WarHawk BETA Video

WarHawk BETA PS3 online gameplay footage direct video capture in widescreen 720x480 @ 30 fps

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Lord Anubis3824d ago

Finally Divx is getting attention. Infinitely better than youtube.

Violater3824d ago

whoever was playing sucks really bad, i know im a noob, but trying to hide from a tank behind a flagpole???? lol he must have been blown 40 feet away.
looks bloody fun

Lord Anubis3824d ago

Fun is an understatement.

eLiNeS3824d ago

That guy should delete that game off his hard drive, maybe just sell his PS3 all together, he really sucks BAD at video games. I could not watch it anymore. He keep running everywhere instead of taking a vehicle. Then he passes a tank he could get in, I'm yelling, get in the tank, get in the tank, but he doesn't, he dies shortly after that. Then finally he gets into a tank and dies almost instantly blaming it on lag, LOL, what a joke. That is when I saw enough.

For the game, it looks OK. Don't really like how everything has a border of color that glows around everything that you can pick up or around your enemy or team mates and the vehicles there in, just makes it cheap looking and unrealistic. I will pass for now.

ALIEN3824d ago

is going to be awsome.

hulk_bash19873824d ago

Man this makes me more depressed about the game.......... depressed that i didnt get into the beta. lol. Looks like incognito will deliver on the arcadey fun come august/sep. Seeing as how everyone has been singing nothing but praise about the beta.

toughNAME3824d ago

stop complaining about the cheap graphics..
its only a beta!!
there will be HUGE changes

HowarthsNJ3824d ago

It looks great in person (via HDTV).

Jay da 2KBalla3824d ago

yet you sony fanboys say the exact opposite about the halo3 beta. Hypocrisy at its best.


soccerstar3824d ago

halo 3 is a ton of fun but this has better graphics and has a lot bigger distance scale than halo 3

Merovee3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Graphics normally don't change much from beta to release.
and Second, If you need a defense for how it looks, reminding people It's only a cheap download game would work better.

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The story is too old to be commented.