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IGN: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

IGN writes: "Over the years the Call of Duty series has set the bar for immersive, action-packed, cinematic FPS gaming, and no matter what camp you're from there's no denying the franchise's influence on the industry. When Infinity Ward moved from the classic World War II setting and blazed new ground with Modern Warfare we saw the first obvious split within the world of Call of Duty. The series dropped its historic focus, created a new cast of characters, and began treading on new ground by taking the first-person shooter genre to new locales, and pushing the boundaries of what military games are willing to show. With Modern Warfare 2, the sheer amount of hype has been practically inescapable, with preorders alone setting it up as one of the biggest selling games of all time, the addition of even more multiplayer modes and features, and the game's new Special Operations mode has set Infinity Ward's lastest up as the game to beat this year." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

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Sanzee  +   2125d ago
Infinity Ward Does It Again
Guess who just got his copy of MW2 after his number was drawn first at the local Gamestop launch party? That's right. Sanzee did!

Let's here it for yet another successful addition to the Call of Duty series, thanks to the hard work and determination from our friends @ Infinity Ward!
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Danteh  +   2125d ago
I think this is a great time to be gamers.... I'm sometimes a PS3 fanboy but accept that this game may compete with UC2 for GOTY, I mean it has trophies, (sometimes) better graphix, PSN is now on par with Live... what's not to love?

On another note, I also think that PS3 exclusives have to do MUCh more to get 10's, being original, innovating, etc... while MW2, which is just fun but not original, gets all the 10's.

Anyways, all MW2 haters out there, buy it a join the ranks of millions of happy PS3 gamers!

See ya on the battlefield
pangitkqb  +   2125d ago
Yawn. Another First Person Shooter with a 7 hour campaign...
and the same basic multiplayer formula as the previous two installments. Lets here it for incremental improvements! Who needs true artistic risk taking?
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Yarite  +   2125d ago

10 for graphics? The horrible plastic blotchy looking low-res textures do wonders for the game.

10 for sound? We all love the repeating dialogue and the guns which sound like toys.

What a joke. Seems like IGN are enjoying the Activision money-hats.
Bnet343  +   2125d ago
First off, congrats Sanzee, you lucky bastard :P. Second, getting my copy tomorrow, can't wait. It will be fun. The reviews are look nice, and IGN starts it off nice for others and might be GOTY 2009, need to play it myself to be the judge. To other players, see you online, play safe and enjoy. This is a great games we all have in our hands.
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2125d ago
Generic Warfare
Activision has some deep pockets
DarkMantrid  +   2125d ago
IGN has been giving alot of 9.5s lately it seems. I can accept that, but to give it a 10(!) in graphics?! dude...
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kraze07  +   2125d ago
You haters just won't give it a rest will you. If you don't like the game don't play it and don't talk sh!t about it.
Feral Gamer  +   2125d ago
"and the same basic multiplayer formula as the previous two installments. Lets here it for incremental improvements! Who needs true artistic risk taking?"

Doesn't stop people from buying 3.9 million copies of Madden 2010

Good call! I also avoid Madden. I think it's more exciting to catch a game on TV anyway. Go Vikes!
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villiers  +   2125d ago
Yeah it is a joke this gets a 10 for graphics whilst a game like Ratchet and Clank gets an 8.5 for graphics?

Other games like ACII, FFXIII and The Last Guardian deserve 9.5's-10's for there graphics yet they will probably get a 9 at max.

MW2 getting 10 for it's graphics is a joke and just cements IGN excepted money or there reviewers just have no clue.
pangitkqb  +   2125d ago
@ Feral
Exactly! I avoid that series too.
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
A 10 for graphics? Really? Well, there's no doubting that it's a great game, just not the year's best. That honor belongs to Demon's Souls or Uncharted 2.
Uncharted 2 wasn't an 'artistic risk taker,' yet turned out to be an excellent game. I hear you on MW2, though. It looks relatively derivative.
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anh_duong  +   2125d ago
i hate playing call of duty with French players, you usually get "host ended game" before any shots have been fired
beardpapa  +   2125d ago
Who here thinks 9.5 for MW2 is the "safety score" for IGN so that it is enough reason for them to give MW2 the GOTY to be "safe" just like what they did with Fallout ?
mugoldeneagle03  +   2125d ago
Ok, lets get it out of the way...
Is anyone shocked by their score? No. And I'm gonna try and post a intelligent comment before tomorrow morning when all the IW/Activision/MW haters wake up and litter this thread with ton's of hate. So bare with me.

