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Modern Warfare 2 sells 4.7 million day one

Activision has announced that Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the biggest launch in history across all forms of entertainment, with estimated sell-through sales of $310 million in North America and the UK alone in the first 24 hours.

In its first day the game sold approximately 4.7 million copies in North America and the UK, according to internal Activision estimates. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Chris399  +   2122d ago
Omg, I originally said something smarmy about Vgchartz.
But it seems that they were right.

Oh, well, even PATCHER get's one occasionally.
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iron_sheik  +   2122d ago
vgsheetzzz said it was 7m wordlwide which was a wild guess
which is outrageous
the original number is 4.7m for na and uk combined
as for numbers from other territories we havent known anything as of yet .
also there are like 2m people on psn leaderboards vs 2.65m on x360. so nothing is concrete . even these 4.7m could well be the shipped numbers
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StanLee  +   2122d ago
There are always criticisms level at VGChartz and it's a bit unfair. The fact is, they do a great job of trying to accurately track global sales. It's not an exact science and their margin of error is usually small. Even NPD, Chart Tracks and Media Create aren't entirely accurate as they exclude a number of retailers.
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Limited_Vertigo  +   2122d ago
Took 5hours to download and 5hours to beat.

Took 16 seconds to uninstall.
Tinted Eyes  +   2122d ago
Looks like Vgchartz was wrong..........again.
itisa  +   2122d ago
This why game developers prefer xbox over ps3.

Since they can sell everything regardless of quality.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2122d ago
@Time Lord: bravo sir your post just made my day +bubs.
bmw69  +   2122d ago
Can't you people read??

4.7 million is in the North America + UK only.

Read the VGChartz article:

"VGChartz preliminary day one figures puts the sales to date (including the midnight launches) at over 7 million copies worldwide across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Around 55% of sales are on Xbox 360, 33% on PS3 and the remaining 12% on PC. In terms of regional breakdowns, over 4.2 million units were sold in the Americas (3.7 million USA), 1.2 million in the UK and 350,000 each in France and Germany."

North America sits somewhere between the USA and the Americas so VGChartz estimates for the same regions are somewhere between 4.9 and 5.4 million - I'd hardly call that a mile off, especially considering that these figures from Activision are estimates as well.
Ju  +   2122d ago
"This why game developers prefer xbox over ps3"

...and proves how wrong they are when they eventually figure out that the "PS3 online community" is actually bigger then they thought - proven by their totally incompetence to set up their server infrastructure right.

I wouldn't be surprised, after we'll get real data in, if (or maybe when) we will see, that the PS3 numbers are far closer to the 360s then everybody expected.
commodore64  +   2122d ago
@ bmw69

Absolutely spot on, my good man!

4.7 million on DAY ONE in just NA and UK?
That's freaking mindblowing!
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Hutch2355  +   2122d ago
buh buh buh bbb
VGchartz is just a 12 year old kid who just sits in his basement and guesses, he said so on neogaff, buh buh buh he a fanboy, he don't no nothin. buh buh I know software companies use his guesses in reports, buh buh buh. lol
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2121d ago
Let me guess
95% of those sales were on Xbox 360.
DelbertGrady  +   2121d ago
That explains why Sony are so tightlipped about user activity on PSN.

It also explains why most PS3 games that have been out for more than 3 months are impossible to play online due to the lack of activity.

The fact that around 2% of the PSN community use headsets also makes COD MW 2 on the PS3 extra appealing.

PSN > XBL any day.
Sub4Dis  +   2121d ago
gaming is the new movie industry. no matter how horrible a company is, and how mundane and repetitive their game series are, you people will keep throwing money at them. just like the launch of the spiderman movies. TERRRRRRIBLE movies, each one exponentially worse than the previous, and more and more ppl paid to see that trash. just goes to show how dumbed down our society is becoming.

Pretty soon movies and games will all be 10 minutes long and be one giant CG explosion, and i'll be hearing about how they deserve GOTY and are breaking world-wide sales records.
droid and bot  +   2121d ago

you can find numbers of players/games on the game's webiste

Sony dose not add them all in one website
but go to socom or killzone2 or any other game's website
and you'll find all what you want in there

if sony don't want to show those things
they wont allow those numbers to be on those websites (which sony owns)

saying that PSN got a lack of activity
shows how much of an ignorant fanboy you are
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XxZxX  +   2121d ago
they were right? Two million off is not right at all. That's a huge off.
teraclusterx   2121d ago | Spam
cyberwaffles  +   2121d ago
sheep makes the "bah bah" sound.
mint royale  +   2121d ago
Vgchartz said 4.9 million for UK+US so well done them! Almost completely right.
Chrysis  +   2122d ago
4.7 million is staggering! I'd love to hear how much revenue in generated for retailers compared to say GTAIV considering that MW2 had its price slashed by over 50% by the major supermarkets.
Why o why  +   2122d ago
vg chartz
i think they said 2 days to be fair though.....still a guestimate but they're going on like they aren't guessing


even a broken clock is right twice a day
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Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2122d ago
This game is RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!! The multiplayer is action packed. Definitely deserves the high sales.

