Modern Warfare 2 sells 4.7 million day one

Activision has announced that Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the biggest launch in history across all forms of entertainment, with estimated sell-through sales of $310 million in North America and the UK alone in the first 24 hours.

In its first day the game sold approximately 4.7 million copies in North America and the UK, according to internal Activision estimates.

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Chris3993112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

But it seems that they were right.

Oh, well, even PATCHER get's one occasionally.

iron_sheik3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

which is outrageous
the original number is 4.7m for na and uk combined
as for numbers from other territories we havent known anything as of yet .
also there are like 2m people on psn leaderboards vs 2.65m on x360. so nothing is concrete . even these 4.7m could well be the shipped numbers

StanLee3112d ago

There are always criticisms level at VGChartz and it's a bit unfair. The fact is, they do a great job of trying to accurately track global sales. It's not an exact science and their margin of error is usually small. Even NPD, Chart Tracks and Media Create aren't entirely accurate as they exclude a number of retailers.

3112d ago
Limited_Vertigo3112d ago

Took 5hours to download and 5hours to beat.

Took 16 seconds to uninstall.

Tinted Eyes3112d ago

Looks like Vgchartz was wrong..........again.

itisa3112d ago

This why game developers prefer xbox over ps3.

Since they can sell everything regardless of quality.

Noctis Aftermath3112d ago

@Time Lord: bravo sir your post just made my day +bubs.

bmw693112d ago

Can't you people read??

4.7 million is in the North America + UK only.

Read the VGChartz article:

"VGChartz preliminary day one figures puts the sales to date (including the midnight launches) at over 7 million copies worldwide across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Around 55% of sales are on Xbox 360, 33% on PS3 and the remaining 12% on PC. In terms of regional breakdowns, over 4.2 million units were sold in the Americas (3.7 million USA), 1.2 million in the UK and 350,000 each in France and Germany."

North America sits somewhere between the USA and the Americas so VGChartz estimates for the same regions are somewhere between 4.9 and 5.4 million - I'd hardly call that a mile off, especially considering that these figures from Activision are estimates as well.

Ju3112d ago

"This why game developers prefer xbox over ps3"

...and proves how wrong they are when they eventually figure out that the "PS3 online community" is actually bigger then they thought - proven by their totally incompetence to set up their server infrastructure right.

I wouldn't be surprised, after we'll get real data in, if (or maybe when) we will see, that the PS3 numbers are far closer to the 360s then everybody expected.

commodore643112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

@ bmw69

Absolutely spot on, my good man!

4.7 million on DAY ONE in just NA and UK?
That's freaking mindblowing!

Hutch23553112d ago

VGchartz is just a 12 year old kid who just sits in his basement and guesses, he said so on neogaff, buh buh buh he a fanboy, he don't no nothin. buh buh I know software companies use his guesses in reports, buh buh buh. lol

Strikepackage Bravo3112d ago

95% of those sales were on Xbox 360.

DelbertGrady3112d ago

That explains why Sony are so tightlipped about user activity on PSN.

It also explains why most PS3 games that have been out for more than 3 months are impossible to play online due to the lack of activity.

The fact that around 2% of the PSN community use headsets also makes COD MW 2 on the PS3 extra appealing.

PSN > XBL any day.

Sub4Dis3112d ago

gaming is the new movie industry. no matter how horrible a company is, and how mundane and repetitive their game series are, you people will keep throwing money at them. just like the launch of the spiderman movies. TERRRRRRIBLE movies, each one exponentially worse than the previous, and more and more ppl paid to see that trash. just goes to show how dumbed down our society is becoming.

Pretty soon movies and games will all be 10 minutes long and be one giant CG explosion, and i'll be hearing about how they deserve GOTY and are breaking world-wide sales records.

droid and bot3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


you can find numbers of players/games on the game's webiste

Sony dose not add them all in one website
but go to socom or killzone2 or any other game's website
and you'll find all what you want in there

if sony don't want to show those things
they wont allow those numbers to be on those websites (which sony owns)

saying that PSN got a lack of activity
shows how much of an ignorant fanboy you are

XxZxX3112d ago

they were right? Two million off is not right at all. That's a huge off.