In regards to the review, it's everything we thought it was, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. People forget how good COD4 was. And what IW, for better or for worse, did was take the best aspects of that game and add new features, weapons, perks, maps, etc. I mean, that's all I really want. Look at SOCOM Confrontation. It's without a doubt my favorite shooter of all time and if Zipper released a new SOCOM with all of the old SOCOM II maps, I'd drop $60 in a heartbeat. So when did it become a crime to be a fan of a game? Or a series?

We all KNEW it was going to get a 9.5, but after reading this review, and almost every other MW2 review posted within the last week, maybe its deserving? Yes, I'll agree that the graphics shouldn't be a 10, but they're far from bad. Not everything can compare with Killzone 2 & Uncharted, and to be completely honest I don't want everything at all to "look" like another game. I want COD to be COD, Uncharted to be Uncharted, Killzone to be Killzone. And this is coming from a PS3-only owner. Isn't that what makes gaming fun? The ability to choose any game with any style?

With that said, I find it really ridiculous and sad that the N4G community really stooped to levels I haven't seen before the last month. I get that IW screwed the PC community, that Activision cares about $ before the consumer, and that IW slipped up on the marketing a few times, but seriously, you guys need to stop whining.

I held this one back for awhile because I wanted to wait for almost all of the reviews to drop and now they have and here we are. Modern Warfare 2 is a great game for people who like Call of Duty, for people who like FPS, for people who WANT to buy the game. And if your not one of them, then why are you busy commenting on it. There are TONS of games that have released that you could be enjoying other than wasting our time on the boards.

And for the record, I'll be just as upset as all of you if this pulls a GTA IV and wins GOTY. I know as well as you that there are more deserving games Uncharted, Killzone, etc. This frustration stems simply from all of the comments I've read over the past month regarding MW2, and has all culminated now in the multiple high score reviews. Everyone talked about Activision and IW ruining the gaming industry when we as a commmunity aren't helping it either.

Thank you, and I'll be looking forward to picking this up tomorrow and playing with all of the other MW2 players out there.

PS: Sorry it was so long, and it's not directed towards any single post on this thread for those wondering.

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sack_boi  +   2125d ago
Unlike Killzone 2 or Uncharted, this game has "4 player Split-screen" mode and it's locked at 60fps.

So I'd say looking this good while achieving the above is just outstanding.
SL1M DADDY  +   2124d ago
Great score.
I laugh at all the haters of this game because I KNOW for a fact they will be at home on their PC, PS3 or 360 playing the game despite their claims of boycotts and anger towards Bobby and IW.
vhero  +   2124d ago
Still this game shouldn't have been released with the war going on in Afghanistan you can't help but think IW are cashing in on that and thats BAD TASTE. Making money out of UK and US soldiers dying for our countries.
nix  +   2124d ago
10 for graphics... lol. i laugh at you IGN.
reminds me of 10/10 for GTA IV.

hype. hype. hype.
Xbox Avatars Shoe  +   2124d ago
10 in graphics?! WTF?!
I just got done playing for 5 hours straight and I have to admit I was surprised by the IMPROVED graphics but a 10?! More like a 9-9.5. The graphics are actually much better than CoD4 but they're no where near as good as KZ2 and U2. IGN gave KZ2 a 9.5 in graphics LOLZ!
Tinted Eyes  +   2124d ago
Hehe, this is going to be a good game but....

COD:MW2 - 10 in graphics.

Killzone 2 - 9.5 in graphics.

Ahhh, the benefits of not being a PS3 exclusive.
nix  +   2124d ago
well.. if it was PS3 exclusive game...

too short.
brings nothing new.
poor graphics (sudden endless comparision with U2).
crappy online.


but how can anyone give low score to holier-than-thou-MM2 game.

hypocrites, that's all they are.
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callahan09  +   2124d ago
They only gave Killzone 2 a 9.5 in graphics. I'm sorry, but Mordern Warfare 2 does not deserve to be rated higher in graphics than Killzone 2. Killzone 2 came out 3/4 of a year ago, and it still has arguably the best graphics, and even back then they couldn't deign to give it a 10 for graphics? Something odd about that.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   2124d ago
Now nobody cannot deny IGN is biased against PS3 exclusives. Killzone 2 9.5 for graphics but MW2 a 10. Like they say you cant spell IGNORANT without IGN.

