PSX Extreme: Band Hero Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Now, naturally, we know what 90% of people do when they click on these reviews, they look at the score first and some choose to read the review. So if you're the 10% that reads, well, allow me to make something clear, despite a fairly nice score, I actually don't like Band Hero very much. As is always the case with me and these games, I love them because of their very rock heavy soundtracks. Band Hero is the very opposite of that. You see, this game is aimed at a different kind of gamer...the type who enjoys listening to the top 40 samplings of your local hit station. The songs that would make the rounds of MTV's former Total Request Live. The kind of songs that, well...teenage girls listen to. And quite frankly, it isn't my style. But I've actually not weighed down the score of Band Hero because I don't like the soundtrack, I can't do that because this is all subjective."

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