3112d ago
cyberwaffles3112d ago

sheep makes the "bah bah" sound.

mint royale3111d ago

Vgchartz said 4.9 million for UK+US so well done them! Almost completely right.

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Chrysis3112d ago

4.7 million is staggering! I'd love to hear how much revenue in generated for retailers compared to say GTAIV considering that MW2 had its price slashed by over 50% by the major supermarkets.

Why o why3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

i think they said 2 days to be fair though.....still a guestimate but they're going on like they aren't guessing


even a broken clock is right twice a day

Halo3 MLG Pro3112d ago

This game is RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!! The multiplayer is action packed. Definitely deserves the high sales.

Currently in the top 100 in kills :D

iron_sheik3112d ago

i ranked 1.9m on the PSN board which is like 1/2m above the lowest

Limited_Vertigo3112d ago

Gotta love average gameplay geared towards console FPS gamers. 9 vs 9 FTL

Rowsdower3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

being thrown at this game is useless and childish

everyone i know personally who talked smack about this game still purchased or pirated it.

i purchased it and I'm enjoying it, its a fun game

if you want more than that then perhaps gaming is the wrong hobby

if you expect innovation all the time then you will be disappointed all the time

@limited below:

are you talking about the PC version, or were their changes to the console version you did not like? I just reread your post "geared at console gamers", i see. Your a PC gamer or as their known in the elven wood "the abandoned ones". I'm sorry piracy was used as the reason/excuse to remove elements that you are used to. With all sincerity I say this. each platform has its particular strengths, the pc's strengths were neutered in the pc version.

the times are a changing

there is always BF BC2, the first one was fun

Limited_Vertigo3112d ago

Whose asking for innovation? How about a simple do the same damn thing as before. Instead we get restrictions all over the place with MW2.

Venatus-Deus3112d ago

Err... no.

You spend wayyyyy to much time on this site commenting on all the different stories to be in the top 100 out of a few million people.

I smell Bullsh*t!!!!! Just like the MLG pro stuff. You wish you were...

elcompa4253112d ago

Regardless..the game was alright. Yes, alright. I rented it, and it was a good thing that I did, so I wouldn't be one of the 4.7 million(rough estimate) people who bought it. Mind you, I rented it for free too!!


Yes. I'm off topic. Sue me.

cyberwaffles3111d ago

lol like it's hard to get kills in MW2. i just watched a video of a guy named maxmillian or something like that, and he got a 26 kill streak in less than four minutes on headquarters. that's averaging 6.5 kills a minute without dying. if you think about it, it takes about a minute alone once the match starts and you're able to get at least a 3 kill streak.

gameraxis3111d ago

finally we agree on something... regardless what people are saying, this game is an improvement over the first on in EVERY way... the multiplayer in its entirety is miles ahead of the first, the single player was pretty epic, AND the spec ops is a FREAKING BLAST to play with a buddy next to you or across the river... just bite the bullet and GET THIS GAME!

last night i had a 38 and 7 KD, 17 and 1 KD and a 28 and 3 KD... i don't know why but I'm so much better than i was at the first MW. Now that the online for the ps3 is working its all i want to play, its INSANE!!!

i got 4 killsin a row, got my predator missile, for another 3, then in came my harrier for another 12 kills! which can u guess it? opens up the GUNSHIP BABY!!! lol


Knghtz3111d ago

If it's easy to get kills and killstreaks shouldn't it be easy for everyone then?

I don't think what you said made much sense...

cyberwaffles3110d ago

i just noticed part of my comment was cut off, but the reason everyone is getting those killstreaks is because 1) some of the sh!ttiest players are on the MW2 hype train and 2)because those guys who are getting those huge kill streaks are campers or a little bit more experienced than most people on the game.

i guess the game is balanced out since there are so many bad players in COD. they eventually get good though.

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kraze073112d ago

Still pissed at how the PC version was gimped and was $10 more expensive then it should've been.