10-Graphics: MW2
"What was already an impressive graphical engine has only improved over the last two years. More effects, grander environments, and a truly spectacular overall visual offering."

9.5-Graphics Killzone 2
"Phenomenal visuals prove that Guerrilla either met or surpassed that infamous E3 trailer. Some technical issues hold it back from being a completely flawless masterpiece.
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tommygecko  +   2124d ago
killzone 2 was 30fps and sluggish. this is 60fps.
DaTruth  +   2124d ago
Why do you guys keep calling people MW2 haters? Most of the people complaining are buying the game!

It is just the poster boy for bad reviewing practices! It has al the things they usually hold against other games, rolled up into one, tossed in a box and then forgotten about!
LiquifiedArt  +   2124d ago
Been playing MW2 since Midnight
Solid game, but the reviews are obviously skewed.

A 10 for graphics is completely not true.

The controls are tight just like in cod4 though, easy to aim, easy to kill and best of all, does "what you want it to do".
ThanatosDMC  +   2124d ago
I played the game around 1am and the NVG really works. Anyway, do not play Killzone 2 hours before this game.

Also, for those that played it. Is that real? That sonar or whatever kind of detection radar system was that in the snow level? Do they have something like those in real life??? It reminded me way too much of AVP2.
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buzzie24  +   2124d ago
where's the trophies?
anyone know where the trophies are they arn't listed when you load the game?
thewhoopimen  +   2124d ago
ok just to clear up a fact
Ok for those brain farts up there who haven't deigned to read any articles, the game is not locked at 60 FPS for consoles it dips to the 30s in heavy scenes. So lets, stop using that as a technical one-upmanship over other titles in the genre, because frankly it doesn't have one. On the otherhand, I am staying out of the bias discussions. I boycott the game for tasteless depictions of massacres and asking the player to involve in it. Disliking the Activision money-grubbing helps too as does a 5 hr single campaign. I'd rather spend it on AC2 or BFBC2... fair enough?
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Unending Punishment  +   2124d ago
GotY 2009 for sure, easily beat Halo 3 ODST and Uncharted 2.
Blaze929  +   2124d ago
IGN just looses more and more credibility everyday. When you go corporate you can't really trust these kinda guys and reviews anymore. Stick to people who actually play the games and spend hard earned money on them.

IGN is a joke.
Maddens Raiders  +   2124d ago
IGN: Imagine Games Network? -
nah.... Inconsistent Gamescore Network.

enough is enough.

10 graphics? FAIL
JBaby343  +   2124d ago
I Just Lost a Lot of Respect For IGN Right Now
MW2 is definitely a good game but rating graphics higher than KZ2 is ridiculous.

Multiplat benefits.
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Shepherd 214  +   2124d ago
ya know its only on n4g that i see people putting PS3 graphics on such a high pedestal. Only n4g. Friends, review sites, random online gamers, no one including me thinks the graphics of uncharted 2 or killzone 2 are so high that nothing can compete with them except for the ghosts and trolls on this stupid site. Its funny and pathetic really. Modern Warfare 2 looks like a great game btw.
nycredude  +   2124d ago