Currently in the top 100 in kills :D
iron_sheik  +   2122d ago
you are an awesome fps player
i ranked 1.9m on the PSN board which is like 1/2m above the lowest
Limited_Vertigo  +   2122d ago
Gotta love average gameplay geared towards console FPS gamers. 9 vs 9 FTL
Rowsdower  +   2122d ago
all the hate
being thrown at this game is useless and childish

everyone i know personally who talked smack about this game still purchased or pirated it.

i purchased it and I'm enjoying it, its a fun game

if you want more than that then perhaps gaming is the wrong hobby

if you expect innovation all the time then you will be disappointed all the time

@limited below:

are you talking about the PC version, or were their changes to the console version you did not like? I just reread your post "geared at console gamers", i see. Your a PC gamer or as their known in the elven wood "the abandoned ones". I'm sorry piracy was used as the reason/excuse to remove elements that you are used to. With all sincerity I say this. each platform has its particular strengths, the pc's strengths were neutered in the pc version.

the times are a changing

there is always BF BC2, the first one was fun
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Limited_Vertigo  +   2122d ago
Whose asking for innovation? How about a simple do the same damn thing as before. Instead we get restrictions all over the place with MW2.
Venatus-Deus  +   2122d ago
Currently in the top 100 in kills :D
Err... no.

You spend wayyyyy to much time on this site commenting on all the different stories to be in the top 100 out of a few million people.

I smell Bullsh*t!!!!! Just like the MLG pro stuff. You wish you were...
elcompa425  +   2121d ago
You can go change your underwear now...
Regardless..the game was alright. Yes, alright. I rented it, and it was a good thing that I did, so I wouldn't be one of the 4.7 million(rough estimate) people who bought it. Mind you, I rented it for free too!!


Yes. I'm off topic. Sue me.
cyberwaffles  +   2121d ago
lol like it's hard to get kills in MW2. i just watched a video of a guy named maxmillian or something like that, and he got a 26 kill streak in less than four minutes on headquarters. that's averaging 6.5 kills a minute without dying. if you think about it, it takes about a minute alone once the match starts and you're able to get at least a 3 kill streak.
gameraxis  +   2121d ago
finally we agree on something... regardless what people are saying, this game is an improvement over the first on in EVERY way... the multiplayer in its entirety is miles ahead of the first, the single player was pretty epic, AND the spec ops is a FREAKING BLAST to play with a buddy next to you or across the river... just bite the bullet and GET THIS GAME!

last night i had a 38 and 7 KD, 17 and 1 KD and a 28 and 3 KD... i don't know why but I'm so much better than i was at the first MW. Now that the online for the ps3 is working its all i want to play, its INSANE!!!

i got 4 killsin a row, got my predator missile, for another 3, then in came my harrier for another 12 kills! which can u guess it? opens up the GUNSHIP BABY!!! lol

Knghtz  +   2121d ago
If it's easy to get kills and killstreaks shouldn't it be easy for everyone then?

I don't think what you said made much sense...
cyberwaffles  +   2120d ago
i just noticed part of my comment was cut off, but the reason everyone is getting those killstreaks is because 1) some of the sh!ttiest players are on the MW2 hype train and 2)because those guys who are getting those huge kill streaks are campers or a little bit more experienced than most people on the game.

i guess the game is balanced out since there are so many bad players in COD. they eventually get good though.
kraze07  +   2122d ago
Congrats Modern Warfare 2
Still pissed at how the PC version was gimped and was $10 more expensive then it should've been.
redsquad  +   2122d ago
Am I surprised? Of course not.

Am I slightly saddened that far better games get overlooked for things like this? Of course.
Ravage27  +   2122d ago
you are not alone...
lets hope this doesn't affect the sales of more deserving games too much
commodore64  +   2122d ago
Guys, that is a bit non-sensical.

Define what are these 'more deserving' games you refer to?
Who is to say what is or isn't more deserving?

