PlayStation Deals Update 11/08/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Welcome to our weekly PlayStation Deals. This week it's evident retailers are gearing up for the Holiday Shopping Season with major deals. We've found deals on the PSPgo, upcoming games like Assassin's Creed II, and huge discounts on major Holiday releases such as Uncharted 2, Tekken 6, Borderlands, and Ratchet and Clank Future: a Crack in Time.

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Sev3057d ago

Wow, there are ton of ways for gamers to save this Holiday season!

wolfehound223057d ago

Ya I was very surprised to so Ratchet and Clank as well as Uncharted 2. Unfortunately I've already bought both.

doctorstrange3057d ago

Definitely some good deals there

Jinxstar3057d ago

You crack me up sev. I gave you a hit bro =D

Relientk773057d ago

Wow Valkyria Chronicles is only $20

multipayer3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

and it is still out of stock...

BigPete79783057d ago

Great deals for some bargain gamers out there.

Lifewish3057d ago

VC for under 20 is such a damn steal

multipayer3057d ago

I instantly thought of psn deals, I'm too poor for retail games.

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The story is too old to be commented.