NFS ProStreet HD Trailer

HD trailer for new Need For Speed game coming November 2007 is available at

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Ru4163d ago

Guys you were All Over this one!

bigmack4163d ago

meh it looks ok. but f^ck man! show us some gamefootage not CGI or whatever.

Daz4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

Read this from ign, Good read. Turning into a sim street racing game sounds cool different lol hopefully not as laggy as the others.
Hope thay have santapod in there nice 1/4 of mile drag track

MK_Red4163d ago

Well, now NFS is copying Burnout series even more. The name and font are cool though.

eLiNeS_NIGGER4163d ago

Sounds like EA have done something right? It sounds more realistic than the GT series and more fun than forza, i might be wrong, i might be right... It sounds great!...

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