Faydwer's Echoes Silent on PS3

In a story posted yesterday on French videogame website Play 3-Live, the 'zine reported that a PlayStation 3 version of the EverQuest II expansion pack, Echoes of Faydwer, was in development -- and the publication even had supposed pictures of the project to boot.

Apparently, it's completely untrue IGN reports.

"At this time, there aren't any plans to bring Echoes of Faydwer to consoles of any kind at," said EverQuest II Senior Producer, Scott Hartsman. "It isn't happening."

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bootsielon4214d ago

Faydwer's Echoes Silent NOT on PS3?

VirtualGamer4214d ago

No it should not. The game/expansion is called Echoes of Faydwer. If the Echoes are silent on the PS3 that would indicate the game is not going to the PS3. What your saying would only make sense if the game was called Faydwer's Echoes Silent which its not.