Resistance Download Content- Invading June 7th

This June 7th, you'll be able to get your global frag-on worldwide with, Resistance Fall of Man.

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Robotz Rule3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I can't wait to pwnd people in Europe:)


The new downloadable content looks sweet!

To see a preview and video of the two new maps,click on the link below,and no,it won't be free,I'll cost $7.99



+Bubble+ for you,well said!


My thoughts exactly:)

Short_E3918d ago

oh no dont tell me you have to pay for somthing on the playstation store!


this game is @rse

warfed3918d ago

why don't you get a life? shouldn't you be in the xbox section anyways...

icechai3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

the original source of the article is linked from Greg's sig... he talks a bit more

Blasphemy3918d ago

Well you have to be registered to see the original to see the original source I am thinking that is why he did not link it.

icechai3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

"First off: introductions. My name is Greg Phillips, and I'm a line producer here at SCEA. For the past seven years, I've been fortunate enough to work with Insomniac Games on everything from Spyro the Dragon 2 and 3 as a tester to every Ratchet & Clank game and most recently Resistance: Fall of Man in my current role. More than anything else, my job is to manage some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of development, allowing Insomniac to focus on what they do best; making great games. Well, that and I get to play and offer feedback on said great games long before anyone else.

With May nearing it's twilight, a fair number of you have been asking: "Where are the new maps? Where is the downloadable content I had read about on Gamespy ( And, for those of you that have become Infected ( I've seen the FAQ and I want to know when it'll be available!” Well, we're finally ready to announce the worldwide release date of the content update, as well as the release date for the Japanese and US map packs, and that is June 7th. More info on the European map pack release date coming soon.

(pin drops)

At this point, a lot of you are probably wondering 'wait, what? They had said the content will be ready by the end of May, and the Gamespy article even said they were in submissions?? What gives?'. I'm here to answer that. The map pack has completed the approval process, and the content update is in the final day of testing worldwide. The DLC, itself, is on track and ready to go as promised by Insomniac back in March. The reason for the delay is we (SCEA) needed a little extra time to get the global servers locked in and ready for thousands of players to come knocking. We would rather have a short delay and continue to deliver on our over the top, online experience. So, on June 7th get ready to invade the new maps and LAARK someone in Europe from the confines of your couch on the West Coast. Of course, you can still expect other enhancements to the online experience. See you online! I'll also be responding to comments you guys and gals may have, both good at bad, so please post here if you've got something to say. My board handle name is 'Secret Agent Clank'.

Greg Phillips

marcindpol3918d ago

fcuk you sony, for fcuking us ero gamers once again!!!
simple as thet!!!

3918d ago
ER1X3918d ago

Kind of ticked that it's delayed after months of talk but Insomniac kicks so much ass I guess I'll let them slide on this one. :P

Kleptic3918d ago

haha yeah...When I heard "new maps and content for April" back in march, I figured that meant June...

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