Go check meta or game rankings and see how many publications are praising Uncharted 2 as the best console graphics out. And go see how many people are saying the same for any other game. You could say whatever you want about N4g but if you have eyes and don't have your fanboy hat on then it's obvious which games look the best on consoles! I have the Ps3 and the xbox and they both have their benefits and shortcomings, but to think Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 has any competition in the graphics department is delusional.
Imalwaysright  +   2124d ago
Couldnt agree more Nix. I realized that those so called "professional" reviewers were hypocrites when they were all giving GTA IV 10/10. That is why i wait for some of my friends to play these overhyped titles and ask their opinion before buying them .
Elaine Benes  +   2124d ago
my NVGs dont work. wtf.
Saaking  +   2124d ago
9.5? Seems honest reviews are now a thing of the past. If this was true than UC2 deserved a 12/10
Shepherd 214  +   2124d ago
You say i have a "fanboy hat" on, but i could very well say the same thing about you or many others on this site. When the first screens of Uncharted 2 came out i was shocked that the graphics were getting praised as much as they were(only from those on this site). its a great looking game of course, but damn they arent the best ever. I personally think Killzone 2 looks better, and even MGS4 looks better than UC2, there are sections in the environment in MGS4 that look much more photorealistic than from what ive seen in UC2.
Kleptic  +   2124d ago
I don't find anything wrong with this review...the graphics have improved also by the way; I totally agree that the mp engine now looks better than cod 4's sp...which is saying something...is it killzone 2 overall visually?...no, not exactly...the tech simply isn't there...so not sure what scale they are using for a 10 in visuals...but whatever, cod 4 was up to this point easily one of the best looking shooters of this gen...and if MW2 is better than cod 4, its simply that much closer to killzone 2...

anyway though...multiplatform games are always safe...the media feels 'everyone is happy' when a big successful multiplat releases...and the fanboys simply do one of two things...play it down compared to their exclusives...or ignore that its multiplat and use it as leverage to justify their preference...and neither matters...there is NO QUESTION that if it this was exclusive to either system that owners of that system would be hysterical about it...its an amazing game...

who cares that its multiplatform...its pretty much the best multiplayer game avaiable right now...I absolutely loved killzone 2, but there is no doubt that you get a lot more content with mw2 for the money...and they are different enough gameplay wise that it really comes down to what type of competitive multiplayer you want right now...

I am simply glad that action games like this still get the most headlines and attention...they are the games i love to play...and with the strength of the wii over the last few years; its very refreshing to know that pretty much no one that enjoys playing video games is even interested in that thing...when a game like MW2 gets the most attention...it means developers will keep making them...and that is all I care about...
jhooty14  +   2125d ago
rumor was true then? (gave it 9.5)

cant wait to have this in my hands :P
Sanzee  +   2125d ago
9.5 indeed
Yes it was! When I opened the review, I was 90% sure it would be a 9.5 because of the glitch that user saw on IGN's MW2 page.
AKNAA  +   2125d ago
whats funny is that..
Ign daily quick fix video was denying how they didn't even review the game yet and the score was false, yet they rate the final game the exact same as the rumor glitch(9.5)?? LOL! kinda makes them look dumb now.
#2.2 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DaTruth  +   2124d ago
That just proves they had the score before they even reviewed the game?

"MW2 is coming out next year, what do you think guys 9.5 or 9.8?"
BRG9000  +   2124d ago
I think all it proves is that they had an early copy of the game and wrote the review last week. As did most review sites. Activision's embargo held all these reviews until midnight last night, it wasn't because all the reviewers were waiting on their preorders.
rogimusprime  +   2124d ago
why did IGN
wait so long to release this review? they really sat on it until launch day? WTF?

I understand the legalese, but opens the door for speculation on who is pulling the strings over at IGN.
Shepherd 214  +   2124d ago
id be willing to bet IGN doesnt think its as big a deal as you do.
BRG9000  +   2124d ago
It's called an embargo. Activision provides reviewers with advance copies of the game on the condition that they do not post their reviews until whatever date/time Activision sets (in this case, the moment it launches). The reviewers are not legally bound to respect the embargo, but if they break it Activision will stop sending them review copies of games in the future. This is a pretty standard thing that most publishers do, though a lot of the time the embargo date is a little bit before the release date.

You'll notice most large game sites posted their reviews last night or will be posting them today. The only reviews out before today were from smaller sites that probably got their copy from a store that broke street date and thus were under no obligation to Activison.
AKNAA  +   2124d ago
@Shepherd 214
It it weren't a big of a deal to them, why did they even mention it on their daily fix wrap-up video?? I'd say thats going out of their way to cover up don't you think?? if they denied it to that extent, couldn't they just add or deduct 1 point to prove that they aren't liars...

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BRG9000  +   2124d ago
Well changing their review score based on something irrelevant to the game like that would be a bigger hit to their credibility than most of the accusations flying on this thread.

Fact is, we'll probably never know whether that leak was real or not. People will pick a side of the debate at random, argue it passionately for about 4 days, then everyone will forget all about it.
The Shadow  +   2124d ago
If the story was short, why 9.5? They should lowered the score like 8.5 or 8.7, somewhere within the range.

