinda startin to piss me off.
Come on Sony.

techie4216d ago

Heavenly Sword demo? Are you crazy? They are working on it, but it's not eh one from E3 lol. it has to be near finished game code. I'd expect people to understand this. It takes a lot to make a demo and often takes away from making the actual game. Thankfully Ninja Theoy arent working on the demo, SCE Cambridge is.

TruthHurts4216d ago

"Thankfully Ninja Theoy arent working on the demo, SCE Cambridge is"
that`s why we should get it now. or have it already.
in my opinion, but i know what your sayin.
i say the same thing, gamers are too impatient, nowadays.

techie4216d ago

they are working on it. It has to be perfect, and it also has to be released at the right time. I doubt it will be an arena demo either.

You CANNOT give a demo to people if you don't know when the game is coming out, PLUS you can't give it to people too soon as basically the hype dies down from playing the demo....and it doesn't keep the momentum.

Think like a company and you will know when the demo is coming.

TruthHurts4216d ago

your right on the business side of it.but fir the fans they need to release something really really good. yeah, a non arena demo would be cool. I`m pretty sure it comin on sept 4th isn`t it. and Yes the demo must be perfect.

kingofps34216d ago

I'd say the Heavenly Sword demo is coming less than 3 weeks before the release of the final game (The release date of the game is anyone's guess).

techie4216d ago

ps. Truth Hurts your painting yourself into a corner with a picture of hardware. Why not have a picture of your favorite playstation game instead? It's all about the games right?

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XxZxX4216d ago

Free content for Ridge racer 7?? Yippee i will take anything that is free. Kudos to Sony and Namco bandai.

kamisama4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

i have to wait till june 11th to get online with my ps3 this sucks i want to try out some of the demos get calling all cars and pwn some ppl in resistance.

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