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Submitted by Lavitz1989 2283d ago | news

Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Multiplayer Totally Unplayable

After the second update arrived last night that fixes the trophy glitch, another huge complaint arises. Since multiplayer is a big factor in Modern Warfare 2, downloading the new update won't get you access to the matchmaking allowing you not to play online. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PS3)

Update Randolf d'Amore, Activision Support, stated that the new patch is not related to the multiplayer not connecting. They had a server outage and they are adding more PS3 servers to meet huge PS3 MP demand.

- JPS' server is back online again

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LONEWOLF231  +   2283d ago
ohh wow......i think these devs should properly test out games before releasing them. PSN is a great network with better connection speeds than LIVE so stuff like this is unacceptable! DEVS its about time you got your S*!t straight!
nycredude  +   2283d ago
Couldn't get in last night. Almost finished the sp instead and it's another cod4 but only worse. Going to trade this in tomorrow and reserve Assassin's Creed 2 and gow collection. Last COD i will ever buy.
Apocwhen  +   2283d ago
The Playstation Network is down right now.
YungXclusive2K9  +   2283d ago
Its not the PSNs fault is activisions ****ty a** servers
tatotiburon  +   2283d ago
"better connection speeds than LIVE"....that was funny
joydestroy  +   2283d ago
a patch to fix this (if it's the party system) is coming on friday. people need to give devs a break. they're fixing things as fast as they can.

the PSN IS down, btw.

edit: you guys are just ridiculous. if something isn't perfect when it releases then all hell breaks loose. why? i just don't get it.
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Apocwhen  +   2283d ago
If you look at it clearly shows PSN is offline in the top right as of 4PM GMT
St0  +   2283d ago

It's true for exclusives, dedicated servers ftw!. Just look at how well MAG runs with 256 players, that would never work well on a P2P network
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APOFISBORICUA  +   2283d ago
people need to give IW a break. But if the devs were GUERILLA GAMES, IMSOMMNIAC OR NAUGTHY DOG...wont you be all here complaining? Claiming disaster or something like that? Hipocresy at its best?

This game is a fu kING Mess on the PS3. There are better games and people cant find them...neither the media.

AllroundGamer  +   2283d ago
"people need to give devs a break"? come on, they had all the time before the release to properly test it, but they fcked it up and rushed the game so it would release sooner... but it could be activisions fault, i hope at least, because a developer shouldn't be that stupid to released a game with so many bugs...
Tinted Eyes  +   2283d ago
Is MW 2 unplayable or is PSN down, which one? Cuz I am about to go out and buy this game. But I am having doubts.
Apocwhen  +   2283d ago
There's problems with the PSN right now, the staff on the EU forums said they were looking into it.
theEnemy  +   2283d ago
If you think the PS3 version is f'cked,
then check this out.

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jcgamer  +   2283d ago
@ Tinted Eyes
just wait until the bugs are ironed out before purchasing/playing..that's what i'm gonna do...
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solidt12  +   2283d ago
PSN is down for maintenence right now.
Syronicus  +   2283d ago
""better connection speeds than LIVE"....that was funny"
It is funny especially considering that you pay for Live and the PSN is free. It's nice to have great connectivity on the PSN.
SullyDrake  +   2283d ago
This sucks
But I bought it on 360 due to having more friends with a 360.

Plus, my PS3 is getting GOW Collection and Assassins Creed II next week anyways. =)
Blaster_Master  +   2283d ago
Reminds of R6V2. Only Ubisoft didn't really ever fix it. R6V1 was more playable then part 2. Hopefully Cod6 isn't a dud on the PS3.
Christopher  +   2283d ago
I'm not playing the game, but wanted to respond to those who say to give devs a break or that this wouldn't be complained about as much if it was a PS3 exclusive.

1. This game is made by the biggest, most successful gaming company out there to date. The developer making this game is one of the most experienced in the industry and already put out a version of this game two years ago that didn't experience these issues. While I believe Infinity Ward is a top-notch development company, they've dropped the ball in regards to a game that is heavily focused on multiplayer capabilities.