Anyway MW1 and MW2 should focus on the longer campaign. The multiplayer should just be the bonus. 80% campaign and 20% multiplayer,not the other way around.

Take COD 2 for example, I really enjoyed the single player campaign. It was so memorable.
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Cyrax_87  +   2125d ago
Lol been playing it all morning.
1 good thing about AUS gaming = we get worldwide released games first!
DaTruth  +   2124d ago
You probably even beat the North American midnight launches!
greatjimbo78  +   2124d ago
How can anyone disagree with his statement? He's from Australia, so that means their time is ahead of everyone’s, how can you disagree with a fact? Unless some of you don't understand geography.

If I could post a facepalm right now, I would.
fanboi hater  +   2125d ago
great good game BUT
disagrees start now....
10 graphics are you kidding me that is all.
Cyrax_87  +   2125d ago
"10 graphics are you kidding me that is all."
No disagrees needed, it's true. This just proves that overated games like CoD and GTA will get perfect scores no matter how obvious some flaws are. Imagine if Uncharted 2 was multiplat, it'll have a metacritic score of 99.
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CrippleH  +   2125d ago
shhh it's not safe to say things like that on a multi plat game.
Noob  +   2125d ago
Double standard
When they reviewed Ratchet, they used Uncharted 2 as a benchmark and gave the graphics an 8.5. Halo ODST comes around and gets a 9 in graphics, despite it looking the same and still not HD. It gets a "pass", right? Remember, Ratchet is the game that's 720p(HD), 60fps, has improved lighting, and improved animations, but still get an 8.5 in graphics. Go figure.

@ below

Besides the bloom effect and more color, it didn't change much at all.

In no way does this game "raise the bar" in graphics department. If anything, it lowers them.
#5.3 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
Graphics also take into account art style and design. It's not all about resolution...
callahan09  +   2124d ago
They gave an 8.5 in graphics to A Crack in Time and a 9 to ODST? That's insane. I've got A Crack in Time, and the graphics are excellent. When you've got a dynamo of devastation, a mr. zurkon, some tesla spikes, and a rift out, and then start up the RYNO, you're looking at one hell of a scene. There's so much going on, and the frame-rate never dips once. It's very impressive. I just rented ODST, and I've got say, this game has absolutely terrible graphics. That's right, I said it. I'm not even going to call them "mediocre." They're simply bad. There is an insane amount of aliasing and the textures are muddy as hell, and while the frame-rate is smooth, there's an awful lot of texture pop-in. It's not even close to "attractive" it's quite ugly to look at, in my opinion. I can't believe it scored nearly the same graphics score as Killzone 2. Halo 3 wasn't a beautiful game when it first came out, and 2 years on, ODST looks downright awful in comparison to literally every other big-ticket game that's come out in 2009.
Pennywise  +   2124d ago
I think I am done with all major sites. They are so out of touch with the gamer. All they care about is the politics.
ThanatosDMC  +   2124d ago
All they care about is money or the free stuff they get from the publisher.
KionicWarlord222  +   2125d ago
This game is the bomb !
Bnet343  +   2125d ago
LOL you sent me an invite you bastard!! lol I don;t have the game yet :P
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2125d ago
a 10 in graphics? really? I lost faith in the media.
dalibor  +   2125d ago
I lost faith about a year or two ago haha. Things just did not add up then & they still don't add up now. The best review is your own imo.
Cunnin-English  +   2125d ago
I just got the game for £26 at sainsburys the last one in the store.. 400 copys sold within 20 minutes and i can say it doesnt deserve anymore than a nine in graphics.. and how they can give killzone 2 a 9.5 and rate this on the same level as Uncharted 2 i'll never know apart from that its a really good game..
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kaaos666  +   2125d ago
I'm so sick of this crap,fps games get way to much praise.
DigitalAnalog  +   2125d ago

9.5 OH REALLY???


"What was already an impressive graphical engine has only improved over the last two years. "


