Icrontic Launches Online Nehalem Overclocking Calculator for Core i5/i7 Owners

Today Icrontic announced the newest version of their NehalemCalc app, which does the tricky math involved in overclocking an Intel Core i5/i7 CPU. Plug in the numbers to see what effect they'll have on your chip.

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chrisWhite3321d ago

Perfect for getting the most out of your hardware. Wish I had some of that hardware.

primesuspect3321d ago

I think they're gonna be making an AMD version as well

chrisWhite3321d ago

Wouldn't do much good with my crappy old hardware.

Pandamobile3321d ago

Nice. My 920 is already at like 3.6 GHz, but this should be helpful to those wanting to get into Nehalem OCing. It was a little daunting at first, but after I read a MaximumPC feature on it, I was comfortable pushing this thing pretty far :)

primesuspect3318d ago

Panda you should register at IC, seems like you'd fit in perfectly there :D