High resolution scans of Gamepro's Halo 3 article

Early this morning a multitude of new information was revealed about Halo 3 due to an article in Gamepro. Hit the jump for 14 glorious pictures of the biggest game this year.

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soccerstar4190d ago

i dont like how the new armor types look so i guess ill be sticking with the same armor as before

gta_cb4187d ago

yeh im most likely to do the same.

omansteveo4190d ago

HOLY [email protected]!!! I JUST SHARTED!!! are you SERIOUS THIS IS AWESOME!!!

kewlkat0074190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

like HAZE? I can't wait for Haze to come out and see what CUE's they will copy, Or what will be so revolutionary in FPS...

This looks kewl but when I see it I think HAZE. In due time...

These new ARMOR types look alright, the female version not too shabby lol...

When we gonna get to see, Master Chief meets the Preditor?(You ugly Motha..)

eques judicii4190d ago

looks a little like haze yes... but if you've looked at the cover of "Ghosts of Onyx" (the 4th halo book) you'll see that they are still within the realm of the halo universe

crystallakekiller4190d ago

i love this.....the new armors looks sick!!!this is looking better and better!

Dr Pepper4190d ago

The new armor looks cool, in my opinion.
At least everyone wont look the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.