Google Earth Shows You Everything

Someone on Google earth could be watching your house right now.

Google has gone overboard and allows people to look at places at street level.

To see in action, click on the link, and at the left, click on one of these

Google Maps show "Faces" on streets, in houses..
Also license plates....
Update: "Outside of a strip club and caught on google?"


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nice_cuppa4211d ago

everything my arse !

flipin google.

snoop_dizzle4211d ago

but hey, in about 3years you might be able to. :)

gta_cb4211d ago

nice comment dude, was thinking along those lines myself.

TriggerHappy4211d ago

whats creepy is your avatar :O

But anyway, this is really cool cant wait to get a better computer for use with it.

snoop_dizzle4211d ago

that would be very spooky, especially if anyone can use it.

gta_cb4211d ago

i know exactly what you mean!

Maddens Raiders4211d ago

I like the innovations and ease of use Google is coughing up with GoogleEarth these days, but the question is - "when is enough...enough?"

Privacy in the U.S. and around the world really seems to be taking a back seat to common sense and technology and WE are letting it happen. In this case, I think Pandora's box is already wide open. =[

snoop_dizzle4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

its pervs that I'm worried about.

I mean imagine your girl friend is being watch by her ex., along side knowing where she is by gps via her cell phone signal(boost mobile in the us lets you know where you friends are already).

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The story is too old to be commented.