This is too much IGN, REALLY NOW......*wipes tears.........
iistuii  +   2125d ago
Grow up you fool
It's a great game, get over it.
DigitalAnalog  +   2124d ago
Sorry, your comment doesn't make sense. Even scoring an 8.0 is a great game and that is what MW2 should've received.
pangitkqb  +   2125d ago
@ Feral
Yup. Madden is another repetitive series, but at least it is restricted by the fact that Football has certain, long established, real world rules. But thanks for another good example of lack of creativity! I owe you one.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2124d ago
You must hate Killzone 2 than huh?
callahan09  +   2124d ago
This argument that Killzone 2 lacked creativity or originality or was generic, it makes absolutely no sense to me. That game is one of the unique and completely different FPS games out there. It doesn't look or feel like any other FPS, it just in general is a very different kind of FPS. It's very tactical and requires the use of cover, which is not completely unique in gaming, but it was definitely new for an FPS of its kind. It's got unique level designs and mission structure, and it has an absolutely awesome antagonist and it has fun boss fights that harken back to the old days of action games. You don't get boss fights like that in FPS games anymore. And the multiplayer introduced a lot of interesting ideas, as well.
crematory  +   2125d ago
9.5 my ASS(campers on duty here we go)
1- horrible connection peer to peer with 2 fkin yellow bar
2- very damm short campaign,yea its epic but too short for $60
3- developers encouraging camping by adding more kill streak awards,
4- same dumb 2 years old engine
5- more noob perks ,
6- give me 4 signals+steady aim+stoping power= any one can dominate
7- cheap greedy company they earn billions but not think to implement dedicated servers
8- local host search not working most of the time kudos to tryarch
9- for some reason this game is full of player act like kids

i cant understand people obsession with that game!!!!!!
(sorry english not my native)
#13 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
blahblah123  +   2125d ago
its a timesink for sure
9.5? no way. Bozon gave the game 10 for graphics because he's been reviewing Wii games for 3 years. I give it an 8.0 at the most.

Just put in 3 hours on the MP over PSN. I don't even bother with the SP, I know its garbage, the last one was. Checkpoint running is oh so 1996.


- Runs smooth
- Great killstreak perks
- Much better sound effects
- Play speed is still fast


- Despite host migration, 3 games ended for loss of connection. Nothing changes....
- Graphics on some maps are really crappy. The high rise map with the helicopter pad looks might as well be from Perfect Dark N64. (exaggerating but you get the idea)
- After 10 minutes I could only think this really isn't much of a upgrade.


- MP delivers, but not really much of a jump from COD4. I never bothered with WaW
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JonnyBigBoss  +   2125d ago
This game is beastly. I can't wait to play later today.
kaaos666  +   2125d ago
If UC2 doesn't get GOTY it's bullshit.
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
Let's play this game before we pass judgments. I agree with you that so far, Uncharted 2 is hands-down the most impressive game of 2009, on all consoles. It should win GOTY, but let's not get too feisty.
ipe  +   2125d ago
my friend
i agree 100%,single player is really good,but i wasnt that impressed with mp.As u said still lag problems(p2p),still lost connections,migration can sometimes affect match,blood effect is not done very well,perks unbalanced,and i think with every game ey re making it more noobish with perks,completelly ignoring some1s skill.
Still noob game..

review,10 graphics and sound??Why im not surprised.

For me its not more than 8/10.
El Nino  +   2125d ago
IGN lost alot of credibility years ago, weather its a 10 for graphics or not, IGN was gonna give it a ten even if it looked like a nes game

I love the game, managed to get on it a few days ago, i think it deserves alot of praise
i loved cod4 and IW, you know you gamers are quite fickle, if its a drastic improvement you dislike it and if its only a slight improvement you moan about it. Take Resistance fom, great game, seriously one of the best games i've played this next gen, decent graphics but so much fun, then Insomniac ruined resistance2 by changing so much, have u ever heard the saying, if its not broke dont fix it, well i'm fine with that in gaming, especially with sequels on the same gen console

but back to IGN, they lost credibility with gta4, but it goes back much futher than that, its just everyone played gta4 and was like, wtf, this isnt a 10 out of 10 game, they said 10/10 doesnt mean its perfect, well sorry but yes it does, or it means its the best of the best, how can something be better than its predeccesor (s.a) which had more stuff in it.