2. To say that people would only comment poorly on multiplatform games is kind of stupid. I don't recall Haze getting rave reviews and tons of sales just because it was an exclusive title. The point is that millions of people already own a game that they're unable to play as needed right now, they have a right to be upset, and whether the game is exclusive or not really doesn't matter. Last time I checked, they rushed out control fixes to Lair to appease the very unhappy owners of the game and Sony has implemented stringent and very open beta tests for every single one of their FPS/TPS online games in order to make sure they don't encounter these sort of issues, including MAG which just went into its 4th Beta before being released at the end of January.
EvilBlackCat  +   2283d ago
"ohh wow......i think these devs should properly test out games before releasing them. PSN is a great network with better connection speeds than LIVE so stuff like this is unacceptable! DEVS its about time you got your S*!t straight!"

If the same problem happens in Live.. you wont be blaming Live don't you?
xTruthx  +   2283d ago
I could only play yesterday ... 2day i have played twice and have been kicked out while playing, saying i signed out or something like that, really retarded (Rented it for PS3, downloaded it for PC)and the invites didn't even work, well for me they didn't and some other friends of mine. Right now it doesn't work when I try to play online,
himdeel  +   2283d ago
To be considered a GOTY...
...there has to be issue with the multiplayer portion of the game and their must be bugs. These issues have nothing to do with the review score because they don't matter /sarcasm off

They should have beta or demo the game to get these bugs worked out. They could've handled these issues before release.
Bubbles_Kitty_Cat  +   2283d ago
lol, this is karma for all of the garbage that PS3 fans have been spewing about the game for the last month.
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Diamondwolf  +   2283d ago
Yea.........karma. That's it! Hit the head right on the nail with that one buddy-o
Montrealien  +   2283d ago
Activision! learn to make the PS3 versions of your games work good online! Sony are amazing and do nothing wrong, pls make sure you don`t make their network look bad because of your faulty lazy crappy useless mega monster company type development!
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Syronicus  +   2283d ago
Karma? Really?
Only an idiot would say something like that especially since these issues come up with nearly every new title that is expected to bring a ton of trafic to the server side. Heck, even the famed Halo 3 had some issues when it was released.

To say this has something to do with Karma is completely stupid.
BLuKhaos  +   2283d ago
Lol I knew something like this was going to happen just like the first one.Ironic how even though it's the same game, they still haven't been able to fix the problems with this trash.
Jaces  +   2283d ago
Lag and game invites were the only problems but man were they frustrating.

We had to reset both our PS3's and try again before it finally accepted the invite. On top of that there was an assload of lag on the spec op missions, it was on and off, one mission it was fine and the next it lagged.

Where's that damn patch?!
Maddens Raiders  +   2283d ago
....(...........) -
"Activision! learn to make the PS3 versions of your games work good online! Sony are amazing and do nothing wrong, pls make sure you don`t make their network look bad because of your faulty lazy crappy useless mega monster company type development!"
============================= ==========

yeah "Sony are amazing" for sure - the Blu-ray drive, free internet, AAA titles, built in wi-fi, & solid hardware prove that. What I find amusing is that you dismiss the thought of fault toward a developer whatsoever. Really mate, it's just better sometimes if you just observe without "reporting"... >_>

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Martini  +   2283d ago
Sucks for the guys with PS3 but on the 360 this is one of the smoothest big game launches I have witnessed in the last 4 years, no major problems whatsoever and there was millions playing last night.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2283d ago
Just like COD4 in the first week.

Not to be the @ss saying "I TOLD YOU SO", but neigher IW nor COD were ever that great to start with... I don't know why people expect so damn much from this game.
Keyser  +   2283d ago
This sucks
This will definitely be the last time I buy a multiplat game on day one. A lot of people took off work to play this (love vacation hours) and now to not be able to jump online to play is inexcusable by Activision. It's cool though, this won't happen again.
Diamondwolf  +   2283d ago
Bubbles Syronic
For the link to back up your comment!

Battlefield, GeoW2, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Halo 3, Cod4 and tons of others that I can't recall off the top of my head all had issues the first week+ after it's release.

Hasn't anyone learned yet, due to mass exodus from school, work, families, life to play a game the first week it comes out result in a massive hit on multiplayer?

Take my advise, whenever a game with a multiplayer component comes out, do not touch the online component the first week or even the first 2 weeks to save yourself this headache.