In the end, 4.7 million consumers have voted on day one, with their wallets, for MW2.

Why would you purport to tell these 4.7 million day-one consumers that you have a claim on what is 'more deserving'?

Incidentally, I just noticed, comment 10.1 echoes these sentiments.
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patterson  +   2122d ago
4.7 million? Wow that's a lot of stupid people xD

(I expect a lot of disagrees of course. Have at it.)
MetalGearBear  +   2122d ago
most xbots buy a 3-4 hour story and online laggy.
epic failed!!!
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skeletonss  +   2122d ago
hey dephat
does the ps3 online work yet?

cause 360s worked fine out of the box
4point7BillionLoss  +   2122d ago
Sothe PS3 has lost sony a thousand times more dollars than copies of MW2 sold in a single day

PS: 4.69 million copies were xbox version ... the rest were PC

Infinity ward is currently giving away the PS3 version but no one would even wipe their arse with is ....
ZBlacktt  +   2121d ago
Yeah, I didn't even bother getting this game. I knew it was a map pack basically. But the 5 hour SP mode was a surprise. Talk about blink and it's over, lol.... Now BFBC2 has never looked so good! It will own the online war type games. Go on Craigslist now and see how many CODMW2's are for sell. Here, I looked last night and there are a TON! Even that cheap china sweatshop made Prestige Edition's. Just sad.
ambientFLIER  +   2121d ago

You'll feel dumb when you finally pick it up and realize how far from a map pack it really is. The MP blew my mind. No offense.
AliTheBrit19  +   2122d ago

Didn't I read somewhere it was 7 Million? 0.o
lindquist  +   2122d ago
That was for the whole world.

This article states that 4,7 million people in UK and NA bought it.
bmw69  +   2122d ago
America + UK doesn't equal the world.
Anoxida  +   2121d ago
Yes, it does.
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
WTH is a Japan?!?!?!
BubbleSystemSuck  +   2122d ago
you wont get what you want... im disagree but agree
Dirk Benedict  +   2122d ago
What I notice from all this is that the flopbox barely managed to outsell the PS3™ version with a "larger install base".
Guitardr85  +   2122d ago
Wow! I guess I'm the only person in the world NOT buying this game, loL! I mean come on...it's an FPS for crying out loud!!
Double Toasted  +   2122d ago
I'm sure your...
testimony will halt production\sarc.
Dark-vash  +   2122d ago
You are not the only one...
I didn't buy it either...
redsquad  +   2122d ago
No, I didn't buy it either (and don't plan to AT LEAST until a massive price cut - Even then I'm undecided).
I went back to the first game after a huge gap recently and found it seriously lacking. Guess KILLZONE 2 spoiled me...

But hey, the 'majority is always right' it seems, but in this case I can live quite happily with being 'wrong'.
Tavaras  +   2121d ago
@redsquad and all the haters
Ok... if you tell me that you don't like FPS's, then I could see why you would have no interest in MW2. But you just told me that you enjoy Killzone 2. My response to that is, "WTF!!" I can no longer take you, or anything you say, seriously anymore. You apparently LIKE shooters, that's why you play Killzone, right? If you would have said that you preferred Killzone, then that's your perrogative, but even though you prefer Killzone, I don't see any reason that someone who likes shooters would not be interested in the shiny new one who is getting BOTH critical and consumer acclaim. Please tell me, how someone that LIKES shooters, have NO interest in this game what so ever? There's a thin line between someone having a VALID opinion and someone who lashes out because they are full of hate... Stop being a Hater ya'll, you'll live longer...
raWfodog  +   2122d ago
This why developers keep pumping out these types of games...
Everyone is always crying about 'originality' and 'innovation' but there's no incentive for devs to stray far from the same formula when people keep snatching up these types of games. It's also why PC'ers got the shaft on the dedicated servers because IW and Activision knew that the consoles would more than make up for any PC boycott.

Don't get me wrong. I love COD4 (PS3) and I'm planning on getting this game also (for Xmas) but with millions of people voting with their dollars in this way, you can't be surprised when IW and Activision have no incentive to do things different.
redsquad  +   2122d ago
Even though I've been a PS3 owner since launch and love the performance it's delivered, I'm seriously worried that a game like HEAVY RAIN is going to fall hard simply because the public WANT to be spoon fed the same old thing, despite claiming otherwise.
Ju  +   2122d ago
True, that.

But at the same time, there is no reason to fight it. That's the way of the world.

