Disney Not Issuing Badder Santa on HD DVD

Some of you may have seen a story today concerning a Disney film being released on HD DVD. This is categorically false and a typo from the offending website IMDB. Here is what the head of Disney said just two weeks ago:

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DJ4215d ago

a little less sweeter for the HD-DVD camp.

nice_cuppa4215d ago

so they couldnt have changed there minds before yesterday then ?

i dont buy hd-dvd or blu(what the hell is that)ray movies as i think both will be dead before they establish a winner .

hd (high def) to hd (hard drive) ftw !

ITR4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

So basically they are sourcing the old May 11th interview as proof.

An offical statement from Disney would give more proof then anything else.

If IMDb did make a typo I have a feeling they would issue a retraction.

Currently Apple has more influence in Disney then the CEO.

If Apple stay's BD then Disney will follow suit. Currently though Apple's loyality to BD is in question. No BD drive on a Mac and nothing thus far planned. Rumor has it, a hybrid drive is in the works as support for both formats can be seen in Apple's next OS Leopard, which will release in Oct.


Apple/Disney/Google are sort of like peas in a pod..they all tend to follow each other.

Apple sales Pixar to Disney.
Disney throws it's weight behind itunes with some of the first music and movies to DL.
Google's CEO jumps on Apple's board of directors....then Gmail/GMaps and other apps appear on Apple's new iPhone as std software.

Now I'm going to bed.

Laka4215d ago

Two weeks old article

Shaka2K64215d ago

Ha! h-dvd fanboys can try to get a life now.

Mr Murda4214d ago

By making a comment like that, well, you may wanna look in the mirror.

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The story is too old to be commented.