Wii, Xbox 360 Sales Gain, PS3 Stable On Ebay

Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 experienced double-digit growth in sales, while Sony Corp.'s Playstation saw modest gains in the latest sales data from Ebay.

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toughNAME3768d ago

i kno this has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING

but how lame is the 'Sony Protection Group'?

Chexd3768d ago

lol very! the fact it even has "protection" in it's name should tell them something.

Sony does NOT need protecting and names like that already make the company seem "troubled".....that' s fanboys for logic.

calderra3768d ago

You know your console is in big trouble when it needs a protection group. Truly hilarious.

BIadestarX3768d ago

What worries me is not that the PS3 is selling poorly... Sony has the power to increase sells by dropping the price or bringing more games quicker. What worries me is that Sony is too over confident as their fans that the PS3 is doing just fine. Well... I guess all these reports about the PS3 not selling stellar are just bias lies...