Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - First 9 Minutes of Gameplay

From Xbox Evolved:

"The first 9 minutes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "

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Bathyj3327d ago

12 hours to go. Gotta love that midnight launch.

4Sh0w3327d ago

Cant watch, 1 more day and I can play it for myself.

HolyOrangeCows3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Taking a bunch of elements from COD4 and changing the situations slightly.

That's quite clever, IW.

SL1M DADDY3327d ago

All the haters get their faces melted off when they pick the game up and enjoy it despite all the hate they spread. Yeah they can all talk but in the end they will buy it and love it like all the rest of us.

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Blaze9293327d ago

looks like the game still has that auto-aim?

AridSpider3327d ago

maybe you can turn it off?

InFAMOUS13327d ago

You could turn Auto Aim off in COD4, I can't see what you wouldn't be able to in this. Also its not like its used in MP.. NOW THAT WOULD BE STUPID!

fr0sty3327d ago

I can't bring myself to watch it....

Pandamobile3327d ago

Holy sh1t, that's a lot of auto aim. I'd lol if the PC version was so consolized that we had auto-aim too.

dgroundwater3327d ago

Yeah, the same "snap-to target" auto aim was in COD 4 single player. Why even bother playing if you rely on the game to complete the most basic of FPS mechanics? Turn it off people!

toaster3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

And just because console gamers don't have mice doesn't mean they can't have good aim. That's a very poor excuse to have THAT much auto aim. Just look at all the MLG pro's. Do they have auto aim? No. Maybe some, but those ones are the noobs.

I think the auto aim is targeted for the casual, which makes IW's game more about catering to the masses than delivering what people expect from a franchise like this.

shiner3327d ago

LOL! I had no idea console shooters had THAT much auto-aim. I've heard of it, but that is f-ing lame!

kraze073327d ago

I always turn auto aim off when it's an option. Anyone know if it can be turned off in this game?

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tdogchristy903327d ago

Stay away from me evil videos, I want a pure view of the game without knowing what happens before hand lol.

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