Creativity in Forza 2

A look at some of the more creative custom paint jobs that Forza 2 gamers have already created for their rides, plus a warning for those who would put boobs on their cars and such.

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God of Gaming4188d ago

The way Forza 2 interacts with their website is amazing. Taking photos and haveing them upload to your own personal website On is amazing. Then also being able to do whatever you want with the high quality pics... good stuff. Then the talent some of these people have with the editor is amazing

SKullDugger4188d ago

Where or how do u get theses cool vinlys ?

Leathersoup4188d ago

These are all done with the tools built into the game. People make them out of several layers. It's a lot of work and the end result appears to be worth it. :)

P4KY B4188d ago

But i know that i lack the artistic abilities to make mine look good.
I'll give it a try but it will probably end up looking like an accident in a Dulux factory.

Covenant4188d ago

That Camel car (2nd pic) is sharp. Nice job.

FeralPhoenix4188d ago

I'm away at work and I can't go pick up the game until I get home tommorrow. The artwork those cars is really f-king cool. I can't wait to give it a try.

Maddens Raiders4188d ago

ultra hard flame -a - liscious material but it's in the article:

-- "Creativity isn't necessarily something that you expect from a racing game, particularly one that fits into the generally formulaic Gran Turismo mold like Forza Motorsport." --

God forbid that Kaz Yamauchi ever gets "creative." :P

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