The Almighty Format War

For a long time now people have been debating as to who really is the king of High Definition. Blu-ray players are a bit more expensive than HD DVD, but the numbers do not lie. Blu-ray has a significant worldwide lead on HD DVD. How is this possible if HD DVD is cheaper and is almost visually the same? Could it be Sony really did push Blu-ray into the market through the PS3 to force Blu-ray as the next media format? Or could it be simply people are catching up with the times and looking out into the future? In the mist of all this debate, did we forget DVD movies are still selling in the millions? Or do you believe that maybe, just maybe, HD DVD and Blu-ray can co-exist in the same world eventually. All these questions you can ask yourself as you vote on this months poll. The poll will be up for 2 weeks. The results will be sent to a few sites such as

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BitbyDeath4190d ago

I don't care who wins i just want one format.


toniez74190d ago

I agree but I do believe Blu-ray is the better choice, due to the discs being far more durable then HD-DVD's.

consolecrusader4190d ago

agreed. I can't wait to submit the results to the main blu-ray sites.

Frulond4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

ask the girls
the bigger the better XD

you disagree you accept your lack of size lol jk I'm bored

dork07834190d ago

who cares about hd movies and crap i just want to play my games besides movies of today suck now.THE WIZZARD kicks every movies ass.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4190d ago

Yes it's the reason why I hate Sony this round and will not support the PS3 even though I still support the PS2. Gamers were cheated with the PS3 because Blu-Ray was first before gaming to Sony (so f**k em)

warfed4190d ago

fahq that... I don't give a sh!t about movies but I want my games on a next gen disc... imagine ur xbox and ps2 with CDs? how sh!tty would that be... sure you don't mind swapping discs.... BUT I DO I'M FAHQING LAZY!!! if your to cheap to buy a ps3 don't buy and don't complain about it just stick to your xbox

BitbyDeath4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

You kidding? If Sony didn't have a Blu-ray drive then the games wouldn't be as impressive as we are seeing.

Blu-ray is needed in gaming, movies aside.

If they didn't have Blu-ray then i'd be more than happy if they put in a holographic drive or something similar but definetly not a DVD drive they are so last gen.

The Blu-ray player in the PS3 is about gaming more so than movies

I don't mind if Blu-ray doesn't make it in movies but it'll always be there for gaming and that is where it's needed.

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