GamingTalkHQ Gaming Night- Halo 3 Custom Games Night

Tonight GamingTalkHQ will be hosting a Gaming Night. Tonights game is the Halo 3 Beta, and they have a custom game lobby reserved, and ready for you. The action starts at 8pmest, and you are instructed to leave your gamertag in there comments section so they can send you a invite when there is room.

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Yes Custom Games, This means we will be playing with the pistol, rockets, gravity, and any gametype you have heard about!

Warrior 30004218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

this is smart thinking. good job gamingtalk.

dominusbellum4217d ago

there is already a glitch where you can have custom games my friend sent me a video last night of him playing a custom game he had the pistol(dual wieldable) also the guns had infinite ammo wraith tanks(you can finally get on the turrets) and he was able to run really fast and the gravity seemed to be low it was on valhalla it was pretty cool but the pistol looks retarded