Not everybody can have a real Picasso in his/her home. There is art and there is mass production. Both are legit, and its what it is.

As long as humanity can give birth to Picassos I have no problem that we get (copy-cat) "art" which the majority can afford as well.

Heavy Rain is definitively one of the first in that category.
raWfodog  +   2121d ago
Take a chance with innovation...
My hope is that the great success of these games builds up the developers/publishers coffers with enough money for them to be able to take a chance on some original (or new) IPs. I have just as much fun as the next guy with FPS's but there's only so much you can take before you start to get jaded against the genre.
The-Director  +   2122d ago
Sad day in gaming when high quality games with attention to details, dialog and gameplay doesn't get a fraction of the sales of a rehash game with copied gameplay, terrible story, sub-HD graphics and awful textures, not the mention the bugs and problems.
#13 (Edited 2122d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ceedubya9  +   2122d ago
That's a little harsh
The game is really fun. It may not be to your liking, but 4+ million and counting are having a blast with this game, including me. Are there better games out there right now? Yeah, maybe so....or maybe not. Its all about opinion.

Call of Duty has become the multiplatform "Halo." And anything that is that popular seems to be the "it" game to hate these days.
Double Toasted  +   2122d ago
I'm assuming you're referring to...
UC2, but the only people you have to blame is your PS3 brethren.
Rowsdower  +   2122d ago
i know right
where were PS3 owners when Uncharted 2 came out? I bought that game day one, but the most people I see online are 13,000. Yesterday it was 4000. Given the option between purchasing a great game like uncharted 2 or cod mw2, ps3s owner have overwhelmingly chosen the subpar multiplat.

i personally am enjoying cod mw2, so i feel great as a gamer this fall.
#13.3 (Edited 2122d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
mcgrawgamer  +   2122d ago
I agree I was extremely disappointed in UC2 sales. How ps3 owners talked about and coveted the game you'd think it would have sold halo or gears numbers instead it was a great game that only a portion of ps3 owners purchased. I purchased MW2 myself and have no qualms with the game but personally once the newness wears off I see myself playing more UC2 in the months to come.
Ju  +   2122d ago
What's wrong with UC2 sales ? It must be around 2M by now. Even if the "curve" is not that steep, these are respectable numbers.

TBH, I would have expected typically lower sales, given it is a "too much quality" and less a "dump-down-for-the-masses " games, driven by a long campaign instead of a rush-kill-arcade-mp.
#13.5 (Edited 2122d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
The-Director  +   2122d ago
@ Double Toasted
No, not uncharted 2, I'm talking in general, and i think Uncharted 2 sold well.
Guitardr85  +   2121d ago
No...You know what WAS fun?!? All 50 CoD games that precedid this one. I personally can't wait until the FPS dies and nobody wants to play them anymore!!!
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
Yeah I can't wait for this part of the industry to die too so the industry as a whole can take a hit.

Nice work on wishing doom upon your own cause. Irony at its finest!
Guitardr85  +   2118d ago
The gaming industry is sh!t now anyway. I don't know if you're too young to remember, but the gaming industry crashes every once and a while...and what reemerges has usually been a LOT better for it!!!
Highlife  +   2122d ago
Seen those Walmart MW2 MS add where is says best played on XBOX. Wonder what happened on PS3. MS and Activision got something going? HMMM? Not enough servers for PS3 go figure.
Ju  +   2122d ago
I think Sony's strategy in that respect was just right. MW2 sells to people primarily who played MW1. I would be surprised if we'd see a spike in HW sales going with the game (even though, I expect a 360 spike - but because of Walmart's $100 incentive, not because of MW2).

Again, I think the numbers eventually will show PS3-MW2 way closer to 360-MW2 then anybody thought they'd be.
Highlife  +   2122d ago
I agree with you. The exclusives that sony has is what to advertise. They are what sells the system. I just find it odd for a multiplat game to say it is played better on one system over the other. Who said it? But the multiplat publisher shouldn't let it be said. Either way
d_dogg2007  +   2122d ago
Oh thats great, good for Activision! So where is my money? Oh right it's activisitons money, so why the fu*k do i care if it sells this much. How about releasing a games that works and maybe you can flaunt or how about releasing a game that innovates and improves on it's prequel? No, well I don't care about these sales, they don't tell me sh*t
4point7BillionLoss  +   2122d ago
you should care
because ... They'll make millions MORE on the xbox version, even though the PS3 version will cost millions more to develop in the first place.

