NowGamer: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Review

There just is no point in Raging Blast existing, aside from to cash-in on the Dragon Ball licence. All work has gone into presentation, while the game itself has been ignored, leaving a shonky mess in its wake.

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enviable273323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Guess the game isnt as MIND BLOWING as people thought it would be lol!

Wildarmsjecht3323d ago

Personally, there hasn't been a good DBZ game since DBZ: Legends on the PS1. Import it if you can find it, or download it or something. Give it a try and you'll see why its so amazing.

godcrusher3323d ago

The camera is beyond crap in this game.

lavitz3323d ago

Last DBZ game I played and enjoyed was Tenkaichi 3. Burst Limit was good on the eyes, but was lacking in gameplay.

3322d ago