PSX Extreme: Sony Places PS3 In The Limelight

PSX Extreme writes: "Has anyone felt as if the past few months for the PlayStation 3 has been like a whole new launch? Do you realize that a huge number of people out there think it actually did just launch a few months ago?"

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Picnic3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

If Sony had wanted more casual gamers to notice, or care enough about, the existence of the PS3, they could have urged developers to stop making PS2 versions of the same PS3 game. It was probably the right strategy though as they continued making money from casual gamers with the old hardware and money from the hardcore gamers with the new hardware until the price of the new hardware was low enough for casual gamers.

However they could have insisted though that all adverts for the PS3 console, in catalogues etc, stressed all of its features and what they mean. There are still lots of people who don't know what Blu-ray is or all the other features , especially over the Xbox360 Arcade- all they might have seen in the past is that the PS3 was quite a bit more than the Xbox360 and they wonder why.

The PS2 actually remained at a relatively high price compared to its more highly powered competitors but it was still below £200 so lots of people didn't mind.