It won't be long before they drop the PS3 crap version altogether ...
d_dogg2007  +   2122d ago
LOL!! How old are you 10? Do you know how business works? Look at the year to year sales of both consoles and ps3 has outsold xbox at a higher price point. No one is loosing money on the ps3 only microsoft because they can't compete. So please crawl back in the whole that you came from and keep paying for your live subscription while i use that money to buy games.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2122d ago
doesnt matter how many units sold
because EVERY PS3 is sold at a loss ... a huge loss actually ...

MS$ is making a profit off every xbox and there's a bigger game attach rate meaning more software for each xbox too.

the fail station is so far behind there's no hope for it ... you were the slow kid in class right ....
ZBlacktt  +   2121d ago
Just click "Ignore" on that guy. Everyone else does.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2122d ago
More like -
"Modern RIP-OFF 2 sells 4.7 million day one" ;-D

I didn't buy it. The Steal box version looked nice until i saw the FRICKING Price!!! WTF!!! :-/
caffman  +   2122d ago
well for the same price as MW2 in the UK
£26, you could buy buzz quiz world......
cr33ping_death  +   2122d ago
how any of you can turn this into a flame war is beyond comprehension..... i mean.....WOW...REALLY?.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2122d ago
They're giving away free copies of PS3 version
along with free PS3's .... they're using them as weights and tying them to stupid people when they chuck them into the ocean ...

bye bye droids ....
caffman  +   2122d ago
thats how
Omega Zues  +   2122d ago
bu bu bu but
I thought it sold 7 million!!!

lol terrible to even think that.
Hutch2355  +   2122d ago
you did notice these are us-uk numbers
7 million was worldwide. Geez doesn't anyone read anymore.
Gamer luv  +   2122d ago
I believe 7 million is total sales for all regions, not for America and UK only.

Also %55 of the 4.7 million copies is considerably higher then just a little difference, has the pattern for multiplat games selling more on Xbox 360 then the PS3 changed? If not i would expect this to outsell the PS3 version by quite a a margin, only because this is the way it seems to happen.
Yomiro  +   2122d ago
I'm glad I rented this game.
Garrison  +   2122d ago
I guess the top dogs of the company must be popping champagne bottles that night...
And laughing while the company bank account grows by the minute
-x.Red.x-  +   2122d ago
now this is funny
can't wait until bots say

"umm we brought more! hahahha"

oh wait...
YLOD Service Tech  +   2122d ago
At least 3/4th's of the sale belong on the 360. Nobody with a PS3 buys games. The PS3 is just a souped up Blu-ray player. Nothing more.
TheTeam06  +   2121d ago
Ever think that PS3 owners have a lot more games to choose from than just Modern Warfare 2?

You probably haven't.
ZBlacktt  +   2121d ago
Are there really this many side accounts on this forum? Or are there just really this many uneducated 10 year olds on here? Or wannabe funny guys that just look foolish?
#22.2 (Edited 2121d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Thoreau  +   2121d ago
i hate to type it but you seem to be one of those idiots who paid over 200 dollars to play a game on xbl and are angry that sony ps3 owners only pay for the game and play online for free.
ambientFLIER  +   2121d ago

- Well, seeing as how the xbox has 300 more games than the ps3, that doesn't make sense.
divideby0  +   2121d ago
just proves the point..most popular does NOT mean the best game....
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
Or perhaps it's the best game to about 4 million people right now.

Subjectivity ftw?
Obama  +   2121d ago
I bought demon's souls instead of MW2. ;)
NecrumSlavery  +   2121d ago
So it went Platinum and Greatest Hits in 10 seconds.

It should only be about $40 now right?
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
That oughtta make about 4.7 million people angry.
morkendo  +   2121d ago
Modern Warfare 2 sells 4.7 million day one

EH!!!! do that means more than HALO???
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
Halo? Is that some kind of video game?
Guitardr85  +   2121d ago
So I bet they are already developing Modern Warfare 3 or something like that using the SAME EXACT CODE they used for this game and will try and charge people $70 or more. I still say this...boycott activision!!! CoD is overhyped anyway!!
Knghtz  +   2121d ago
Good lord did Activision bully you as a child or something? You sure have it on for them.
Guitardr85  +   2118d ago
Yes they did, they beat me with a stick, lol!
N2NOther  +   2121d ago
The game is awesome. I love when people who haven't played it say there are better games. How would you know?
coolforsale91   2121d ago | Spam
InLaLaLand  +   2121d ago
Activision and IW has made everyone their b!tch. Next installment will be at a higher price.

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