Unreal Tournament 3 release date confirmed - Bad choice perhaps?

It seems USA get to sample EPICs' offering of the latest Unreal Tournament 3 this year on September 3rd, whilst Europe has to wait until 28th September...

However it may seem either EPIC have forgotten something very important or they do not care as a top title exclusive to Xbox 360 hits this year on September 26th for Europe...Which is HALO 3!

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Ru4190d ago

I have All the BlockBuster Titles pre-ordered, and will be picking them all up on release date.
No matter if I have no time to play them all right away.

gta_cb4189d ago

well looks like your going to be sorted all thru past september then =)

SuperSaiyan44190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Far too many games coming out all too close together imo especially since having both a 360 and PS3. But common sense says but the games that I will play a lot and save the others to when I am bored so I have a choice later on.

But given the fact that HALO 3 is a huge AAA title its rather silly for EPIC to delay the game for Europe 2 days later.

If UT3 is region free like Gears of war I am sure many will just import it to wet their appettite until HALO 3 is released.

Note: The link works fine if it doesnt try this:

Neutral Gamer4190d ago

Mate, I've tried the link you just gave and the source link and I'm just getting a webpage which has story titles none of which have anything to do with UT3.

I've attached a screenshot of the page I'm getting; I've selected the text otherwise it's hard to see. Don't know whether it's just a few of us who are having problems with the site.

TnS4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Shame on everyone who approved with the broken link...
By the way, this is not confirmation, still guessing, and thus duplicate of:

Neutral Gamer4190d ago

I see that you've updated the link in your comment and it works now. How about adding an update to the article to give people the new link straight away?

Cheers :)

Husso4190d ago

halo sucks it looks like aold gen game, ur3 pwns it in every way.

Antan4190d ago

Its comments like this that will lose you bubbles! Thats not exactly a reason to dislike now is it? Why dont you like it? speak like an adult.

gta_cb4189d ago

yeh like Antan said, comments like this will loose you bubbles, maybe instead of saying that, say i dont like the way it looks like an old gen blah blah blah.... anyway back to the topic i dont mind when it comes out, i will buy all the games i like the look of, and well i dont mind having to choose between the good ones..... hopefully

SuperSaiyan44190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

What was the point of your post? Why is it the fanbabies always have severe difficulty in spelling and grammar?

And what on earth is ur3?? I think you meant UT3 *rolls eyes*

I hope EPIC delay the game or release it earlier, however sorry if I sound selfish as I know the game is for PS3 as well and many PS3 gamers will want this game early at best as its a top title.

But am sure more sales can be generated if the game was released at least a month or 2 after HALO 3.

Have updated the link:

If that still doesnt work do a search on PSU for Unreal Tournmanet 3 then its a few options down headed 'Unreal Tournament 3 to be very real in September...'

MK_Red4190d ago

Epic wants to show people that UT is the true FPS not Halo. UT3 > Halo3.

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The story is too old to be commented.