PS3 Exclusivity for Haze Could be a Mistake

Gameplayer argues the commercial merits of PS3 exclusivity for Haze and how such a ploy could blow up in Ubisoft's face.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

I bet this BS gets approved..Simply Fud thats why I appove FUD 360 stories...So enjoy your towels and around Xmas u already have your red lights out.... Also this guy fails to mention that most new Ips arent good...look at gears it was a new Ip did great (it had great marketing and innovative gameplay ) Which this game has both of from wat I seen so this guy can blow a big fat....u know wat

soccerstar4214d ago

i wouldnt say gears had innovative gameplay, just a fast paced RE4, but it is a ton of fun

Lord Anubis4214d ago

well, Haze it's not exclusive to PS3 and like I stated on the report the article is based on a false assumption.

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Sevir044214d ago

dont make this sight already worse that it's getting. HAZE may not be a no questions asked exclusive it is very much so a timed one, which still equates to exclusive time on the ps3 because the press release has the other 2 version coming out early spring next year. we know you love your 360 but dont go around bashing another because they love there choice of entertainment. devs seem to like working for the ps3 because all the major titles have ps3 as the common factor, unless MS goes out and purchases a few titles to keep them for exclusive... thats why Saints row was coming for ps3 and then got canned because pre production had already started with the same assessts on ps3 for saints row 2, so get over yourself, nobody here is calling you a [email protected] because you own a 360. you need to show some intelligence and stop acting like a damn 12 year old with this senseless name calling, are you an adult or are you still going through middle school?

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chrno64214d ago

We all know that it's a timed exclusive...

ErcsYou4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

blowing up in ubisofts face??? isn't ubi making a 360 exclusive title also?? sounds like someone is mad that the ps3 gets ONE timed exclusive. its not like ubi is jumping ships. they figure 360 players will be playing halo and ubi wants haze to be the ps3 fps of september " so we have something to defend ourselves with when the leviathan known as HALO 3 combat evolved replaces gears as the weapon of choice for the majority of gamers"
EDIT: i see a disagree...i know , i know..there will also be heavenly sword , lair , warhawk, and some off the hook KZ2 gameplay but a great ps3 fps would be a great seller .

SF49er4084214d ago

I only have a 360 and i wont have the time to play it. I can only get 4 games at a time from gamefly and ill have to coordinate halo 3, mass effect, assassins creed, bioshock, blue dragon, brothers in arms 3, and splinter cell, and lost odyssey. then next year we got fable and probley gears of war 2. id like them to release it in february or march add a little polish and give it to me then otherwise ill forget about it till later. still looks sick. i hope ms gets a stripped down version of crisis on 360. pc to 360 seems like the way to go now. better cause i dont wanna buy a new pc and crysis is so sick. haze looks nearly identical but nothing will beat the next generation of pc games.

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The story is too old to be commented.