The Truth Behind The Xbox Boys


"They've been called fanboys, gaming's fab four and Microsoft employee wannabes, the game-inspired rock band The Xbox Boys crashed onto the gaming scene earlier this year with a set of catchy tunes and an oddly religious fervor for the Xbox 360."

"But that fervor doesn't seem as odd when considering that many of the band members have or had ties to New Hope International Church, a Bellevue, Washington-based Christian church that hopes to "turn lost people into fully devoted Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ in our city and all over the world."

Are they trying to connect religion and xbox together?

They say they aren't, but there is reason to believe they are.

Click on the link to see the whole article.

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snoop_dizzle4186d ago

these guys need some talent.

VORODOR 24186d ago

I bet there crap at video games also, so they had a go at singing about them instead so they could try feel good about something they love, but there sh!t at that 2, haha!

dork07834186d ago

haha that sucks they should play the ps3 song now that will rock!"SONY YOU WENT WRONG WITH YOUR PS3 I'll just keep playing my 360" that song would of been better.

snoop_dizzle4186d ago

they'd have to have talent though.

eLiNeS_NIGGER4186d ago

Go suck your mums t*ts, is that harsh enough? keep that fanboy crap for your hot nights in with your Mother. In other words f*ck off, go play your dumb 180 and w*nk to halo beta (which looks like s*it) and Btw plz report me i dont give a f*ck.

out, HAHA:)

snoop_dizzle4186d ago

fit-for-faded you seem tense.

dork07834186d ago

thats true i play music too and i could tell they suck i guess i have to remake the PS3 song intead LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.