I plan on acquiring as many offline trophies as possible before hitting online, that way I can get my trophy whore fix and enjoy a fixed and playable multiplayer

*edit* go figure, Activision, the ones who wanted to pull support from Sony, now saying the outage is due to success on the PS3
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Montrealien  +   2283d ago
@Maddens Raiders

umm yeah, gj. Glad to see you actually saw through the sarcasm of my retarded post, what scares me is that 2 people actually read it and hit the agree button. But you read my sarcasm as an attack on sony, which is normal for a self proclaimed loyalist to a corporation.

However outside in the real world I would actually blame the clear lack of communication between Activision and Sony to avoid this head ach in the first place. This is what truly happened.
Maddens Raiders  +   2283d ago
Montrealien -
Sarcasm on the interwebz is a temptation often taken, however unfortunate, seldom (((seen))). 8D cheers
Poopface the 2nd  +   2283d ago
haha yeah guy
psn is great for free. There is a reason I choose to rent it for 360 and live over PS3 and PSN. I knew this would happen. I still have a gold and I will probably pay for some more so I dont have to play it on PSN. PSN works great for games with less people like Uncharted 2. Been playing taht game since it came out and on the demo since it was released to the public. Ive never seen it with over 20K people on at onceat once. There were ~300k people playing on 360 when I was yesterday. There must be at least 100K playing on PSN at any given time. Who knows, both could be higher by now.

YOu people dont understand taht paying for live is like paying for a dedicated gaming network. Not as good as dedicated servers but is pretty reliable. Microsoft provides the servers and the gamers dont need to depend on lackluster Activision and IW to put up enough servers to handle the load. Av now needs to provide servers for ps3 and PC since they took aways dedicated servers for PC. Activision will fail on that too.

Basically, when PSN doest connect I figure its down for maintenance or some problem. When LIVE doesnt connect I go and check my modem/router.
Diamondwolf  +   2283d ago
@ Poopface
Yep, someone didn't read the update. I'm glad you're enjoying Live and you believe what you actually typed, it's a great placebo.

Both companies basically offer you the same service, one is just smart enough to make money and the other is smart enough to compete by having it free.

Now, here. Take this stress free cube of suga......I mean special stress relieving pill

@ Mont - You can't fool me silly wabbit! Deep down inside your a Sony fanboy who spends all of his time trolling the 360 articles and actually believe that sony can do no wrong!
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ID IR A G 0 N  +   2283d ago
one million people on xbox right now.... no problems.... i guess you get what you pay for
HDgamer  +   2283d ago
@ID IR A G 0 N
Can't say the same for people who paid on Christmas 2007
pixelsword  +   2283d ago
IW iz teh funniez
All of this bragging, and you pull this crap.

I'm glad I didn't pick up my copy yesterday,and I don't think I will at full price; maybe I'll put it on the 360, but that one has problems, too; but that means I'll be gaming over a friend's or relative's house because I don't pay for online gaming... ever (which would tick me off because MW2 is nothing but a multiplayer experience). I'm in The MAG beta and Lord willing the B:BC beta coming up and so I'll let those games entertain me until all of this garbage is sorted out on BOTH consoles.
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jadenkorri  +   2283d ago
yeah, like wow at all the 360 fanboys claims
you should know psn is down for maintenance not because the MP is not working for MW2, people just relax, PSN was planned to be down today/ this morning. And to all the 360 fanboys above, before you make claims that psn sucks and all, really do some research before you jump on the bandwagon of another 360 fanboys stupidity, cause it makes you all look stupid. PSN had planned maintenance today, thats why its not working, i played last night and the game was perfectly fine, and I bet now that im home after work it will work.
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Montrealien  +   2283d ago

lol, you got nothin' on me!
Shepherd 214  +   2283d ago
Its impossible for any developer to properly test servers and connectivity before a game as popular as MW2 launches. Several million people will all be playing online at once when the game is released, and a dev is suppose to accurately test those numbers before a game is launched?

Im not defending anything but there are some important details that some of you occasionally overlook and do not take into consideration. Maybe because of past experience with COD4 they should have seen it coming, but i've also never built a game before.
edgeofblade  +   2283d ago
I wonder why XBL isn't having these problems. Don't you? Maybe it's because I pay my $50 a year for something? But what could that be?

Oh, right...

The ability to take that $50 away if Microsoft doesn't deliver. Economic incentive makes for powerful leverage, doesn't it? And money is the language Microsoft speaks, isn't it?

