Modern Warfare 2 sells 7 million copies on day one

Modern Warfare 2 destroys all records to become the fastest-selling game of all time worldwide

Early data is in and the confirmation that Modern Warfare 2 will become the fastest-selling game of all time isn't a big suprise in itself, but the margin with which it looks to take the record is astounding.

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ubiquitious2839d ago

It'll also have the highest number of trade-ins EVER

You 7 million should have rented it. ESPECIALLY you 360 owners.

JOLLY12839d ago

Do you mean the owners that can actually play online?

darkequitus2839d ago

I don't no why especially [openzone style statement] 360 owners? Anyway, I am renting because I know I will not playing the MP.

lociefer2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

lmfao 7 millions day 1 ? more like 4 -5 max , i call BS on that, oh wait,, VGchartz

bmw692839d ago

Looks like Pachter was right with 12 million + by the year end!

The-Warranty2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Yeah but its Vgchartz.

And they have been wrong before disgaree all you want, especially on Halo ODST first day sales.

They claimed ODST sold 2 million on day one.

But it turned out it only sold 1.8 million in the month of September.
Source =

toaster2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Impressive numbers.

lol PC is only 12%. Keep it up guys. Maybe IW will break and finally give us what we want.

EDIT: Ha console/360 fanboys are spamming disagree button.

@Syronicus below me

Naw man that's only the casual gamers who wouldn't know a CPU from a GPU.

The Creep2839d ago

7 million on day 1 is just crazy

mint royale2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If these numbers are accurate then holy hell.

All numbers that company's release are sold to retail. If activision reports the sales now they will be to retail. Vgchartz is trying to estimate sales to consumers.

@stan lee
you are correct in what you say except for NPD, Media Create etc giving numbers of sold to retail. They *estimate* sales to consumers, much like VgChartz does but with a greater amount of sources to provide data.

Nintendo, Sony and MS report sold to retailers on their quarterly accounts (the numbers are meant for investors not for us and its the retailers who pay them the money.)

fishd2839d ago


It also sold 1.23m in UK on first day and doubled the previous record

I can't wait for November NPD!lol

fukc Activision tho xD

Saigon2839d ago

shipped to retail...MS does this number game also...I haate it...notice how sony never tells how many games were shipped to retail...they just wait for the NPD, MC, etc report to come out...

Syronicus2839d ago

Think again. The PC version was only about 10% of the total sold for COD4. These numbers would indicate that even the hater PC crowd is actually buying the game... Shame on them!

StanLee2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Everyone reports numbers shipped to retailers, no matter what some random Sony exec said. The fact is, there is no way to accurately track the number sold to consumers unless each consumer who purchases an item self reports and consumers do not; that's a fact. NPD, ChartTrack and Media Create all track numbers shipped to retailers with some retailers even excluded and not accounted for.

Edit: Funny how fcuking morons can disagree with facts.

kws10652839d ago

last time VG estimated 2 mil for ODST in 24 hours but it actually sold 1.8 million worldwide until early November.

bmw692839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

No, ODST sold 1.8m in the US+UK until early November via NPD and ChartTrack data (i.e no Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Benelux etc).

Also the game was very heavily frontloaded.

Lifendz2839d ago

got it for PS3 and can't wait to get it going this weekend. Some of the most fun moments I've ever had were playing multiplayer with a group of friends. I can't believe the backlash the game's getting. The single player in the first one was short. I got my money's worth on the multiplayer. And it's not like they pulled an ODST and gave me maps I already had. These are all brand new maps.

If you're a PC guy and feel burned, hey, I sympathize. But as a PC guy you have a plethora of games like Modern Warfare to choose from. And Battlefield is coming. So let the console guys, like me, enjoy the game.

kws10652839d ago

I guess that changes almost nothing about 2 mil in 24 hours is BS, considering most of HALO series have sold in US.

Poopface the 2nd2839d ago

PSN doesnt work and I knew atleast something about the 360 version would be better. Guess I was pretty right.

not sure why you think 360 owners should have rented but I did. Does that make you happy? Would you have been happier if I rented it on PS3 and couldnt play online like you? That must suck.

Well thats alot of sales if true. Maybe with all 3 versions selling an insane amount. Who knows. I did rent mine at BBV and they must have had at least 30-40 copies for rent between ps3 and 360. More were for 360 but I have never seen a BBV have taht many copies of a game for either ps3 or 360. I think they know they will be able to sell some used copies of it layer I guess. With alot of BBVs and GF getting massive copies and some really insane sales worldwide it could be possible.

If this is true thats insane sales even though its WW numbers.

DarkMantrid2839d ago

If this is true or even close to true then id be mighty impressed! Although id like the game better if i could actually play online -.-

lets just hope its fixed soon.

SHAGGY622839d ago

I guess we'll have more generic warfare games to look forward to sigh. anyway i'll pass waiting for bad company 2 & MAG

Syronicus2839d ago

"@Syronicus below me

Naw man that's only the casual gamers who wouldn't know a CPU from a GPU."

Maybe so but they are the ones buying the game and to Activision, that is all that matters. So much for a boycott...

HolyOrangeCows2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Gasp! What a shocker!

Bnet3432839d ago

I don't believe it's that much sold in a day.

mint royale2839d ago


This same report also says 3.3 million ps3 versions are projected to be sold week 1. That (undeservedly) blows uncharted 2 out of the water.

So really what was that statement beyond fanboyism?

BigKev452839d ago

Stop hating, Ubiquitious. Grads to IW!

NaiNaiNai2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Some of you sound like attention needy teens.

I hope you know this.

You know whats funny.

XD you all trusted VGcharts when they posted good numbers for ps3 stuff.

How hypocritical.

DaTruth2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

As soon as I read your comment I thought to myself; "Wonder if BMW69 will show his face to dispute!"

I'm glad you guys made a blatant mistake in article form on N4G, so there is no way to fix it later... like usual!

@NaiNai: Saying that over and over again doesn't make it true! Everyone of those threads is full of PS3 owners disputing the legitimacy of VGChartz, with BMW69 and his four other accounts, running to the defense!. The term "ALL", does not apply!

@Stanlee: Your facts are stupidly wrong! That is how they disagree! Ever heard of "Computers","ba rcodes" or "teh digital age"!

slayorofgods2839d ago

Well if this is the best of the best, I think I'm officially burnt out on fps. It seems to me that cod4 and halo3 were the peek of the genre. Now these games seem like more of the same to me as they are released. I don't know if any more innovation can come from the genre, I'm not going to be re-purchase rehashed material that has all been done before.

Alvadr2839d ago

Im waiting for my £26 sainsburys copy to arrive in. Need something quick to play before Assassins Creed comes out. Im not going to complain at a 5 hour campaign for 26 bananas.

I just got my platinum in Uncharted 2 Wooop!! Im well done with that for a while seen as I dont play much multi.

Im saving Dragon age for over Xmas. Or maybe Borderlands.. Still have Halo ODST and GTA Epsiodes to play aswell.. Ahhhh gaming overload!

DaTruth2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The same people that believe Sony can't track its own products(console) sold through to consumers... Somehow believe VGChartz can track every single game, console, peripheral for all the companies across the entire world sold through to consumers!


mint royale2838d ago

@da truth

Calm down man! How actually believes Vgchartz can do that? No one. People that defend it defend saying they are **estimates**. You know, numbers that have a leeway and can be adjusted if more accurate numbers come out.

That is all. There is no need to twist logic.

Saaking2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

holy F$ck! 7 million!!? Damn that's just mind blowing. I don't think it's that high. Maybe 5 million.