Tr00 or N00b? Put Your Video Game Knowledge to the Test!

Are you a video game know-it-all? Do you swear up and down that you knew about it before anyone, played it before anyone, know the history better and will beat everyone at it as well? Well GamerHelp refuse to stand idly by and let this continue. Take their game trivia quiz and prove yourself.

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Maddens Raiders4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

I missed three [FFX no pre-rendered graphs., NIN in Quake, and who dies at the end of RE], but that still makes me pretty tr00. Cool article.

Weed4216d ago

Tr00 is thy name, I want a cookie.

Robotz Rule4216d ago

So that's what Tr00 and N00b stand for.

Tr00 is thy name:)

Weed4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

N00b is obvious, as for Tr00 that one was new to me also lol

neogeo4216d ago

give me something real

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