Upgrades & Insomnia

Part 1: Taking PSN and to the Next Level
There has been a lot of talk about Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) recently, mainly thanks to the launch of the PSP Go. Even on last week's RPGCast #102, RPGamer staff discussed and recommended several games available to download on the PSN. It's great to see Sony really step up it's game and populate it's store with a wide variety of on-demand content. Unfortunately, this recent explosion of content has brought to light several flaws. RPGamer Current's Columnist Emanuel Merino will explore a few of the problems, concerns, and minor annoyances surrounding the PlayStation Network, and what Sony could to do fix, upgrade, and streamline the service. After all, when a system like the PSP Go is all digital, the service it hinges on is paramount to its success...

Part 2: Insomniac Community Day - celebrate the launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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