Ubisoft demands high Assassin's Creed 2 review score?

Jim Sterling writes: "We hear about these situations far too much, where a publisher is accused of attempting to broker a guaranteed favorable review from a press outlet. The latest to face such allegations is Ubisoft, having been named and shamed by German magazine Computer Bild Spiele for demanding a high score for Assassin's Creed 2. SCANDAL!"

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naughty573118d ago

very sad though, websites and mags can't even keep their word no more

dgroundwater3118d ago

This issue is a bother, no doubt about it. Many publishers besides Ubi pull shenanigans like this. Just check multiple sources before picking a game up.

It doesn't say anything about the quality of the game though, AC2 will still rock.

evrfighter3118d ago

so herein lies the problem

as soon as the review embargo's are lifted. What does that say about sites like IGN or Gamespot who give it at least a 9?

Kira833118d ago

no kidding, guess i can disregard the 9/10 OPSM gave the game.... for now.

mikepmcc3118d ago

Seriously, who has the time to care about this kind of stuff? I'll buy a game if it's good, and not let the "politics" get involved in my purchase. Anyone who will negate a $60 purchase on a whim because of some obscure issue obviously didn't care about the game very much in the first place.

DaTruth3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Do you use E.S.P. to know the game is good??? That is why we go to reviewers, because we can't play every game before it comes out to know if it's good.

That's what the problem is!

Oh and this completely owns all the people saying PS3 fanbabies want MW2 to fail! Clearly PS3 owners had a point when they were arguing the reviewing process was skewed!

DaTruth3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

It's Kane and Lynch all over again!

Edit:Excuse my above post where I say PS3 owners were arguing the review process is flawed! It might have appeared I was saying all PS3 owners everywhere!

ozstar3118d ago

@DaTruth, thats right. That was the other recent game that came up.
If your job is threatened because of an review you pretty much guarantee they will choose self preservation.

@mikepmcc, calling it obscure? Jesus it affects the WHOLE industry, its not obscure. Its the reason why GTA4 is the "best reviewed game of all time", but in retrospect, most people don't think it actually is.

SaberEdge3118d ago

You want to know what's really shameful?... the way a bunch of know-knothing gamers are willing to hang Ubisoft out to dry based on compeltely unsubstantiated claims by one German game magazine that most of us have never even heard of.

What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? With you guys I guess it's "guilty until proven innocent". *Shakes head*

nan03117d ago

Not to believe everything you read. This is probably a loud of BS. Some unreliable source in Germany trying to get hits for their site. It's probably some noobs who are pissed that they couldn't get a copy so they made up this BS.

----------------------------- --------Yeah

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Blaze9293118d ago

I suspect IGN has long since been bending over for publishers. That's the problem with the "big name" sites/magazines now; start to wonder if they even play the games they review anymore.

That's why I like some of the smaller sites and sites that are doing that N/A score thing now.

kaveti66163118d ago

Well, I IGN gave the first game a lower than excellent score. A 7.8 right? Anyways, it's sad to see Ubisoft doing this because I really thought that with a few minor tweaks and gameplay improvements, Assassin's Creed could have been great. Now, it seems that Ubi has less confidence in the sequel, and that makes me less confident in purchasing it.

TOO PAWNED3118d ago

in a long run this will destroy our industry.

rbluetank3118d ago

you and only you know what type of games you like...

kaveti66163118d ago

That ends up costing money. I know you will say in the long run that it saves money, but I'm not going to feel that way if I rent a game for 7 or 10 bucks that I end up loving enough that I want to buy, thus meaning that I will pay more money for it. It's not impossible to find a dedicated and unbiased reviewer in the industry.

DonCorneo3118d ago

POP was an overrated POS

but it got 9+ from most sites.

iown-ipwn-ikill3118d ago

i really enjoyed prince of persia

aliens3118d ago

Killzone2 was an overrated POS also.

ginsunuva3118d ago

Halo 3 was an overrated POS also.

likedamaster3118d ago

Yeah, I kinda liked POP.

On topic/
Ubisoft is one of my favorite developers/publishers, its sad to hear this.

3117d ago
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