PC World Review: Demon's Souls, The Hardest Game You've Ever Played

"Demon's Souls is hard. Harder than sailing through Nintendo's Punch-Out!! cheat-free. Harder than solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. Harder than luring CBS to feature you for ranking "top Guitar Hero III player in the world." Harder than scoring a fabled 3,333,360 points in Pac-Man…

Okay, maybe not harder than playing a perfect game of Pac-Man."

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LiquifiedArt3117d ago

if you take your time, you can get through levels on your 1st or 2nd try.

Prototype3116d ago

Took me 51 hours to successfully beat it first time; I will say some of the bosses are a joke to beat (3 bosses I beat without even taking damage while some took 5+ tries) but I will say its nice to play something that actually requires patience, skill, and timing.

My biggest gripe is going halfway through a stage alive only for some jack off to come kill me for a whole 3 souls I had on me at the time.

JoySticksFTW3116d ago

Think of your first time through a level as a trial period. You'll get killed, but now you know what you're in for and can plan accordingly.


Like the Mind Flayers (Octopus Head guards) in the 3-1 are DANGEROUS. But go there with the Anti-Magic Field spell or a spell-absorbing shield, and both them and the boss are nothing.

DonCorneo3117d ago

but it is hard to really focus.. so there..

fishd3117d ago

I still find it hard to belive that Demon's Souls came out of From Software :O

raztad3116d ago

Because SCE Japan was involved in this game too. See the opening credits.

Baba19063117d ago

stuck at 1-4 jebus i hate the blue dragon lol.

Prototype3116d ago

The Blue Dragon I used arrows on, I had the npc fire at it as well (he died :( may he rest in piece(s)) but wasn't too hard. I had more problems on that 1-2 Dragon that kept flying around it took me 200 arrows before I successfully killed it, Blue Dragon took about 75-80 and I was using Heavy Arrows on both

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