If they want credibility use games like uc2, cod mw2 as a bench mark
i.e, graphics...a 10/10 is uncharted 2, codmw2 and yes i own it and clocked the story a couple of days ago n done a few hours on multiplayer should be a 8.5

lasting appeal mw2 should be a 10/10 because i know how many people spent 2 years on cod4 n this will be no different

but they dont, there idiots

Go and play one of the first levels in afghanistan on mw2 or even the prison level on the gulag, and take a look at price or shephard, do either of them look as good as harry flynn, nathan drake or elena???

NO! nowhere near, does the environments (snow for example) look as good as uc2??? No again

well apparantly IGN thinks it at least matches it
there a joke, nuff said i think.
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kaaos666  +   2125d ago
Im just saying FPS get way to much praise.
Dutch Boogie  +   2125d ago
lol 10 for graphics. If that's the case lets all give Wii games a 10 also. What a joke of a review. Oh well, one less viewer they lose for their stupidity.
jkhan  +   2125d ago
10 for graphics, really? i haven't played the game yet and i will most probably playing the singleplayer on pc only, but from the videos i have seen. A 10? Please tell me if i am wrong, but isn't this running at 600 something resolution? I mean how can they give it 10. It's not like they are doing something extra ordinary in art department like heavenly swords or other fantasy games.
unrealgamer58  +   2125d ago
10 for graphics even a hardcore COD fan's gotta smell bullsh!t

SolidMGSnake  +   2125d ago
Their NVG goggles review
hmm..apparently the page is down. Anyway im glad the goggles arent complete utter crap.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2125d ago
I don't get it.
Why is it that IGN feels that Campaign mode is worth only 5 tenths of a point? I'm sorry if the campaign is only 5 hours long and lacks any real story shouldn't they knock the game down in score to at least an 8.5? I know everyone loves the multiplayer but when have any of you ever heard that the Campaign just feels tacked on. Maybe they should just spare us next time and release a new online only game. Maybe save us all 20 bucks.
cpuchess  +   2124d ago
Online only would be fine with me, I couldn't care less about the campaign. For single player I would rather play against some good AI, good being the key.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2124d ago
I swear when a game reaches at a high level of popularity like COD than you get the haters. Halo is a prime example of a game that gets fantastic scores and gets tons of angry kids.

Anyway this game is straight rape. Anybody who is a fan of FPSs will be an idiot not to pick this up.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2124d ago
IGN gave Warhawk an 88. And Warhawk is a fraction of a game compared to MW2. So please stop complaining kids.
Pumbli  +   2124d ago
"Warhawk is a fraction of a game compared to MW2"

That's just your opinion.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2124d ago
Please enlighten me than how you think Warhawk is not a fraction of MW2. Oh man this should be fun. :)

EDIT* First of all your complaining about $20 and your 27 years old??? Secondly if you had a problem with this game than why did you buy it? It seems like your the type of person that just complain about minor things like this so you should of waited till a few reviews to get the scoop.
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The_Zeitgeist  +   2124d ago
Dude I'm 27 years old and I am pissed that I spent 60 bucks of my hard earned cash on a game that could easily have been released as an online only game and spared me 20 bucks.
nolifeking  +   2124d ago
Warhawk was always known as an MP only game and was sold for $40. you fail at simple comparisons.

Edit:And it scored lower so what the hell is your point?

Edit2: limited levels? You mean the ones that were as big as 3 COD maps? Weapons? Okay Cod has more granted, but it should considering a lot of them are variations of each other. The gametypes in COD are the same ones we've been playing for years with different names, I'm not impressed. Having a campaign for the sake of having a campaign isn't really something to boast about.
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Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2124d ago
Okay so your saying Warhawk's limited levels, weapons, gametypes, and zero campaign was worth $40???

But you have a problem with MW2 that has MUCH more levels, weapons, gametypes, and a campaign for $20 more???

Hypocrites. You guys are just complaining to much.
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kornbeaner  +   2124d ago
Know what you get for $40. Huge maps, It would take about 5-6 CoD4 maps to measure out to the same of a full Warhawk map. Vechicles: Warhawks, Tanks, Jeeps, Motorcycle W/side cart. Dedicated servers which hold 32-player fights with actual ping numbers not meters so you know what your getting as far as connection. Weapons: Sniper rifle(that has a purpose), Auto-Rifle, Land Mines, Bazooka's, C4, hand guns. And you still have $20 left over which is enough to buy all 3 DLC packs which offers new maps, locations and Map specific weapons. If you bought early enough and some are still floating around out there you got a bluetooth head set which was functional enough to use on all your PS3 games and still had $5 left over to buy yourself something to eat. For $60 bucks it seems like you get a whole lot of game with Warhawk.
Pumbli  +   2124d ago
Well I didn't like Warhawk much myself, it's a good game, just not my style. I bet there will be hundreds of people out there who will keep enjoying Warhawk even though MW2 is out.

