What Happened to the West?

Koku Gamer writes: "While Westerns had nearly vanished by the time I was born, let alone watching TV, there have been several great examples recently. Films like Appaloosa, and 3:10 to Yuma (the remake), and HBO's show Deadwood all prove that the Western can still be relevant and powerful to a modern audience – but games are another story. Wikipedia lists less than 100 video games in the western genre, with far fewer most people would actually recognize. Likely the most recognizable are the recent Call of Juarez and its sequel Bound in Blood. I haven't played the original, but Bound in Blood did deliver some of what I was looking for. The game nails the look of the west, but not always the feel. There was too much straight action, and the levels felt exactly like that: they were levels more than they were areas, and they played out fairly linearly."

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Carnage12903327d ago

I loved Gun even though it wasn't great, and Red Dead Redemption looks like it will be awesome as well.

TheDarkCynic3327d ago

I think Red Dead Redemption signals hope for Western games. On another note, brilliant article, Tucker!

Ziriux3327d ago

Well, I can def. put my trust when it comes to Rockstar and a Western game like Red Dead Redemption, I haven't seen gameplay and can't say much, but the screens look impressive, seems like a open world game that will use the same engine as GTA IV, which I do not mind, I just hope it has better mechanics and gameplay.

Rev Jesse Custer3327d ago

I'm with you guys. I think Red Dead looks really promising...

Saaking3327d ago

Red Dead Redemption is like an open world game set in the old west right? If so, it has a Lot of potential. I think there's a lot of stuff they could do with that setting. It'd be cool if you could choose to be good or be bandits. Maybe climb your up to the stop. Become Sheriff or something.

ReservoirDog3163327d ago

Yeah, I loved Gun too. Best western game I've ever played. Though, like this article says, I haven't really played too many. Was annoying how people started crying that "the indians weren't really like that" even though you side with the indians at around the halfway point.

Oh and they forgot Unforgiven as a great new-ish western movie.

toaster3327d ago

GUN was open world. You could travel to other cities whenever you liked, and there were side quests in the wild. The gameplay was very good, and I especially liked the quickdraw mechanic.

I never really played Red Dead on Xbox or Call of Juarez, but Red Dead Redemption looks to be an amazing game. Rockstar's pedigree for games is nothing short of AAA quality.

foxtheory3327d ago

So you know that they're working hard on it to make sure it becomes a AAA. I never played Revolver, but the trailer for Redemption caught my eye and impressed me. Another game for early 2010 (although I have a feeling it'll get pushed).

Tony P3327d ago

I have never, EVER been a fan of the American West thing. Cowboys and all that. But I loved what Stephen King did with it in his Dark Tower books. Creating some strange, magical world where "gunslingers" are the new Knights of the Round Table descended from Arthur himself.

Sounds like a mess on paper, but it turned out to be one of the freshest, most interesting bits of lore I've ever read. I hope there's a game or something in its future.

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manny7043327d ago

Great article.
The Red Dead's sequel is something thats taken to long to come.

Elven63327d ago

Western games are an odd one, they stay dormant for a few years but when they come back they come back in force!

mau643327d ago

can't wait for red dead redemption.

NecrumSlavery3327d ago

I really like the concept of Red Dead Redemption being a massive open Wild West. The idea of a wanted system "Wanted Reward Posters" bringing a Karma meets character development system to the table. Having the ability to do side missions with outlaw groups, locals, the law, hell even native american tribes. That I think will really spark up the western theme. No more FPS for now.

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