Consoles Talk Back: This Week in Gaming recently conducted fake interview with each of the consoles. What was produced was a humorous account of the weeks gaming news.

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Robotz Rule4128d ago


Funny stuff!


MK_Red4128d ago

Wow this one is shorter but has much more funny jokes. Tacos RULE!

PS360WII4128d ago

Um, those shots were of root beer. They weren’t even spiked

sticky doja4128d ago

I feel his interview thing is quite different, although touching on the same subjects. I mean why can you be the only one that does a spoof on the next gen systems? If only one person was allowed to do something just because they did it first.....well we wouldn't have 3 great systems to be poking fun at right now.

cain1414128d ago

Thats not even close to the same thing as the article. The only similarity is they both poke fun at next gen consoles. It's not like the author is stealing your material, you just both have the same subject.

GameJunkieJim4128d ago

The inflection of tone doesn't come across well.

I like the interviews actually.

Sorry again.

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