But I don't expect you hippies to understand that.
Anon1974  +   2283d ago
Say what now?
I played for 3 hours online last night. It was fantastic! I didn't have any issues at all. I managed to get up to level 7 before calling it a night.

I'd love to read the article and see what on earth they're talking about, but their sites down. Kinda ironic.

Obviously this article is fake. I just played proof that it's fake last night as I'm sure many also can attest to because they were all on there, playing it with me. Quite the opposite of "unplayable". Server issues are one thing, but to label the game unplayable when that's clearly not the case is simply misleading.
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ProperFunked  +   2283d ago
i think you ment "hit the nail right on the head" not "head on the nail"

just saying...=p
jmare  +   2282d ago
@ Darkride
It is referring to today. I played yesterday as well, but today it didn't work. It's not fake.
WenisWagon  +   2282d ago
Well, it is already widely known that the Xbox 360 is the best platform for exclusive games, so the only thing ps3 had to go for is having the best multiplatform versions of games... well its apparent that trophy belongs to Xbox 360 as well, I have had zero problems playing MW2 on my console.

"bu bu bu ps3 online is free!!!1" Yeah, and thats nice when you can actually play online.
#1.48 (Edited 2282d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SinnedNogara  +   2282d ago
Very sad that the PS3 is more powerful and it is being cheated on by IW. This would probably have never happened if IW never focused more on the 360 version.
Anon1974  +   2282d ago
@ jmare. Maybe not fake, but certainly misleading.
The articles says the multiplayer is unplayable. That's simply not true. It was playable yesterday, it was playable last night, it's playable today and I just checked a little while ago, it's playable right now. It might be having intermittent problems, but that's certainly not the same thing as "unplayable"

In my opinion that says the author didn't bother to check his facts or was setting out to intentionally mislead people.
littletad  +   2282d ago
If your going to try to pass something as factual
At least post up some links. Cause otherwise, I don't know a single difference in connection speed between both my ps3 and 360.
3sexty rulzzz  +   2282d ago
you have sony to thank
for their dedicated servers. lol
Time Lord   2282d ago | Spam
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ghostface  +   2283d ago
Same problem here.
I've been trying for the last 2 hours to connect into a multiplayer match
LiquifiedArt  +   2283d ago
PSN is down for scheduled maintanece.
tordavis  +   2283d ago
Played a half of a game this morning then got logged out of PSN. Haven't been able to play one full game yet. Back to 360 for now.
Mr Face Creamer  +   2283d ago
Wow IW, you guys should have seriously released a beta because the sh*t you've bundled with your game is unbelievable.
trancefreak  +   2283d ago
Many real gamers came back home to killzone 2 MP last night. This is after they played the Generic Mp of MW2 if they could get on.

Killzone 2 with graphics second 2 none smooth online play that requires hardcore fps player a real skilled game was boomin last night.

Its hard to drive a pinto when you already have a Ferrari ....

Sorry xbox loosers you can have your Exclusive Gimp-war 2 I mean multiplat.
chrisulloa  +   2283d ago
LOL KZ2 not generic. Good one. Anyways, this only shows that 360 always gets the upper-hand with all games. Anyone that denies this is an idiot. Look at Bayonetta, Orange Box, Fallout 3, we ALWAYS get the better games. Plus our exclusives rock.
derseb  +   2283d ago
"Plus our exclusives rock."

hahaha.... best laugh i had in a long time! thx
sak500  +   2283d ago
hahahd derb u need a laugh since all you are getting are gimped versions for your ps3. dont talk about exclusives cuz 2 good exclusives dont balance out 20 poor ports of cross plat games a year.
derseb  +   2283d ago
what do multiplats have to do with the exclusives in the first place?

you don't make any sense!

