PS3 online catches up to Xbox Live starting with Modern Warfare

On this week's Rundown, the Warzonegamer breaks down the differences between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online features for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. How will that fare out? Also, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta is right around the corner, as well as the retail copy released window in March, and the folks behind the game is putting mass support behind the PS3. Why is this? Tune in to find out.

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ZombieAutopsy3325d ago

Nice to see that you can join in on games on the ps3 now, i was suprised when it wasnt in CoD4. I'm really excited to try out the Third person game modes mainly because their is a huge lack of decent TPS with good online play.

AKNAA3325d ago

The character runs weird in Third person view...

SprSynJn3325d ago

The characters have always run weird in this series. If you ever look at a teammate running, it always looks like some puppet in a horror flick.

DERKADER3325d ago

Just a tip, be a little more professional when recording. By that I mean don't have a phone ringing in the background and don't answer and talk to the random friend of yours. Other than that this is an other hip hop gamer opinion piece that is completely irrelevant to gaming. So look forward to more PS3 vs 360 headlines looking for hits. I want gaming news not one person opinion pieces.

SolidMGSnake3325d ago

Lol well were not exactly talking Uncharted 2 animations here!

HolyOrangeCows3325d ago

Nothing to see here, folks.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213325d ago

3rd person mode isn't that great but thats just my opinion. I tried playing it and it just felt awkward and I play ALOT of 3rd person games.

slayorofgods3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

MS is not going to want the truth to get out about PS3 online gaming.

ikkokucrisis3324d ago

Uh oh, don't let tell the Valvians hear about this
it makes them look bad.

BLuKhaos3324d ago

"Third person game modes mainly because their is a huge lack of decent TPS with good online play. "

Socom is all you need.:)

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naughty573325d ago

Warzone gamer is late to the party

Nelson M3325d ago

Let me get this Straight
9 vs 9 is catchin up with Xbox Live ?
Try Resistance 1 or 2 or even Better Try MaG
And also on the PS3 its all Lag Free
So it looks like its the Xbox is the one that Needs to do the Catchin Up
Change the name of your Site to
WarzoneNumpty's/WithoutaClue. com

warzonegamer3325d ago

i was not trying to down play sony im just saying that the online is getting better

nix3325d ago

like someone in Gamer zone said it - "it was already there..."

you're late to the party.

OmarJA3325d ago

Agreed Nelson...

PS3 Community is just head and shoulders above 360 & it's only does everything.

TheXgamerLive3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

PSN on line feels like a free service, it sucks to be honest. Xbox Live is great, yes it's 4 dollars a month, the price of a big mac, lol and that's all sony fans whine about, we get an incredibly 100% awesome online community for a couple dollars and they whine b/c psn sucks, I mean seriously it feels so generic to be on it, I hate it and wow what a waste home was. Sony will never catch up to Xbox Live until they decide to charge for services online, until then...generic.

Games? Sony games if good always have a flaw or three, and I believe it's b/c of the cell's memory issues, so yes games on ps3 are sometimes good, and as with uncharted 3 very good, but will never be great due to it's short comings and the generic online. Sony spends 5 and 6yrs. doing kz2 and mgs4 and they were ok, mg was meerly a movie, so gaming wasok only and kz2 was washed out and should be called grayzone, no detail either, was 5or 6 yrs. later and millions of dollars later, the games made NO money aside from sony paid dollars to them.
Gears 1 & 2 are much better in most every category, not to mention Mass Effect 1 & 2. Of course there's the soon to be release Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction. Both crazy great.

Xbox 360? It's only negative is the DVD9, but even with that it's still almost 5 yrs., later doing better games then the ps3 in most cases, and now with the Xengine being used by devs, starting in 2010 games again will leaps ahead of sony ps3 games. It's crazy I know but it just goes to show how Microsoft has done the "phenom"inal with the Xbox 360.

OH! and to his comment both systems had "In Game chatting" taken out, wrong, Xbox Live has in game for all members, all we do is use our Xbox party system we have, You can be watching a movie and I can be doing multiplayer and we can be talking and much more than that even. But but bit he meant in COD mw2, yes i know, but Live has it for everyone so we already have it in game.

Stay tuned kids b/c it's only going to get better:) sowwy sony

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Halo3 MLG Pro3325d ago

Was that hiphopgamer??? I stopped watching after he gave a shout to the Yankees.

BX813325d ago

@Warzonegamer. Just some advice. Be a little more professional if you want to be taken seriously. Use full info like what you were putting out can easily be drowned out by bad recording and not properly setting up before you record. Attempting to show someone how to join a game is not the same as actually doing it. You said it was show 6? It's growing pains so it's all good just put a little more effort into the preparation of the show. Keep doing da damn thing. Just keep doing you and you'll shake da HHG image. 1 more thing..... NY is back on top. Let the haters hate but how many championships is that in a 10yrs. span?