I think MW2 will be better (since I enjoy FPS more then TPS) but that's just my opinion.
DaTruth  +   2124d ago
Half the people on my friends list still play Warhawk! To be fair, half the map is a mirror of the other half.

I skipped RFOM's multiplayer, because I wasn't into multiplayer. Warhawk made me spend hundreds of hours and was completely its own game, unlike these other games that are just copies of Doom!
voice_of_ reason  +   2124d ago
10-Graphics: MW2
"What was already an impressive graphical engine has only improved over the last two years. More effects, grander environments, and a truly spectacular overall visual offering."

9.5-Graphics Killzone 2
"Phenomenal visuals prove that Guerrilla either met or surpassed that infamous E3 trailer. Some technical issues hold it back from being a completely flawless masterpiece."

I fail to see the logic in such scoring. They say KZ2 met/passed the quality of a CGI video, yet, was held back by "technical issues". Am I to believe then that MW2 is technically flawless and a graphical masterpiece? I have no problem with them giving MW2 a 9.5 (or even a 10 if it merits it) but I can't stand ridiculous double standards. Why does MW2 get a pass on (as IGN says in their review) a weak storyline, short campaign, etc... but KZ2 does not? I have played both, KZ2 and MW2, and graphically MW2 does not hold a candle to KZ2. MW2 does however offer a much better overall package and is just fun as hell to play (KZ2 isn't everyone's cup of tea). I just wish the hypocrisy would end. If you knock a game for one thing, then you better knock another game for the same thing.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2124d ago
Mr Tretton  +   2124d ago
agreed voice of reason...the answer?...is advertising money. One company has more to offer in those regards, therefore they get better, illogical praise.

Gaming journalism is f*cked. With that being said, I'm not one to have ever he a part of all this BS anyway. I'm a gamer, tried and true, and my copy is in the mail this afternoon.
kraze07  +   2124d ago
Yeah, it sucks. This is why I stopped paying attention to reviews. Whenever I have the money to spare and I'm curious to see how good a game is I buy it. Most of the time the games tend to be better than how good or bad reviewers say they are.
voice_of_ reason  +   2124d ago
Obviously it is all about money, otherwise they would not still be in business. Which is fine, that's not my gripe. I don't think there is some grand conspiracy at IGN or in the gaming industry... it's just there is absolutely zero standard grading scale.. it is all subjective. They have broad categories to judge a game off of, and there is little coordination between people in the gaming site. For example, if they give Uncharted 2 a 10 in graphics, then that should be the current standard and everything else should get lower than that unless it is actually better. Clearly, MW2 does not look better than Uncharted 2. Guess I'm just nostalgic for the way they rated game in magazines, before the internet took off lol.
And, I wish I could stop paying attention to reviews, but games cost way too much to just wing it and buy a game without a little research.
flirt_games  +   2124d ago
Thats because IGN are idiots...
Their brand of journalism needs to die an instant death...
I hope their website dies... Dont visit their site to give hits... or if you are addicted...visit using adblock...
LiquifiedArt  +   2124d ago
I have MW2
the graphics are not killzone, uncharted, MGS4 or any other big namer ps3 game's level.

The xbox fans are grasping at straws, because of an overall inferior system. With a (PAID FOR) SLIGHTLY superior operating system.
Neo604  +   2124d ago
they have to try to fit it in 1 dvd.
damn gimpbox3fixme.
kornbeaner  +   2124d ago
Rent this game.....
I preferred MW1 on PC but seeing as they butchered the MP on PC. I'll rent to play SP might jump on MP for a few battle, but doubt that it will be much different then MW1 to the point I would want to pay $60 for it.
MajestieBeast  +   2124d ago
Some of the reviewers already fapped off on there copy off mw2.
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