and if you really care that much about the minor (graphical) differences of some multiplatform games, i advise you to buy the PC versions. they look far better than both console versions...
Cletus  +   2282d ago
Iz dis da place wherez I comments abut my grandma's underweer?
TheGuvnor  +   2283d ago
No problems at all here. And I know no1 WITH any problems. I have played almost nothing but online with my MW2. BTW, I am in the UK.
bjornbear  +   2283d ago
think problem is in US only =)
Angry Moth  +   2283d ago
No im in the uk and have this problem
monkey602  +   2283d ago
I'm n Ireland and having major probems
bjornbear  +   2283d ago
Ok i was wrong
Bad on IW...
Skyreno  +   2283d ago
yeah happening to me as well :_
evilbart  +   2283d ago
yeah cant get into multiplayer here neither also no friends can get in 'connecting to matchmaking server...... ' only bought this game to play online what a load of crap if anyone manages to get online post here pls
#6 (Edited 2283d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
fatlifeforlife  +   2283d ago
IW Needs to get right
total bs. how can you ship a game that at least half of the consumers will only use for online purposes and the online component doesn't work? it's like the xbox red rings of death. BAD BUSINESS
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2283d ago
IW, its called a beta, you should of done it a while ago before you even launched this game. Go learn from guys like DICE. They will teach you a lesson or 2 about making a game running nice and silky smooth, like KZ2 and Resistance.
TheTeam06  +   2283d ago
They did it with Call of Duty 4, I don't see why they thought they should skip it this time around. They ended up in a bigger risk by saying "meh, it'll sell anyways".

Still, I know they're working on it as we speak. IW cares about gamers =)
Max Power  +   2283d ago
I was thinking...
the same thing.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2283d ago
no, they never done it, on the PS3.

they think they can just port the network code from the 360 to the PS3. they are so dumb that they forget that these are 2 DIFFERENT NETWORKS. i dont understand why people buy these crap games.

people should be ashamed of themselves for falling into the hype of a rehashed game. Especially a game Published by Activision, who just want to rush their games out to make more $$$$$$.

Sorry for my rant.
#8.3 (Edited 2283d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Raoh  +   2283d ago
Glad I rented it from gamefly instead of running out to buy it or pre order it.

should be in the mail today.. i hear a fix is coming friday which means it wont work all weekend.

evilbart  +   2283d ago
so now i go to play the game offline and its freezing before i even start playing wtf how was this game released in this state???????????
Relientk77  +   2283d ago
patch to fix please
TukkerIntensity  +   2283d ago
Multiplatform Games Never work on the PSN Day 1
Multiplatform Games Never work on the PSN Day 1. Anyone who doesn't know that is a PS3 n00b. That's just the way it is - wait a day or two. First party titles typically work great - but the Multiplats are always lazy half-arsed untested garbage (except for maybe 1 or 2 like Burnout Paradise)....unfortunately.

Don't get your knickers in a knot - it'll be fine soon enough.
Alcon Caper  +   2283d ago
Ouch, really? I was up all night playing MW2 on Live... my day is messed up, though...
DelbertGrady  +   2283d ago
Or just get the working 360 version. Looks and runs better as well :)
red2tango  +   2283d ago
to the guy above
actually, the ps3 version looks identical and even better in some logic?
bjornbear  +   2283d ago
@ red2tango
Not fail logic. Fanboy logic. Its worste
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2283d ago
Didn't we bring you down to 1 bubble?

What happened here? oh right, multiple accounts, gotcha.
JayD-1K  +   2283d ago
So none of you read the update!
"Randolf d'Amore, Activision Support, stated that the new patch is not related to the multiplayer not connecting. They had a server outage and they are adding more PS3 servers to meet huge PS3 MP demand."

here you go, this might defuse some of the stupid 360/PS3 bull i see gathering on this thread.

and some PSN MP have ran good out the box on the PS3. And not all of the 360's MP worked well on launch either....Halo3 and Gears 2 come to mind. Hell, the first MW had online issues for both 360 and PS3! i play on both systems!
#12.6 (Edited 2283d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mattygamefreak  +   2283d ago
What amazes me..
Is that you people actually bought this game. Let alone thought it would be good and bug free.

Infinity Ward, oh Infinity Ward, you re-hash and re-hash and still can't get things right.
Ares84PS3  +   2283d ago
Well listen....
...I don't think that most of us knew that it will have a 4 hour story mode. I don't think that ANY of us knew that it will have so many problems. I think most of us got the game because of COD4 which was an awesome game. Believe me when I say that the next COD from IW will not be purchased by me unless it has a minimum of 15 hour story mode. Even than I will only buy it used. Never new. I refuse to put money into IW pockes anymore.
D4RkNIKON  +   2283d ago
So you now understand why so many of us are boycotting it. Took you this game to realize it huh? I am glad I am buying it used, maybe by the time I find a used copy it will be bug free.. Maybe..
kikicub  +   2283d ago
Not surprising...
Infinite Warts
Baka-akaB  +   2283d ago
Lol so you guys played COD4 with an already incredibly short , even if intense , sp campaign and thought it couldnt be that short this time as well ?
Ares84PS3  +   2283d ago
It's not totaly unplatable.
I've been playing MP last night and found games in seconds. I had a problem when I wanted to invite my cousin to a co-op game. It always gave us an error message.

