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Submitted by ThePlaystationFour 2213d ago | news

Infinity Ward Confirms No Leaderboard Reset

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward wrote the following on his Twitter:

"@WePlayCoD @madmarzo Any players who purchased a legit retail copy will not be reset or banned. Only modded / pirate versions will be." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Ray186  +   2213d ago
That sucks
So when I get my copy Tuesday I am going to be running into a bunch of prestige level 10 players.

Good job IW.
Elvfam511  +   2213d ago
IW doesn't stop impressing me they're the best /s
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wildcat  +   2213d ago
Well since those who have an early copy are the minority, technically there will be much more people who are just beginning from an even playing field come Tuesday. So the chances of running into a leveled-up player will become pretty slim as they get over-flooded with the millions who purchase from day one.
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sunnygrg  +   2213d ago
Well, just another broken promise.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2213d ago
I say the better choice is to not support IW. It's obvious they think they are hot stuff and can do whatever they want especially to the PC community. Console gamers need to fight back like the PC gamers otherwise other devs and publisher will continue to hurt the consumers.
StanLee  +   2213d ago
That is so not fair. I'm really beginning to dislike everything about this game. Reseting the multiplayer is the only thing that makes sense. Those players who got the game early still would have a great advantage by knowing the maps and spawns. This is just BS. Fcuk Infinity Ward and Activision for this.
RedPawn  +   2213d ago
@No Sh!t story
I have no desire to buy MW2, BUT, I will give it a try. I also had 4 friends within a 2 day period get their X360s banned because of this game, and it will soon be 5 LMFAO.
ReservoirDog316  +   2213d ago
Really, how hard is it to reset it and be fair. I'm good but I don't play multiplayer enough to be on the leaderboards. But a few of people on my friends list are good enough to be on it. Now they're hurt by this.

Buy it used!
Blaze929  +   2213d ago
"Only modded / pirate versions will be."
Ha they can tell who is/was on a pirated copy. If they can't reset leaderboards just say so, no need to lie about it.

I guarantee the friends I have on LIVE who pirated the game will not have there ranks reset.

But if they really can do it, its silly they won't do it for everyone. It isnt fair that some people got the game early and will be light years ahead when everyone was supposed to be equal come launch date.
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Blasphemy  +   2213d ago
Well if there is one thing IW does right it is balance the weapons. Even in CoD 4 I mostly used a MP5 and that's one of the first weapons you get in the game.
PtRoLLFacE  +   2213d ago
Lol been playing with some lvs 30s to 42s so far, the problem with this games is the starting weapons the suk and and a lot people will get frustrted when they get own by lv 40 with an m16
Saaking  +   2213d ago
IW is seriously pissing me off.
vhero  +   2213d ago
hahahaha like they know who the pirates are on 360 lol. As for PS3 owners well thats just unfortunate. However if you ain't found out how to get games before release date by now anyways then its your own fault its easy enough to do using online services. GAME in UK are the worst for sending out games early to make sure you get in time for release date.
7thNightvolley  +   2213d ago
as bad as it seems
IW has to right to ban ppl with legit copies of the game .. seriously if u had someone who says he will sell u the game and u are dying to playing the game u will buy it .. i would i wont lie .. so if someone was ment to be punished it should be the retailers.. not the gamers..
RedPawn  +   2213d ago
LMFAO, I just told a 100% truthful story, and upset people. The 5th person I was referring to was another good friend of mine, and MW2 was never on my radar of games to purchase/play.

I'll just wait for a used copy to run through the campaign once.
Xbox Avatars Shoe  +   2213d ago
There's already people at max rank and some in their first prestige on PS3!
It's going to be so cool running around with Slight of Hand with my M4 while I get owned by high ranks with Bling, super powerful guns and crazy kill streaks /sarcasm

Just because people bought a legit copy, doesn't mean they should get away without punishment for playing the game a week early.
ThePlaystationFour  +   2213d ago
wildcat  +   2213d ago
What else can go wrong with this company's public relations?
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The Hunter  +   2213d ago
This is ridicalous.. wtf they planned first a reset on the 10th and now they dont do it anymore :S Fuk this.. Everyone should have a same change, now people have more points of me becease one retailer sell it earlier and the retailer where I preorder it, they dont will give it!!

This is RIDICALOUS... Anyway still hitting for a place in the top! They cant stop me!!
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SnakeShady  +   2213d ago
i'ts ridiculous
not ridicalous
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2213d ago
Dumb move.
spunnups  +   2213d ago
SHOCKER!! Of course they won't reset the servers. Why would they improve their reputation now when it's easier to just continue making all the wrong decisions.
Chnswdchldrn  +   2213d ago
THIS JUST IN; A special golden weapon unlock is available to the first 100 thousand who reach 10th prestige.

wouldn't you guys be pissed if that happened?

