PEOWW: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Whenever a game sequel is released it will inevitably be compared to its predecessor. So, the first question most people will be asking is is this a whole new game or just an updated version? Well, when it comes to driving games, it's difficult to come up with anything totally new so essentially it is an updated version of FM2 but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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I sold my Forza 2 in just a couple of days because it just wasn't that good compared to it's competitors during those times.. thought it was full of crap and way overhyped.

This time around it actually delivered on a lot of it's promise, think it still has a lot a few issues to improve upon.. it's good news that they'll be putting in more cars and tracks in the coming months for download via points system.

Am quite disappointed though that they didn't pass the G25 wheel to be compatible in this game.. plus the fact that the Fanatec wheel is only available in some countries and is still quite expensive.