But IW really f*ed up on the PS3 version of the game. It's like they didn't even care.
peeps  +   2283d ago
no it actually is atm as in no1 can get online at all hence why my whole friends list is now playing single player haha

perhaps they are performing maintenence or something or mayb patching the party system problems?

anyway i imagine things will be back to normal later
Ares84PS3  +   2283d ago
I didn't know that. I played it last night it was ok. I'm at work right now so I can't tell. But let's hope they are fixing the mp.
BlackTar187  +   2283d ago
There is a Work around
on ps3 when you log in to MW2 and you get a game invite presss the ps button go to account mgmt press triangle sign off then sign on again immeditly then join. It will work work for me and all the people in my clan.
N2NOther  +   2283d ago
Played all night on LIVE. Just sayin'.
peeps  +   2283d ago
yeh i played all night on psn but in the last hour or so it's gone down. with any luck it will be back up soon tho. tbh at 4pm GMT most ppl are at work/college anyway
54percent  +   2283d ago
PSN is under maintenance
peeps  +   2283d ago
"PSN is under maintenance"

it was. but been back up for the last hour or so. mw2 still isnt working online though
N2NOther  +   2283d ago
I love when people disagree merely because I mention that I played it on LIVE. Fanboys are a funny and irrational bunch.
JayD-1K  +   2283d ago
NO N2n,
IW just posted that they had an outage and are adding more servers! so how is this PSN's fault again? and that's why people are disagreeing with you.

and come on PS3 owners, you knew that MS was cuffing IW balls from the beginning of development. did you really thing that IW would let the 360 have that many problems from the get go? (or publicly announce them to the world like they did the PS3 version)MS has been footing the bill on almost every thing when it comes to this game! look at all the advertisement on tv.....hell, the one Wal-Mart one even says, "the best way to play this game is on the 360"!

Now they are both out in the wild and it would look kinda strange for the PS3 version to run as well as the 360 version when you add. says otherwise!

IW knows who buttered their bread and like they said," this is a business arrangement between IW and MS!"
Rocco Siffredi  +   2283d ago
Hm.. one time its the 360 and one time The PS3.. Fanboys cant decide.. i ask you now:

Which console is the BETA one?? I mean which one gets the most patches for games?

Cause i got banned from xbox live yesterday and i need a new console now for the holidays so i must decide.
NecrumSlavery  +   2283d ago
Go PS3 man, best games. This is a fluke. Cause 9/10 times the Ps3 version superior anymore.
chrisulloa  +   2283d ago
Look at Bayonetta, Modern Warfare, Orange Box, Fallout 3, GTA: IV.

360 gets the better content for all multi-plats, how'd you get your 360 banned anyways?
ChrisW  +   2282d ago
From what I heard...
You don't need to buy a new console. You just need to buy a new XBL account. Now don't quote me on this, because I've never been banned...

Or you could just wait out or punishment for your stupidity. Unless it was a permanent ban, which then I hope you get banned from your new one, too!

Because like history, stupidity repeats itself!
xcox  +   2282d ago
dude, easy, get a ps3
and get ready for a revelation:

the ps3 is better than the 360 in every possible way and it is actually cheaper. it's gonna be like going from a ford explorer to a bmw x6 except for the price, hahaha

and when you play online, you'll realize what a huge load of horseshit you've been eating all these years about the so called 'superiority' of XBL: truth is, the only thing you gonna miss is the constant barrage of racist crap
Eimmij  +   2283d ago
I keep losing my sound!
Am i the only one in the f***in world who has to delete the patch and reinstall it to get sound wtf is going in IW
Ares84PS3  +   2283d ago
I have sound problems in MP.
Sometimes it get's really low for a few seconds than goes back up. I don't know how IW mess something up so badly.

