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Yahoo: When Infinity Ward moved their flagship first person shooter title, Call of Duty, from its traditional World War II setting to more contemporary battlefields, they not only rebooted the series but also the entire genre. Stylish and inventive in equal parts, Modern Warfare captured and exaggerated the fire and bombast of modern warfare in an irresistible way. For this, undoubtedly the most widely anticipated sequel of the year, the developer has primarily built upon the first game's successes rather than attempting to reinvent them, a wise decision that pays off handsomely.

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monkey6023118d ago

I haven't been all that excited for this game over the last while. I know it's going to be great. I'd be lying though if I said I wasn't comtemplating running down to buy it as soon as. Gotta admit seeing all my friends getting excited and planning mad sessions of it, really makes me want to be a part of it too.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213118d ago

You should get it especially if you liked COD4. I got the game on Sunday and have been playing it online obsessively.

monkey6023118d ago

I loved COD4, Hated [email protected] though. Worst of all I'm extremely fed up of the military FPS genre but the game looks good and as I said I really want to be able to have fun on it with my friends. At the end of it all that is what gaming is about, not these BS politics going on lately

Noctis Aftermath3118d ago

5/5 i smell a payed-for review.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

oh damn... Why did I get 5 disagrees for showing my interest with the game? Am I not allowed to have fun with the game?

and by the way Killzone 2 still is my #1 FPS this generation

mugoldeneagle033118d ago

That's exactly the reason I'll be purchasing MW2. I get that IW screwed the PC community, I get that they made poor choices in marketing, and I get that some people don't like the idea of "COD4 1.5", but after getting laid off from my job and not being able to find work might budget is extremely tight and I'm going to want to play games that my friends will play the most, and I know at least 20-30+ people buying MW2.

And even if it is "COD4 1.5", COD4 was one of the best shooters I've played this generation, probably my most played shooter since SOCOM II. So I'll be looking forward to it.

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superfedya3118d ago

5/5? With PS2-like graphics?

mintaro3118d ago

You must've had the most powerful PS2 on the planet.

sukru3118d ago

Can you name one game on the PS2 that has comparable graphics to MW2?

theEnemy3117d ago

CoD:MW2's graphic ain't no Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 in the graphics department but saying it's has a PS2-like graphics? You're just plain stupid if you are serious about that.

NecrumSlavery3118d ago

5/5 are fair scores for this game, but any 10/10, 100/100, or A+ shouldn't be taken the same. MW2 isn't perfect. But to avoid the "MW2 vs Uncharted 2" shenanigans, I'll say whatever. Yet another fanboy war will rage. I am planning on picking this up for PS3, but don't forget all the good games out there. And Killzone 2 is still the best shooter of 2009.

chrisulloa3118d ago

KZ2 isn't the best shooter of 2009, I promise.

talltony3118d ago

Halo odst isn't the best shooter of 2009, I promise.

Anyways killzone is just a different flavor than mw2. Mw2 is more of a twitch shooter and killzone 2 is more tactical.

NecrumSlavery3118d ago

No Killzone 2 is the best shooter of this year, but like is much different. One is a light floaty gun, chapter based, fast paced FPS,...while the other is slower, more epic war driven, tactical, but with bigger set pieces and team themed online. Oh and stellar visuals you can't find on any other console shooter.

ReviewsArePolitics3117d ago

"KZ2 isn't the best shooter of 2009, I promise. "

1. You didn't play it
2. I still agree because Uncharted 2 is the best shooter for 2009

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ZombieNinjaPanda3118d ago

Here's the industry double standards.

Everything that is flawed about this game, is overlooked, and it's given a 5/5 or a 10/10.

Why should the video game industry be taken seriously like this?

mintaro3118d ago

What exactly is flawed.

ZombieNinjaPanda3118d ago


Obviously in this article, the reviewer wasn't even able to bring it upon himself to give us a real review and list any flaws of the game, but I've read many of the reviews, listing several flaws of the game, (longevity being an example that pops to head instantly).

Yet even with negatives such as this, this game gets 10/10 easy. Other games of the same genre however, get a full point deduction for longevity.

mintaro3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

If you're talking about the single player longevity you may have a point, although it may be one of the rare cases where the length is just the right amount for the story, such as the case with heavenly sword.

My point is it is really hard to look at flaws from someone else's point of view.
You really should play the game first before condemning it.

(I'm assuming you haven't)

DarK-SilV3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

the PC version Features wise is a flop,no need to ask,

peeps3118d ago

i've been fixed to online since i bought it earlier and as far as i can tell it deserves the praise it's been getting, and i'm only level 21 and not even touched the single player which i'm sure in true cod style will be epic.

also first map i played online was a remake of my fav map from the original Call of Duty :D :D :D

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Lou Ferrigno3118d ago

Killzone 2 kciks the living Bajesus outta Modern Milkfare 2.

if you want Flop after Flop and rehash of old games with crappy visuals consistantly and a hardware failure rate of a whopping 54%.. then the Xbox 360 is just for you.

But if you want a reliable console,TONS and TONS of AAA exclusives,better online community (no 10yr old crybabys like LIVE)
better UI (FYI the XMB won a emmy award back in 06,what has live won?)
better controls,no rehash garbage like 360.. then your best bet is the allmighty beast itself,PLAYSTATION 3.


ambientFLIER3118d ago

What does that have to do with anything, when MW2 is also on the ps3?

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