Gran Turismo 5 French Documentary (now with subtitles)

Here is the documentary from Jeux Video at the Polyphony Digital studios, all about the upcoming Gran Turismo 5: now with Subtitles. In it you can hear the first confirmation of incar views, plus talk of the online portion of the game.

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techie3984d ago

We've only ever seen it in most of us had no idea what they were saying, so with subtitles, please approve :)

Loopy3984d ago

Fortunately, I'm not one of your most of us.
I also speak french :D

level 3603984d ago

Very nice, Hope Kazinori-san will also make it a point to visit some centers where they crash cars just to see how every elements of metal, rubber, plastic and other form reacts and to finally realize his vision for a more realistic damage mode simulation on the GranTurismo. It's good to hear that an ( in-car ) camera view will now be included and also an advanced weather format.

Deafman4203984d ago

This is what Microsoft needs to add as an option on their downloadable movies. Seriously

Maddens Raiders3983d ago so many things to say about that vid, but I'll keep it brief: I want that freakin' racing chair!lol and two Ford GT's like Kaz. Kaz you're one of the most pimpin' cats in Japan. See ya in the "Blu-room"

IQUITN4G3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Probably the only game that would make we purchase a PS3 - looking good.