yeah but more on topic this is complete bull$hit, keep on stabbing your community in the back infinity ward, f@ckers...
ZBlacktt  +   2213d ago
I'll just take my gaming time over to the BFBC2 beta thank you very much. Way to much drama with this game and this Dev company and it's owner Robert K. Beside, BF is so ahead in gaming advancement without all the drama.
CrashFallen  +   2213d ago
ohh yes. =D cant w8 4 BFBC2 its gonna be amazing.
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SixZeroFour  +   2213d ago
yea, i saw the 2mins of gameplay article yesterday i think, and i started thinking if i should wait 4 months to buy bc2 instead of mw2 this month...andi might just be doing that

one of my buddies who is a really big cod fan and already preordered it (prestige edition), saw the link i posted on facebook and hes actually thinking of canceling the, he even admitted that he thinks bc2 looks way better than mw2

anyways, i think ill preoccupy myself with l4d2 and odst till then, hopefully a REACH beta even comes early next year
CrashFallen  +   2213d ago
@ MrAnonymous
ya nvr kno man.. but hey with games like Assasins Creed 2, Uncharted 2, L4D 2 and all they can keep me up to w8 4 BFBC2. MW2 has jus been trampled wit so many stupid decisions by IW, although i may pick it up; its still a win/lose situation lol so ya...
SixZeroFour  +   2213d ago
yea, theres no doubt in my mind that mw2 is a good game, and i will eventually get a copy, the question for me is "when?", cause i bought cod4 a year after its release even tho i knew it was a fun game...i was playing halo3 cause i wasnt bored with it yet, had more fun with bfbc rather than cod4 but i didnt stay with it too long, cause i was just playing online with myself and my friends were on cod4

being a huge fps fan, ill give every fps a go, either by demo, renting, playing at a friends house and even buying (bought warpath [original xbox] just cause i want to see what it was about...lmao)
jhooty14  +   2213d ago
naughty dog should make their decisions....ya i spell bad want to fight about!
poindat  +   2213d ago
Your spelling was pretty much correct (grammar is another story though), and unless English is your native language, you shouldn't be worried about anybody giving you a hard time.


Oh, and to conform with everyone else: IW sucks. Lol
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jhooty14  +   2213d ago
lol man i dont care how i talk on the internet
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2213d ago
"naughty dog should make their decisions"

You are correct, sir.
SnakeShady  +   2213d ago
naughty dog
wtf with naughty dog?
akaFullMetal  +   2213d ago
wow!? way to keep your word iw! :/
DavidMacDougall  +   2213d ago
Do they have anymore feet to shoot? Already shot themselfs in the left and right foot yet all the tweens will buy it anyway so what they care?
naiku  +   2213d ago
What happen to IW? They think they can do whatever they want and sell millions? We will see... EVERYONE SHOULD FIGHT BACK, ESPECIALLY PC COMMUNITY. Activision is new EA, enough said...
CrippleH  +   2213d ago
EA is delivering. Activision is the most evil Publisher confirmed though.
ExPresident  +   2213d ago
IW 2009 Winner of the S.A.D.A.

Figure it out. IW I really hope you read it and attempt to figure it out, apparently you have all kinds of time on your hands to come up with stupid ****.
Unicron  +   2213d ago
I can already tell how great their "support" is going to be for MW2. Considering the hit detection in CoD4 is STILL prevalent...
silverchode  +   2213d ago
im starting 2 question if mw2 is worth the 60$
loslonelyman  +   2213d ago
Not that it really matters, but WHY LIE ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Just means that i will sell my Prestige Edition and get it used.Battlefield here I come. I'm tired of the lies and the false propaganda.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2213d ago
"starting to"? My money went to L4D2 the moment Activision raised the price in Europe.
Grandreaper9999  +   2213d ago
Another reason for me to be perfectly fine with not ever purchasing this game.
psycho360  +   2213d ago
So basically they are encouraging people to break street date. Nice now people who have been patiently waiting for the release will get rewarded by suped up competitors online.

Message to IW stop treating your customers like idiots, you can be king of your industry at this time but you cannot stay there forever and even more so w/o your loyal base. You already spurned PC gamers now you're doing it to console players. I wish BC2 was coming earlier and i'm sure many gamers would have switched over to BC2.
loslonelyman  +   2213d ago
I will preordering Battlefield Bad Company....
Tommorow. My one buddy started his THIRD prestige at 7pm tonight. He is excited and i am pissed. I mean a week behind 30,000 people(PSN) AT LAUNCH! Defies logic
DirtyLary  +   2213d ago
Ah pirates get reset and left to play.

This makes no sense.
THESWAT  +   2213d ago
LOL hahahaha
my friends who got MW2 early said that "ya were just gonna F*ck around in the game and not care about our stats since they will be reset anyways" lol i laugh at them now!
Jackel2072  +   2213d ago
WTF?! im pissed, but i know i will still buy the game. however IW, this how you dont make friends! MW2 will be top game this year, but what about later? cant stay on top forever. ID & Bungie know that...
N2NOther  +   2213d ago
Well that sucks.
xxPIETROxx  +   2213d ago
Well fuc* you Infinity Ward. Just when I thought i would forget about the amount of BS activision is pulling on us and actually buy the game. Not now. piss of, ima stick with Battlefield and MAG etc. You lost one long time COD fan.
RedSoakedSponge  +   2213d ago
if they can know which people are playing with a copied version of the game, y dont they reset the ranks every day to piss them off? i hate people who dont pay to play. they shouldnt get the same gaming experience for free.
Darkspade  +   2213d ago
you guys act Like this will change the game for you, The People playing the Pirate Version Will only know the Maps, if you good who cares, I think it's funny that he said only the Pirated Versions will be Reset, So what he's saying is they can Detect Backup Copy's??? Maybe he just let the cat out of the bag for why they have been dropping the ban wave all over the Pirate Community
redsquad  +   2213d ago
Yet more nonesense related to MW2, yet it'll still sell gazillions.
kraze07  +   2213d ago
Personally I couldn't care less about this, but it sucks for the people who do care.
Commodore  +   2213d ago
IW is beginning to piss me off.

It's complete BS . They pretty much flip off 90% of the people who have yet to buy it.

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