Microsoft Surface Teaser

The first Microsoft Surface teaser. Surface, Microsoft's first surface computer, provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures, touch and physical objects.

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matt19914190d ago

looks cool but must be ALOT of money

no_more_heroes4190d ago

one limb out of every pair that your body has. This is way beyond arms and legs.

gta_cb4189d ago

yeh this does look extremely cool!

obviously gonna cost alot lol, but hey maybe some of this mite be put into the next windows, which well wont cost as much as that.

Vfor54190d ago

HEY LOOK, its a giant iphone.

Dr Pepper4190d ago

I would rather have this than an iphone

Xi4190d ago

the iphone can't detect what's been put on it's surface. It can scan data into it. and the iphone just sucks, I've seen no interest for it, everyone would rather get a blackberry.

gta_cb4189d ago

....yeh right! iphones arnt appealing, this is really appealing.

no_more_heroes4190d ago

.............................. ................

Siesser4190d ago

has there been any announcement of this having anything to do with the 360?

Dr Pepper4190d ago

No, it probably won't have anything to do with gaming this gen, but maybe next with the 720 or something. It would be very cool though.

eques judicii4190d ago

i think they are trying to sell this to hotels and restaurants... i don't think it is geared towards normal customers yet

gta_cb4189d ago

i agree with eques judicii. this isnt something that normal customers could afford, but i can deffinatly see it being in hotels etc.

ngg123454190d ago

I'm wondering where I could buy this. I would spend some money for this type of thing (5k seems good enough for me).

Dr Pepper4190d ago

I'm pretty sure I read that it will be available to buy (for the public) in around three years. It will be available to businesses in november.

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The story is too old to be commented.