Treyarch is much much better!!! They should handle COD from now on. Look at the support for CODW@W and COD4....yeah I know.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   2283d ago
They are probably doing maintenance and fixes, settle down Esmeralda.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2283d ago
it's because PSN is crap
evrybody knows it ... you get what you pay for and as you pay nothing for it it's totally crap .... PSN = RROD but without the wrranty

It will cost exactly $4.7 Billion to fix tjhe problem ... except Sony chose to build HOME instead
PlayStation X  +   2283d ago
except psn dont brake your console 54.2% of the time =/
trancefreak  +   2283d ago
Wtf psn is smooth as hell dont be mad you have to PAY TO PLAY. F@k that who would be so stupid.
Rikuson1  +   2282d ago
pay to play?
ur gonna pay to play this?
WOMBLE62  +   2283d ago
I can't understand why...
people are saying about live working better like its a problem with PSN. its not it's a ****ty PS3 port that hasn't been tested properly that has done this.
54percent  +   2283d ago
They are talking about the PS3 version but both versions got issues got some friends who got the 360 version and they pointed connection issues in their version and asked me if the PS3 version got issues and for their relief I told them yes.
badbond1  +   2282d ago
that was the 360's graphics of Modern Warfare! Pitiful. No wonder botty boys mention Killzone 2 gameplay sucking! They know that MW2's environments and AI along with superior graphics cannot match Killzone 2! Get the hell out of here!
ChrisW  +   2282d ago
I think you're trying a little too hard to be a troll. Maybe you should take a break from using the PC and go play Afrika.

Oh, and if you don't have it, you should get it! It's already in the bargain bins.
5upremegamingwizard  +   2283d ago
this is far from the truth and just fanboy rage, when is this going to end, each system is great for their own reasons , they all have faults, they all have great strengths, lets just dig on games, when its all said and done its the games we will all remember and not : home ,xbl,or shop channel. and btw I have had no problems on psn or xbl with mw2. :)
monkey602  +   2283d ago
I managed to get into 4 games in a row this morning that put me on the losing team of a game in progress in the last seconds of the game.
As if that wasn't annoying enough I havent been able to play online since.

So I go trophy hunting, which was stuid because they aren't counting anyway. A game shouldn't be able to release in the state this one did
Ninjamonkey  +   2283d ago
what was it that IW said about beta testing?

"we dont need a beta test"

Right... On the 360 its a very good game but Ive not played online yet.

But thats unaccpetable.
cronaldo7  +   2283d ago
Go get a Bad Company 2 beta code.

10.000 codes today @
Ashriel  +   2283d ago
Played last night with no problems o.o

I guess PSN is down right now
KillerPwned  +   2283d ago
I made a thread for this not to long ago...
TheStorm  +   2283d ago
I've been playing just fine.
I have the PS3 version and have experienced no problems.
-MoOkS-  +   2283d ago
it works perfectly fine on the 360 :)
theEnemy  +   2283d ago
Too bad the 360 isn't.
cr33ping_death  +   2283d ago
umm no.... the are connection problems on the 360 too, unable to stay in a game with friends...have to rejoin only to be on the opposite team. Look at my gamer card and achievements 360 fanboys got the game and experiencing some BS...but you can disagree if you like i know you wont admit it, now will everyone stop acting like this game is the second coming of jesus because so far its far from it. On all 3 fronts (ps3,360 and pc)
Rikuson1  +   2282d ago
oh it does?
this does'nt look like a perfect to me..

this is not the first 360 game to lag tho..
heres gaylo

can't forget ur beloved Gears of lag
oh the second one they thought was going to fix this and im not saying it lagges 100% of the 95%
the guy could barely get his chainsaw!

im not saying psn is perfect but xbl is far from perfect 2
digger18  +   2283d ago
This is why I never buy new release titles, I always wait a month because of sh*t like this.

Edit for the twat Mooks.

Same goes for many 360 games ass hole...Gears of War ring any bells.

Now go and hide in your hole
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-MoOkS-  +   2283d ago
He's telling the truth. 99% of ps3 games have unplayable multiplayer for the first few months, glitches, disconnect, errors etc.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2283d ago
Don't forget the Jaggies
All of the time ... 4.7 billion jaggies on every frame ...

The Power of the CELL, it can create infinite jaggies in zero time !!!

PlayStation X  +   2283d ago
thats all =/
trancefreak  +   2283d ago
Killzone 2 says HI. Aint the ps3's fault Infinity whore made a crappy version. The Ps3 (Games) as we all know makes 360 games look like the Wii.
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